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5,776.7 + 5.9 + 7.1 = 5,789.7
I didn't know about national running day until late yesterday and even though I wasn't scheduled for a run as part of the marathon training plan I am following, around 9:00 p.m. I decided to get out there anyway. I enjoy running in the evening but rarely get the chance and I didn't want this made-up holiday to pass me by. I ended up putting in just under 6 miles at a smoking fast (for me) 7 minute 33 second pace. I attribute the added speed to the two large homemade...
5,757.2 + 5.5 = 5,762.7
I like those quite a bit. Too bad my size is already sold out.
I had just passed the wedding scene in the books so I knew what was coming... I think that made it all that made my heart beat that much harder leading up to it.
5,716.7 + 6.5 (Saturday) + 20.8 (Sunday) = 5,744.0
I had planned for 18 miles this morning but I got to a trail segment of my route and it was closed for repairs to a bridge so I had to hastily pick a detour. I ended up choosing one that would send me past an extra water fountain but it added more distance to my run than I was expecting and I ended the morning with just under 21 miles. But I was able to keep up about an 8 minute 38 second pace throughout... and I kept shaving time off that with each mile.
9.7 miles this morning putting me at 502 miles for the year so far - halfway to my goal of 1,000 for 2013.
5,686.25 + 1.7 + 8.9 = 5,696.85
5,656.45 + 6.2 + 4.4 = 5,667.05
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