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These just showed up for me on the seconds list: 6-eyelet, alpine grain, stitch toe chukka. Definitely an interesting makeup. They show an original price of $720! They do not appear to be shell cordovan (I've only heard talk of Alden using alpine grain shell once or twice before) and I imagine these were made for the Japanese market as they are on the 379x last.
I recall seeing some stuff like this on Alden of Carmel's Instagram feed earlier this summer, but not this exact model. I would peg them as the late '90s or early '00s from Alden's foray into more casual footwear.Edit:It's hard to tell from your photos, but it looks like the ones in your post are hi-tops or boots? A quick Google search of that model number found a suede crew oxford from the early '00s but these ones don't look as tall as yours....
I never saw the pic of the stingray sneakers on Instagram but saw all the talk of them here and thought, "That's just dumb! Now we're just being silly for the sake of being silly." But damn, those are awesome.
This is my method as well, but I use it for getting a lot of the excess water out rather than removing pet hair. It helps my close dry on the rack, hangers, or line significantly faster than if I don't do it.
As much as I love the SKX007, it would be improved exponentially if it had drilled lugs.
@Epaulet - Will there be a camel hair blazer this fall/winter? My current one is about 16 years old and I think it may finally be time to upgrade (and upsize).This.I have quite a few pair of moleskin trousers, from Epaulet and other makers, and they are my go-to pants once the weather begins to cool down. They hold up very well to any abuse I've thrown at them. I wash mine in cold water on gentle, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes but then finish the process by...
Sinn 356 Flieger II Sa on bracelet with transparent display back in mint condition. I bought this new this spring and have worn it just a handful of times. Time to let it go to make space for other watches. $2,500 $2,200 $2,000 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail (I will ship international but price may be different) The watch is basically LNIB Condition: Mint Movement: Automatic mechanical winding chronograph Crystal: Domed sapphire Case: Satin finished stainless...
HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!!I was curious as to what sizes were available on their site (I don't know why, I already have a pair) and saw the price of $835!!!!!!Is this the first instance of a U.S. retailer charging over $800 for a pair of Alden shell cordovan? I know that Context usually includes a set of shoe trees but still, that is crazy. (I will admit the photos looks gorgeous though)
This would brighten even the cloudiest of days!
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