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What size and color is your snorkel? If it's a sage in a 40 I'd be interested. I have a 38 now but want to size up.
For the non-latex soles that Alden offers, the mini lug is my favorite. It's a bit more stiff than other similarly lugged soles but still has a nice low profile.I have the Tempest sole on a pair of suede boots from Rancourt and I find them very uncomfortable. They are too stiff and have never really broken in. And just like the Dainite sole that Tricker's (and other English makers) often uses, I think they are way too slippery for a rubber sole. I know some people love the...
If you are referring to the recent spate of boots on the Modified last, I concur. I had a pair of Modified PTB a while back and while they fit me better and were more comfortable than any other dress shoes I've ever owned, every time I looked down at my feet they just looked off to me.
I received my FF charcoal corduroy sportcoat yesterday and the fabric is awesome - so soft, thick, and beautiful. I still wonder why it was marketed as charcoal though as it has much more of a purple hue to it than a grey or silver (I knew that when I ordered it though so I wasn't shocked when I opened the box). It's already off at the tailors getting the sleeves taken up a notch and I should have it back at the end of the week.
My pace always slows down considerably in the winter. I think I consumed so much sugar on a daily basis that my blood has turned into molasses and it just doesn't like to flow when the temps dip below freezing.
It was -2º with the windchill here this morning. I have no scientific proof to back this up but the scarf seems to help trap a bit of warm air between it and my mouth/nose so I'm not constantly breathing in the frozen air. That combined with the fact that I don't like those caps with the built in masks make it look like I'm extra bundled up. In reality, I could have taken the knit cap off after a few miles but I didn't feel like messing around with my headlamp while it was...
It was 12º this morning. I don't recall it being this cold this early in a long time. I still managed to get in a 12 mile run (a mile for each degree?) and only had to stop to scrape the frost and ice off of my scarf twice.
Very nice looking. Are those lined or unlined?
6.8 miles this afternoon as the snow flurries were coming down but it wasn't uncomfortably cold t all.
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