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I like these a lot. I've had them in my cart a few times and then keep backing out since I really don't need them. I love everything about these: the NST, brass eyelets, commando sole, alpine grain... Perfect for casual wear in just about any season.Fuck it. I'm buying 'em.
I'm a horrible person. The only thing I thought when I read his post about the factory was, "They better get my fucking pants made quickly since they've got nothing else to do!"
Herringbone french blue? I fully expect a call from my bank's fraud protection unit after all these individual purchases.
Is this the same material as the LBM Vittorio Grey Speckled Donegal Tweed Sportcoat that was in the sale section last month? I may have just made myself an impromptu suit.
I missed the boat for the Ocean Blue
Sometimes I feel like we're a bunch of vultures.
That 1950s Tweed is awesome!
Mine had to get to the pool before the event began...
Is that shell? (I always have a hard time telling the difference in pictures between new black shell and new black calf)I've been looking for black shell boots and I really like the look of those on the Grant last. I may need to put a call into the store.
3.4 miles this morning at the gym
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