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^Very well putI put in 7.2 miles this morning on one of the few days so far this year where the temps before 5:00 a.m. were actually above 50ยบ.
2,663.5 + 7.2 = 2,670.7
That ending caught me off guard too but it was definitely a good one.
2,642.7 + 4.5 = 2,647.2
I put in 4.5 miles this afternoon. I was a bit sore out of the gate coming off of yesterday's half marathon but after about 10 minutes or so I was pretty well loosened up.
2,612.2 + 13.1 = 2,625.3
Did a half marathon this morning in 1:46:03 which is a PR for me by nearly 3 minutes. If I had slowed down slightly at the start I probably would have had enough left in the end to break 1:45:00 but I'm very happy with the time.
2,604.2 + 8 = 2,612.2
I can see how that would make sense. When I was in the Marines we learned that, in addition to building lung capacity, one of the reasons for singing cadences when you march or run in formation was to help regulate which foot strikes the ground and when during the breathing cycle. Even now, a decade later, when I am growing sore or particularly tired during longer runs I will start singing some of the cadences that I've learned and it helps me get my running cadence back...
I've been avoiding Starbucks and Biggby for a few weeks but when I woke up and saw the rain coming down I told myself that if I do my run I can reward myself with the diabetes in a cup that I so enjoy. I started to rethink my plan when I was running through a wooded path along the Rouge River and the water was getting a bit too high and too close for comfort. Luckily there was an escape up to street level right near there too.I just picked up a few new pair of shoes this...
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