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10 miles this morning. I got home from my run and looked at my iPhone screen and saw that it clocked me at 9.85 miles so I kept running laps around my circular driveway in order to get to 10 miles on the dot. OCD strikes again!
That's my normal time for running and Monday when I was out I had three or four bats swooping all around me as I was running up my street. Even after years of running early in the mornings, that was a first.When I was down in Naples in February I was out running early one morning and also almost stepped on an armadillo before he scurried off under a parked car. I had never seen one in the wild (that wasn't squashed on the side of the road) and have to say they are quite...
Great combination from top to bottom. I especially like the shirt. I've been itching for some new madras.
I would be in as well for a dark brown suede Plaza Indy boot. Whoever puts this together please count me in and PM me for my details.
+ 14.3 + 11.1 + 4.5 = 6,044.6
I put in a bit more than 11 miles this morning with the middle 8 of those miles at an 8:10 pace. Sustaining that pace for that distance is pretty darn good for me. I hit the road to run just before 5:00 a.m. and I ran for about 5 miles along Woodward Avenue which is arguably the main street for the Detroit area. There is one small stretch of that route where there is no sidewalk, bike path, or even a shoulder but it was early enough that I could run those nearly 2 miles...
8.8 miles yesterday and 14.3 miles today.
+ 8.8 = 6,004.7
I am now registered and will be there for the fun!
5,979.8 + 4.5 = 5,984.3
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