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The annual Ronald McDonald Charity Auction has easily my favorite thing about StyleForum.
3-6 weeks in my experience. I think a lot of it comes down to the time of year and how busy the factory is. Also, the "Made to Order" trousers are generally considerably faster than the "Factory Finds" trousers.
8.5 this morning. I did a few of the miles on trails and even though it really hasn't been that cold lately, the ruts were frozen solid - my least favorite part of running in the winter.
3.1 this morning. It was probably my slowest 5k in years but, We started Together We're gonna finish Together…
I wish I had a use for that LBM. Sadly I know I'd rarely wear it.
I have a pair and I found them to fit me much better than the traditional 2-eyelet version which, no matter what size I went with, always felt like it was going to fall off. Mine are currently for sale but mainly because I've just decided I don't really care for chukkas in general (except the much more casual ones).
8.4 miles on the road and then 3 sets of 2 miles fast (for me) on the treadmill at the gym this morning for a grand total of 14.4 miles I've been invited by Team RWB to run in a local Jingle Bell Run tomorrow morning and carry the Marine Corps flag over the course of the 5k.
4.6 on the treadmill this morning.
I have the RRL officer chinos and I generally don't care if would get to keep the factory style stitching or not but for some reason on these I did. I took mine to a local high-end denim shop and they had no problem recreating the hem. In the end, I am probably the only person I ever encounter who would actually notice the stitching so if I got a new pair, I'd probably just take them to my normal tailor.
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