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Speaking of ripstop - I'd love to be able to get those fabrics in a Walt or Rudy fit.
I like the complaints of weight gain followed by a post with a pic of your McDonald's breakfast! lol (FWIW, I'm in the same boat and need to learn to eat less)
By our other brand, I assume you are talking about Epaulet? If so, I've always found Epaulet's shirt measurements to be a little wonky - either they are perfect in the chest and body but the biceps are too tight or they're too tight across the chest but the torso is great... I think their use of darts on so many of their shirts is what messes things up for me.I wear a ton of OCBD shirts and for comparison's sake, the best fit I've found OTR from one of the major brands is...
This is fantastic looking, especially with that jacket. Care to share the details on the material and maker?
As @NewYorkIslander mentioned, I received one of the Italian Denim Speckled shirts with my chambray shirts and it is so awesome... Unfortunately I've been enjoying more pizza and ice cream this year than I realized (the troubles of having a kindergartner!) so all of my shirts are going back for the next size up. Back to the Italian Denim though - I've got plenty of chambray and denim shirts from various high end makers, including a couple from Sartoria Partenopea that...
I switched my Scurfa Diver One from the stock NATO to a two-piece Zulu a few days ago and it's been glued to my wrist ever since. The stock NATO is pretty high quality (I believe he sources them from Toxic Natos) but too bulky for my tastes. This is a definite improvement in my book. If you don't mind quartz, I highly recommend Scurfa. They are designed by an actual professional diver and he definitely puts them through the paces and still keeps the prices low. They...
Was this the #8 Alt Wien boot? That order was placed around that time as well and is still outstanding.
PSA Regarding Shinola: I just saw that Filson has all their Shinola watches at half off. I actually really like the looks of the "Journeyman" GMT... but still don't think I could fork over $350 for one.
No EFFs for me yet. I'm waiting on a seersucker suit and a chambray sports coat. I wasn't expecting to get them quite this fast but now seeing that some folks have received some already, I'm getting excited!
I was wondering the same thing.
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