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A question for @LA Guy or @gdl203 before I possibly bid: For the NMWA auction, are the Eidos and Vass options limited to the sizes that are currently in stock?
Thanks for running this again this year @LA Guy. The annual RMHC auction is one of my absolute favorite things about StyleForum. I definitely look forward to it all fall long!
Hmmm... I think I like the 1st look better! I really regret not getting a moleskin field jacket.
Count me as another who would be all in for a 5-pocket chino or cord. I think they would work well on the Rivet fit. Maybe I am getting old, but I'd love them in the Rivet fit but with an even slightly higher rise (and maybe a bit less taper in the legs). With the 5-pockets, higher rise, and then the rest of the Rivet details, they would sort of be like an updated more relaxed version of Bills Khakis M1 or M2 but with a more interesting fabric. As for the denim - I don't...
Were there no MTO Southwick tweed sportcoats this year?
Great looking watch and if it's your son's style, I'm sure he'll love it!For value, I think it's hard to beat Steinhart. I've been wearing my Ocean One quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.I'm on the Gnomon Watches email list and have been tempted more than once to buy a second Steinhart based on their marketing. Every time I see a photo of one of the Ocean 44 GMT or the Ocean Vintage GMT I have to resist the urge to pull the trigger.As for buying watches as gifts, I...
Wow! That looks awesome. Much more texture in the made up product than I thought there would be. You've made my decision tougher.Maybe I should just order both and get one in the next size up so I can be prepared for when I get older and fatter!
@Epaulet, I may have missed this in the comments here but can you tell me what the wale width of the cords in the cotton and cotton blends section of EFF are?
^ Thank you for the response. I think I've narrowed my decision down to either the Moessmer Army/black heavy Italian donegal herringbone (MCH90/980) or the Tessilnuova forest green casentino. Decisions, decisions... I love the variety of color in the Moessmer and think it's visually my favorite of all the fabric option but also really love the texture in the casentino and am really digging the thought of a FJ in that.
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