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The boots look to have their fair share of wear on them but it seems odd to me all of the commando sole pieces would be coming off so uniformally and at the same time. Have you tried contacting Alden customer service (or the retailer you purchased them from)? I've had Alden replace soles for me free of charge that had similar issues, even after almost a year of heavy use (a crepe sole was separating from the rest of the shoe on both shoes all at the same time).
I always find the first few times putting on new boots with all eyelets sort of a pain. After that, the uppers begin to loosen up a bit and you usually remember to make sure the laces are nice and loose before you put them on and it's not much of an issue any more.
It is indeed from you guys. Good thing I always thought it was faux or else my wife might have been freaked out enough to strangle me with it afterwards.
I had taken the faux fur collar off of my snorkel parka a little bit ago and found a new use for it: sneak up behind the couch while my wife is trying to take a nap and dangle it onto her face and listen for how loud she screams. Yes, I am easily amused.
Like TO Guy said, I think it depends on how much room you have in your thighs in the Rudy. I'm a 34" in the Rudy and it fits me great. When the only option is a Walt, I buy the same size and there's usually enough material available that my tailor can let some out through the thighs and legs. I think a 35" in the Walt would be ideal but that's not usually one of the OTR offerings.
Well, no Uncle Nutzy for me. They appear to have sold out.
If it's still there when I get off of work, I'll pull the trigger too. I've given myself a cooling off period.
I am considering the Uncle Nutzy. I would never wear them to the office but I could see me wearing them basically anywhere else all summer long. Especially to the dismay of my wife.
I'm going to lunch. don't put up anything good while I'm out.
That turquoise Donegal tweed!
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