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While I don't have that particular LWB (or the Kudu PTB), I agree with rydenfan and would pick the tobacco chamois LWB of the two the OP posted. I think the Kudu has the edge in durability, but I just find a longwing to be a bit more versatile. I'd be happy to have either in my rotation though.
What size are your Indys on the Plaza compared to the LWBs (which I am assuming are on the Barrie)?
I'm not sure I know what this "spring" or "summer" is that you speak of. Please elaborate.Seriously though... once the snow finally melts and I no longer have to worry about salt on the sidewalks and roads, I'll be breaking out the suede to wear more frequently again through the fall. Snuff suede chukkas, longwings, and ranger moccs will get heavy use, as well as a new pair of the choco suede tanker from LS that I have yet to wear out of the house. The other shoe I'll...
My wife knows. She just rolls her eyes when she sees me taking pictures of my shoes/boots or clothes.One of my favorite boots in recent memory. I was in on the last pre-order but ended up pulling out at the last minute. I'm in again for the current pre-order and will not make the same mistake twice.
I dunno... seems a bit hypocritical for a company that espouses the writings of Ayn Rand and with such a libertarian founder and board chairman to want to stand in the way of somebody else's capitalistic endeavor. If the reseller is offering a product that somebody else is willing to purchase, at a price they are willing to pay, and Lululemon is failing to offer said product, I'd say society has been bettered. Well, bettered as much as a pair of yoga pants can better...
I was out there about the same time this morning for 6 miles. It's funny that in October if the weather was like this, I would have been wearing two pair of gloves, scarf, fleece tights, a couple thermal shirts, windproof shells (top and bottom), etc. but today I just wore my thinnest gloves, fleece tights, thermal henley, and a very light jacket. It's all relative indeed!
I have LWB in kudu and ranger moccasins in tobacco chamois. I like the look and feel of the tobacco chamois better but I think the kudu is a better foul weather material. Granted, I haven't had the tobacco chamois long, but the kudu is indestructible.I also own a PTB and had a Dover. I prefer the shape of the PTB though and ended up selling the Dover as I rarely wore them over the course of the 4 months I had them. To me, the toe box of the Dover looked a bit lower profile...
I make a list every 4 or 5 months of things (clothing and footwear wise) I really want and that helps me cut out the impulse buys. As far as shoes go, I also now have a one-in/one-out policy so for every pair I buy I need to either sell a pair or donate a pair. And right now I actually have about 10 pair of shoes/boots sitting in my closet that I should probably put up for sale. I'm just too lazy to take the photos usually.I started making the list a couple of years ago...
Thumbs up to @cpmac7 - I recently an auction for one of the tweed jackets he had and it is in great condition and he shipped it out very fast. FWIW, as a testament to how nice the jacket is, my wife usually turns her nose up at my eBay purchases (especially if it involves tweed) but when I pulled it out of the package and put it on (and it fit like a glove) even she remarked how nice it was.
I did 3 miles indoors yesterday evening. I'm looking forward to running tomorrow morning when it's supposed to be about 20ยบ at 5:00 a.m. Crazy! Who looks forward to that kind of stuff?!? Oh well. We booked our flight to Florida so in a few weeks I'll be running in sunny Naples for 12 days!
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