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Awesome combo, particularly with bright socks!TO Tie Guy boot for me today:
My "TO Tie Guy" boots arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. They turned out much nicer than I was expecting and reminded me how comfortable the Plaza last can be.
As a Marine, this made me lol. I always enjoy a good dig at the (ch)Air Force.
He probably should have sized down a bit more.
If your CXL chukka is lined and the suede chukka is unlined, I think the difference is night and day, the suede version just feels so much lighter. Plus, the unlined chukka is usually on the FlexWelt sole which I find to be extremely comfortable, lightweight, and need no time for breaking in. They are both great options but I think the suede also dresses up a little bit more nicely than the CXL (although I wouldn't call either "dressy").
My baby camel hair blazer from the EFF event arrived yesterday. It's sooooo soft and fit perfectly right off the hanger. I should have ordered it with the sleeve buttons already finished so I could have worn it to work. Oh well. It's already been dropped off at the tailor.
You've gotten some good suggestions here already, particularly regarding the new snuff suede wingtip boot from Epaulet. I have a pair of those headed my way and looking at the stuff you list as already owning, I think they would make a good addition you your collection as well. I don't think there is anything wrong with having both tan and snuff suede and I think Alden's snuff suede is absolutely gorgeous.Regarding the Roy Boot from Context vs the similar boot from TSM, I...
It's the Seiko bracelet designed specifically for the SARB line, part number "D3A7AB".I saw somebody offering it up on WUS for about $50 so I jumped on it. Honestly though, it's such an improvement that had I thought about it earlier, I probably just would have paid full price through Seiya or Chino or one of the other shops that sell it.
I picked up a stainless bracelet for my Seiko SARB017. I've had the watch for a few years but probably haven't worn it in well over 12 months because the leather strap it came on was a hunk of junk, and I didn't really like it on the thicker, more casual, leather straps or most of the NATOs that I tried so I put it away and sort of forgot about it. I think the bracelet is a huge improvement.
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