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If it currently runs, and you aren't planning to wear it all the time, I'd just put a new strap or band on it and call it a day.You should be able to find a competent jeweler in your area that can give it a superficial cleaning but from the photo, the case doesn't look to be in bad shape so I wouldn't want to mess with having it totally polished and the crystal looks great so I'd want to keep that as original as possible for now as well.
I've been hitting "refresh" on Frank Ocean's website so much today that it reminded me of some of those @Epaulet "Factory Finds" events where they would be posting up fabrics in here as they would be hitting the site. Thankfully, Epaulet doesn't leave me disappointed like Frank Ocean seems to be doing today.
Well, I hadn't been planning on buying another seersucker shirt this summer...
Looks great but is this a recent photo? It's been like 1000ยบ in Michigan lately. It seems like donegal trousers would be brutal right now!
What size are you in the LHS? I have a pair in Ravello, size 7.5D, that I've worn maybe 4 or 5 times in the past two years and I am planning on letting go.Very cool! I've been looking for a pair in pebble grain. Can you tell me what store these are from?
That material looks pretty cool. Can you comment on the fit? It looks like something that would benefit from being cut to fit much more casually than the other shirts you've offered.
Radiohead isn't coming around to Detroit but I did see them a few times, most recently was locally in 2012 and the first back in 1995 in a smallish venue in Detroit (St. Andrew's Hall, with maybe 700 or so in attendance) for what was either only the 3rd or 4th concert I had ever been to.However, the most memorable was at Bonnaroo in 2006. Beck performed just before them and played a great rendition of Creep (I think he was trolling them). However, the highlight of the...
My long awaited Snuff Suede Roy Boots from Context Clothing are finally in. I ordered these back in May of 2015 and it seems like that should be too long to wait for some boots that are not an exotic shell cordovan, but the wait just makes it that much sweeter... or at least that's what I tell myself! Now I just need to wait a few more days for them to make it to my house.
An entire pair? Linen is fiber so you're going to be nice and regular for a while!
Speaking of custom - I got some custom bowties from Yellow Hook last fall and they turned out great!
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