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4.6 on the treadmill this morning.
I have the RRL officer chinos and I generally don't care if would get to keep the factory style stitching or not but for some reason on these I did. I took mine to a local high-end denim shop and they had no problem recreating the hem. In the end, I am probably the only person I ever encounter who would actually notice the stitching so if I got a new pair, I'd probably just take them to my normal tailor.
3.8 miles this morning for Day 3 of my December run streak.
Granted, I'm far from the pickiest person on the site but these look perfect to me.Nine times out of ten when I see a thread on here asking about a possible or perceived flaw with a pair of Alden, I end up considering making an appointment with the eye doctor.
Huh... I've had the opposite experience with crepe soles and always found them exceptionally grippy on any surface (right down to a ice covered sidewalk and parking lot in the dead of winter). I wear my crepe soled shoes on rainy days and am constantly walking over slick marble lobby floors and never found them slippery.
I have a pair of the plaza indy boots from Frans Boone and it was totally worth it to me. Though the TruBalance last is comfortable and fits me well enough, I don't care for the shape at all. I like the plaza because it looks considerably more refined which allows me to wear them to the office.
I have a Horween natural CXL belt that I've been wearing multiple times a week for over a year now and haven't experienced any noticeable stretching. It fits me the same today as it did from day one.
After much trial and error I finally found a pair of jeans I liked and it was the Telllason "Ankara" jeans in the 16.5 oz. Awesome stuff.
If you decide that they are not for you and they happen to be a 7.5, I'll gladly take them off your hands feet for you.
4.3 miles this morning
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