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You should probably subtract the customary 10 - 20 percent for internet forum inflation.
Six miles this morning right past this probably just a minute or two before or after it happened: Car Stolen From School in Birmingham That school is just a couple of blocks from my house and I run past it almost every morning and the track is the one that I use when I want to run in circles. I know it's cliche to say, but this isn't the type of neighborhood that that type of stuff happens in and I've never felt unsafe running at odd hours. I even see women out running...
Great looking boots. And while I'm not really in the market for any more shoes or boots currently, that's one makeup that is always at the back of my mind because I know it would get so much wear.And I'll second (or third or fourth now) the sentiment regarding the veterans. And an extra Semper Fi and (slightly belated) Happy 238th birthday, to any fellow Marines who happen to be Alden aficionados.
5.2 miles this afternoon. It being the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps, I had to run a route that would take me past as many houses that I know of in the area that usually fly the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. I counted 7 (not counting my own) which was 2 more than I was expecting.
Me and my whiskey workboots taking a break from the lawn work this afternoon
I never had it as a problem on any of my shoes, no matter the material. Transfer of the indigo to the seat of my Jeep though was another issue.
All accounts I've read over the past few years say that Alden will only resole with what was originally on the shoe/boot. They used to be more willing to change, but no longer.FWIW, while I understand the desire to have work done by the company that originally made the shoe, there are plenty of capable cobblers that would be willing to accommodate your requests and often at a much better price. B. Nelson in NYC is the one that gets recommended here most often and if you...
Every time I look at the sale section I have a hard time resisting one of the duck canvas sportcoats.
I was planning on getting in about 10 miles this morning but like an idiot I over did it at the gym on Wednesday morning racking up about 150 pull-ups and 300 dips; not all at once of course - I would do a set of 10 dips, 10 pull-ups, and 10 more dips before and after each weight machine or cardio activity I did. Yesterday afternoon I could feel my back beginning to tighten up and by the evening it was just unbearable, especially when transition from sitting to standing,...
As long as you take care of them, they should hold up just fine for you. I wear shell all year long and live in an area that gets moderate snow but they like to empty an entire salt mine on the streets and sidewalks anytime the temps close in on freezing. If I've been walking through snow, slush, or salt I make sure to brush the shoes off thoroughly when I return home (and when I return to the office as I keep an extra shoe brush there, but that might be unnecessary). I...
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