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7.2 very snowy miles this morning. We had got a few inches of powdery snow on Friday and then 3+" more of heavier stuff overnight and this morning and it was still coming down a bit for most of my run. It was absolutely quiet and peaceful out when I started out around 5:00 a.m. I ran to the campus of a large local private school and it looked like I was the first person to hit most of those trails. I came home and finished up with about 30 minutes of cross...
Definitely with an OCBD or some other type of collared shirt. I've never been a fan of the look of a sweater (of any type) with just a t-shirt under it and am often bothered by the feeling of the sweater on my neck, especially a wool sweater.
Well, I decided to take the pressure off of you two gentlemen and order it for myself. You can thank me later.
Somebody buy the size 40 multi-fleck navy tweed so I don't have to. I recently ordered a grey LBM tweed but may need to get the navy Sammy as well.
It was 3º in my area yesterday when I went to lunch and I spent about an hour walking around outside and going into and out of shops and stores. I was wearing tweed trousers, a lightweight cotton dress shirt, lightweight Epaulet flannel sportcoat, scarf, and my Gloverall and I was fine. This morning is a bit warmer (it's now 12º) and I wore the Gloverall again today with an OCBD and LL Bean Norwegian and was very warm when I went out for a walk through town before...
Yeah, my buddy ran his 5k just over 20 minutes. I hope for his sake he plans to slow down a bit for the next two runs.
I got in 3.0 miles on the treadmill this morning. I have a friend who is currently down at Disney in Florida doing the Dopey Challenge: 5k today, 10k tomorrow, half marathon Saturday, full marathon Sunday. That honestly sounds like it would be a pretty fun time.
I cannot speak to the sizing of the slimmer Epaulet version of the duffle but my Gloverall has consistently been my most worn piece of winter outerwear over the past few years. I definitely wear it with sweaters and casual trousers but IMO, it makes a good substitute to a wool overcoat with suits and sportcoats as well. I've had the camel colored version for a while now and was seriously considering adding a navy one to the rotation this winter.
I'm glad to hear that the weather is nice and warm down there right now. It was 8º in Detroit this morning when I went out for my run and I am ready for our annual 2 or 3 weeks in South Florida (on the other side of the state though) in the end of February and start of March. I will not be packing any tweed.
Great year-end total but I kicked your ass. 1,744.4. 1.7 miles (or 0.097% of our yearly totals) counts as an ass kicking right?I got in 6.1 miles for my first outdoor run of the year today. It was 8º but there was no windchill to speak of and not much snow on the ground so really not bad at all. We've been lucky in the snow department so far this season compared to last so I am not going to complain.Last year I had a goal of 2,014 miles but I obviously missed it. Looking...
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