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They look great. I think leaving off the leather towards the tip of the shoes is a wise decision. I've had more than one pair of Alden with crepe soles go back to the factory to be re-soled at their expense because that leather piece begins falling apart and the stitching starts to unravel right where the leather meets the crepe.
18,303.6 + 201.0 = 18,504.6
That is the ultimate summer, backyard BBQ shirt. I love it!
In the books, the descriptions of the physical descriptions of many of the Unsullied do often sound like those of Varys.
I think I recall from the book that that method of killing is quite accepted in Dorne (I know the battle was in King's Landing, but I think it was pretty clear that Oberyn doesn't/didn't give a fuck about what those in KL thought of him).
3.2 miles yesterday afternoon. The second mile was at the local high school track and I managed to get it in 6:29. It's been quite a while since I did that but I still want to bring it down about 10 seconds or s, and then do it for another mile as well. 3.2 again this morning but I wasn't able to replicate yesterday's fast mile. I'll happily settle for my 7:10 though with no fueling and jumping right out of bed.
All this talk about your fastest miles has me wondering about mine. I haven't timed myself for just a mile in a long time, but I know if I am properly fueled and stretched (neither of which I usually am), I can do about 6:10 - 6:15 over two miles but then it falls off significantly after that. I got in 9 miles this morning. I was at about the 6 mile mark on a long dirt road with no roads to turn off on to and came upon this disheartening sign: Luckily, as I turned the...
A couple nights ago I made my first trip of the spring up onto the roof to clean the gutters and found a section of my roof that was noticeably falling in and feels like it's about to collapse. I haven't gotten any water damage below that section but it seems like the winter was more brutal than I knew. Oh well. I know I have a couple other spots that needed some repair up there so the roofers will be getting a call. There are a few jobs around the house that I am...
6.4 this morning on my typical neighborhood loop. Yesterday, I took the afternoon off of work and got in 12.5 on some nice trails at a park north of my office. I also managed to log close to 1,000' feet of climb, which is not easy to do in Metro Detroit. Hill bypass? No thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: