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Make that two units!
11,009.9 + 7.3 + 14.0 + 10.4 + 6.2 + 6.3 + 10.3 + 6.3 = 11,070.7
A speedy 6.25 miles this morning at just under an 8:00 pace.I've begun my taper and have less than three weeks to go until the Marine Corps Marathon...I looked him up and found his schedule and the parking garage they use and it is indeed his group. I think I've seen advertisements for him in the local weekly free paper too.
I generally like the multi-colored bezel on other watches, but for some reason, I just don't care for it on the SKX. I think maybe if the face of the watch were white, silver, or something other than the dark, flat blue that it is, it would look a bit better. However, I've never seen it in person so who knows...That being said, I have an SKX007 and before I recently got a Sinn it was my go-to watch everyday and would go with just about everything.
Those are absolutely gorgeous.And I agree with the other posters that I wouldn't be too concerned about the nicks and dents (unless there is a deep scratch or gouge into the leather). Wdahab brings up a good point that the shell that Rancourt sends out in their finished products is much less polished than what you will get from makers like Alden or AE. I also think seeing the nicks and dents a bit more in your brown colors compared to your green shell rangers is partially...
My Spiewak coat just arrived. Why is it 80º still? Why don't the seasons change with my sartorial whims?
6.3 miles this morning. We had a pretty great summer for running here and so far fall is off to a great start, weather-wise, as well.
Judging by that photo, you should be able to justify the purchase of a pair of boat shoes if you don't already have them.
I have some snuff suede boots from Alden and Rancourt. The Rancourt's are a much darker, deeper color. I also have some Rancourt suede boots in the peanut color and concur with wdahab that Rancourt's peanut is the closer match to Alden's snuff.
I put in 6.2 miles this morning. Just a few weeks left until the Marine Corps Marathon! Regarding training for hills in a flat environment - I don't know how well this works, but there are four public parking garages in the city I live in and in the early morning hours I often see a group of guys running up and down the ramps in them. To me, that sounds a bit more interesting than running on a treadmill, so maybe something like that is an option near you.
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