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Just got a call that a batch of blue suede tassel loafers has arrived at my local retailer and my size was delivered. I'll be making a slight detour on the way home from the office this evening!
J. Press. I'm a sucker for the flap pocket.
That's what I often do on Sunday afternoons during football season (or Sunday evenings during Game of Thrones season). That way I am at least getting something done while I am ignoring my family and any household duties.Absolutely gorgeous! I still need to un-box mine.
I miss them already! Hopefully they get to enjoy nicer weather out on that side of the country.
Desk job here. And one that basically requires me to stare at the internet all day.I break up the monotony of large columns of labor market and demographic information with pictures of overpriced men's clothing and footwear.
I put myself on a clothing shopping ban for November and December but looking at their new arrivals section (and coming into this thread) is so damn tempting...
While waiting on this season's FF sportcoats to come in, I've been getting a lot of use out of one of the ones I got last year: (Paired today with some greenish/grey herringbone Epaulet wool trousers I found on eBay and the Plaza Indy Boot)
Plaza Indy Boots from Frans Boone today
22,037 + 113.5 = 22,150.5
I just ordered both of the caps. Now the hard part of deciding which to keep for myself and which to give to my wife...
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