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I had planned for 18 miles this morning but I got to a trail segment of my route and it was closed for repairs to a bridge so I had to hastily pick a detour. I ended up choosing one that would send me past an extra water fountain but it added more distance to my run than I was expecting and I ended the morning with just under 21 miles. But I was able to keep up about an 8 minute 38 second pace throughout... and I kept shaving time off that with each mile.
9.7 miles this morning putting me at 502 miles for the year so far - halfway to my goal of 1,000 for 2013.
5,686.25 + 1.7 + 8.9 = 5,696.85
5,656.45 + 6.2 + 4.4 = 5,667.05
CP - I'm glad to hear you were able to get back out there. If you are ever running down in this neck of the woods let me know. There are some nice quiet neighborhoods to run through with plenty of trails and dirt roads which might be better on the legs. I ran in a 10k this morning. I really just wanted to go out and press myself as much as I could at the start and did the first three miles each under a 7 minute mile pace. I didn't PR for my finish but I believe that the 3...
I got in 16.2 miles this morning. I was going for a nice, relaxing 9 minute pace but with around 3 miles left on my route, I came across a group of girls out running and I decided to push my pace up to about 8 minutes 20 seconds for the remainder to keep up with them. I didn't want to get shown up!
3,566.5 + 16.2 = 3,582.7
Thanks for the tip on the Steven Alan site. I definitely don't need another pair of shoes, but it's hard to pass up at that price.
I am a very non-picky person and wouldn't really care about those scuffs... probably 10 minutes after I put them on for the first time I'd have similar scuffs from my toddler daughter jumping onto my feet anyway!If Rancourt is open to helping you out to fix the problem, I'd be more likely to ask them for a bottle of Venetian Shoe Cream (and maybe a new brush) rather than sending the shoes back (FWIW, I did get a bottle of shoe cream and a set of shoe trees out of them...
9.3 miles this morning with 6 miles in the middle of it (minus a 3 minute slow rest) at an 8 minute pace.
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