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This morning I ran a 10k in 49:01 and then turned around and did a 5k in 24:45. I was very pleased with my times, especially considering it was about 10 degrees out and I had 400 layers of clothing on. My next run will be in much warmer weather.
If it were a normal Detroit winter, I'd probably have worn them by now but we have had so much snow this year (closing in on 100") that the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots have been a constant pool of slush and salt which are what I was really trying to avoid. I have other suede shoes and boots that I've worn all winter long but those ones were already broken in so I wouldn't have been as disheartened if I got them stained.Now that I've worn these NST boots, I wont...
Maiden voyage of my choco suede NST tankers from Leather Soul. These have been in a box in my closet for a couple months waiting for warmer weather. The weather isn't really much warmer today, but I couldn't wait any longer.
My understand was that it means they were from a retailer like the Shoemart that doesn't really do custom makeups.I am not sure if that one that you've pictured is part of the "Cape Cod Collection" but I believe that a lot of those in that collection are actually produced by other makers for Alden (such as Eastland or maybe Rancourt in the past). So in the long run it really isn't Alden factory resources being used up.And, more importantly, this. I think a lot of the...
7 miles this morning. It was still only in the 20s and close to the single digits with the windchill and the side streets are mostly unplowed from Wednesday's 6" of snow but I counted 8 other runners out there this morning. I cannot remember the last time I saw 2 other runners in the morning, let alone 8! I think we've just given up on this winter by now. I know I did - I didn't bother to shovel my driveway after this last round. I don't care if the mailman passes us up.
TheWrait posted my two favorite sources but http://www.creationwatches.com/ is another good one for Seiko Divers and they seem to replenish their inventory a bit more frequently than Seiya or Higuchi.
Six more inches of snow on the ground today for the winter that never ends. That's no deterrent to wearing the whisky Indy boots though.
Plus he has the best colors up top.
I know they have that on their MTO web site now but it's really of such minimal bother to me that I would have never even thought to consider it back when I ordered these. These days, if I were ordering a pair through the MTO program, I would probably give it a shot with the two different sizes though.
These are actually an "E" width and I have that problem anytime I wear loafers, which is one reason I wear them so sparingly. My right foot is significantly wider than my left foot and fills out the "E" width perfectly, but that means my left foot always has a bit of extra space on the sides. When I first got these, there was a bit of slipping but as they've broken in that is no longer a problem. I think if I had gone with a "D" width, my left foot would feel fine but my...
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