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3,542 + 9.3 = 3,551.3
3 square inches would be too much to justify for most of the Duckie Brown products I've seen
I've ordered from Unionmade and Need Supply numerous times each and never had a bad experience from either. FWIW, Unionmade has always answered my emails promptly and has helped me out with special requests on more than one occasion. I've also never had a problem making returns to them
I got in about 9 and a quarter miles this morning finishing up just before a short little rain shower came through. It was very muggy and still in the mid 70s at 4:30 a.m.
I imagine that is true... that still doesn't mean I have to like it. Damn the plot devices!
3,523.2 (rounded up) + 9.2 = 3,532.4
3,490.1 + 28.1 = 3,518.17(that was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... not one long run)
I agree on the Sandor-Arya opening. Probably some of the best humor in the series so far. And I made an audible groan when Samwell left that blade behind.
I did nearly 4 years in the Marine Corps and got out a few months early to finish up college (I had just about two years of full-time left for undergrad). I considered joining the National Guard or Marine Corps Reserve to get a bit more help for college (this was before the GI Bill was as good as it is now) but two of my uncles talked me out of it, warning me that the reserves and Guard are the first to be deployed and life would be nowhere near as nice as it was on active...
Death The Flatlanders
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