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FWIW, the red brick sole is hands-down the most comfortable sole I've ever had on any pair of Alden, but unlike the crepe which doesn't really draw your eye to it, the red brick definitely does. It's not an inconspicuous sole at all. I've got a pair of Alpine grain LWB on the red brick that I am constantly debating either selling or getting resoled onto something else.
Gorgeous.They make me want to break out my blue suede ones Indys and start wearing them again.
@mdubs - Those black shell LWBs look outstanding. I need some black shoes in my life and those are high on my list.
I got the shipping confirmation on 1 of my FF sportcoats - the cream houndstooth. Still waiting patiently on the tweed and corduroy...
Every time I get a sale email from Unionmade I think: But this one was just unbelievable. I was surprised at how many shirts were available in a medium and didn't have wacky designs on them that I could never wear to the office.
Every once in a while I get a Southwick jacket from somewhere other than Brooks Brothers but it will have Brooks Brothers buttons on the interior pockets. I always chuckle a bit to myself when that happens.
6.3 miles this morning - Still a bit tight from the marathon but it felt good to get back out there.
I got my navy and camel moleskin Rudy trousers yesterday and absolutely love them. And looking at the extended forecast, it seems fall is finally here to stay so I may be living in these for a while.
I love those. I have the shortwing version and would trade them for the longwing in a heartbeat.
I wear my tweed trousers with sportcoats quite frequently. I have a heavier, doeskin navy blazer I like to wear with some and a very rough Harris Tweed big check brown sportcoat that also works well with some of them.Chunky sweaters and cardigans are always a good choice too though.
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