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I'd like to shout out to @gdl203 and the No Man Walks Alone crew. The suit and tie I won in the auction earlier this week have already arrived! Who knows, if I get it to the the tailor this afternoon like I hope to, I may have it back and ready to wear before these auctions are all done for the year.
Black shell naval boots have arrived at Leffot!
I thought the same thing.I have a pair of color #8 ranger moccs that I have worn frequently over the past 4 or 5 years and they are now really starting to lighten up (quite beautifully, IMO) especially in certain spots. If I were wearing them today I'd grab a couple photos.
Hmmm... I'm always in the market for another good suit. $1,100
Negatory. It was a young (well, younger than me so younger than late 30's) black guy with very short hair.This brings up an interesting question I often wonder about: I work with statistics and maps so these are the types of things I wonder about - Do you folks at Epaulet ever take the ZIP Codes of all the customers that make online orders and throw them up on a map and see if there are places you wouldn't expect that have a disproportionately high number of customers? Who...
I was out and about doing some Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon and saw a guy in Starbucks wearing what looked exactly like an ecru Heirloom Cardigan. I wanted to ask him if it was from Epaulet but he turned to leave before I could get a chance. Any fellow Epaulet fans hanging out in Starbucks in Suburban Detroit yesterday while rocking the Heirloom Cardigan? lol
Very nice looking Sinn. I've had a U1 for a few years now and it's always one of my most worn watches but lately I've been thinking of adding an EZM to my collection because I really like the size while maintaining a very tool-ish look.
I'll say $1,600!Come on folks! It seems a bit unsightly to be bidding against myself.
I think the only deal they had going for Black Friday was free shipping on all orders. Besides their massive close-out sales (which seem to happen about 2x a year and never have any Alden included), I think the free shipping discount was about the best I've ever seen UnionMade offer.
New Posts  All Forums: