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My new vehicle: This is my third Wrangler and my 7th Jeep overall. A bit of me died when I got rid of my two-door JK yesterday but I have a three-year-old who loves riding in my Jeeps and putting a carseat into the back of the two-door version with the roof still on is such a major PITA. I told my wife that either I upgrade to the four-door or we move somewhere to the South or Southwest where I can drive topless all year. Unfortunately, she opted for the new Jeep...
Wait. You're telling me they use CGI for those dragons?
6 miles yesterday morning and 12.3 miles today
For a moment the Hound also looked a bit surprised that Arya actually tried to stab him.
Great jacket. I have a Southwick just like that.
While still not a great episode, I think they moved the Brann storyline back towards the direction of the book which is a good thing.
Just under 19 miles yesterday. I was aiming for 20 but it was raining and I kept getting lost so I ended it a bit early. It was still a great run and my longest of the year so far.
Brown suede chukkas from Florsheim by Ducky Brown on what looks and feels like a Reltex Lactae Hevea (cannot figure out exactly what brand the sole is) and moccasin toe stitching. 8D $75 shipped
Brown Brooks Brothers Suede Bucks Rubber sole 8.5D $100 shipped
Blue suede Indy boots from Leffot and Alden on the red brick soles. These are super comfortable and seem relatively light compared to the rest of my Indy boots, and the red brick soles are very comfortable, I just don't wear them anymore so time to let them go. 7.5D TrueBalance Red brick sole $375 shipped
New Posts  All Forums: