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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they came in yesterday...
I was trying for those moleskins too. I can always use more of those.
8.3 miles this morning, most of it on the track for some intervals. We had about 7" of rain yesterday and apparently enough roads and freeways are still flooded that I probably could have added a nice swim to the run this morning if I had made a wrong turn...
A bit over 10 miles this morning
I don't even like walking to the end of the driveway to get the newspaper barefoot. I cannot imagine running barefoot. Besides, as StyleForum members, we should really all be committed to running in some custom made Rancourts with Vibram soles or maybe a nice unlined suede Alden chukka with the flex welt and leather soles for the minimalist fans out there!
9.3 this morning on some very sore legs. I tried to do some more lunges at the end and couldn't do more than 3 or 4. So much pain!
I agree with cathpah that sending them off to B. Nelson sounds like overkill.If you are just in Windsor and ever come north, there are two cobblers in Birmingham that are more than capable that you might want to check with. Frank's Shoe Service (on Old Woodward) and Tiger Shoe Repair (on Maple just east of Old Woodward). I've trusted Tiger with some Alden in the past and would do so again. Frank's has a great reputation as well.
I usually wear and wash them a few times before hemming, but mainly because I'm too lazy to actually stop by the tailor's. The couple times I hemmed first, I've noticed no shrinking after they finally hit the wash.
I will be camping out on my front porch waiting for my chambray Doyle to be delivered!
6.3 miles this morning I ran five miles at my marathon pace and then did six 20 second intervals with two minutes of rest between them. Usually my "rest" between intervals is walking for half of the rest and then a slow jog. Today for some reason I decided I would do 30 lunges between each interval as well. Holy crap did that hurt! I don't know what I was thinking. I guess it just goes to show I need to step up my cross training or something. I must not be in as good of...
New Posts  All Forums: