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This was the first time in years I saw something I wanted on the irregulars list (whiskey shell PTB) but alas they were gone by the time I was able to get through.
I'll agree with tifosi on this - it's not the suede that makes these shoes casual, it's the overall style. I actually have those 5 eyelet bluchers in the snuff suede from TSM and they are my go-to casual to wear with jeans, cords, and chinos, but I have a hard time even trying to pair them with nicer trousers and a sportcoat.The Epaulet suede alt weins seem considerably more "refined" and I think I would find them much easier to pair with a a sportcoat or even a suit. I...
While I agree, I still think of this every time I see somebody with elbow patches on their jackets:
When I was in DC a couple of weeks ago I tried on the loden green Michigan Boot and if I were to buy it, I would take it TTS (for reference sake, I am a 7.5D/E in the Barrie and an 8 on the Brannock and my other Van-lasted Alden, I'd take the Michigan Boot in the 8).When I first saw the pictures of the Michigan Boot online, I didn't care for it and thought to myself, "Why not just get an Indy Boot?" But after seeing them in person, I really like them and decided they are a...
I own one too and live in the Detroit area (Southern Ontario's neighbor to the north) and wore mine all winter long last year during much of the dread POLAR VORTEX and Winter from Hell and thought it was actually quite warm. I'd wear it on long pre-dawn walks, usually with a Norwegian or Shetland sweater and found myself pretty warm. I think the beauty of the duffle coat is that it works great as a layering piece in poor weather while still allowing the full range of...
17.75 miles this morning for the Marine Corps Birthday and my own little Semper Fidelis March.
As DV stated, they both get good marks in poor weather with the slight advantage to the Commando. I've had Indy's on both and wouldn't turn my nose up at the neoprene but I greatly prefer the commando. I wear my boots in all conditions and for long walks on occasion and I don't think the commando adds enough weight to make that an issue (FWIW, the rubber portion of Alden's commando sole is relatively thin and quite flexible compared to the lugged sole that Rancourt uses)....
7.7 miles this morning in some below freezing temps. It was the first morning this season that I needed to bust out the thermal/fleece-lined tights and shirt.That "race" sounds like an interesting one.
Unfortunately, I've spent so much on shoes lately that I no longer have any use for a money clip.
I thought about that but my wife and I are headed to Chicago to see the Wolverines play at Northwestern on Saturday.Instead of making it out to NYC, maybe I'll start lobbying the StyleForum powers that be that the vendors need to be part of the renaissance of Detroit and should have a trunk show here. Or maybe open up a pop-up for the holidays?
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