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I find that I am usually much less particular than others in this thread when it comes to quality control issues but these would definitely be going back to the store if it were me. The right shoe is just too uneven to be acceptable IMO. Even looking down from the top view you can see that something is not right there.
I did another 6.3 miles this morning. I am getting over a cold and couldn't stop coughing last night (but otherwise feel fine) so my wife implored me to take some NyQuil so she could get some sleep. I obliged and took a swig and then went back to sleep for a few hours.I got out on the street to start running at about 4:45 a.m. and I felt like a complete zombie. I had no idea what was going on and my head was totally in the clouds. If you can think of about 30 more fog and...
This.And this.I have a two-eyelet chukka in #8 and a black shell six-eyelet chukka, both in 7.5D (which is the same size as most of my other Barrie lasted shoes) and they both fit the same around the bed of the foot and in the toe and heel. The six-eyelet chukka is significantly more stable around the ankle though. After experiencing both, I don't think I could comfortably drop down a half size in the two-eyelet chukka.
I have a couple pair of Barrie lasted #8 boots (Tanker and Wingtip, as well as Pitt boot on order) and don't see a problem with adding the Plaza Indy to my collection. The more boots the merrier?Really though, I would have been happy with a #8 Indy boot on the Barrie if such a beast exists... basically, I just don't really care for the TrueBalance last. It fits nicely and is comfortable, I just find the shape unpleasing.
I'm not a Canadian, but I'll put this out there for Canadians: If you want stuff that you cannot get shipped to Canada (or do not want to deal with customs or duties), live in the somewhere in Southwestern Ontario, and don't mind making a drive to the Detroit area, feel free to have your stuff shipped to me. I will gladly accept and hold your deliveries until such time you can come pick them up. All I ask for in return is copious amounts of beer brought across the border....
It is gorgeous and I've been eyeing it too. I've just been telling myself that I don't really like Roman numerals on watches so that's my excuse for not buying it. However, if the Yen suddenly collapses...
6.4 miles for me this morning.6k in elevation change?!? That blows this flatlander's mind! I live in a city called "Bloomfield Hills" and I am lucky if I can register a couple hundred feet in elevation change over the course of a 20-miler! There are some actual hilly areas in Metro Detroit, but it's runs like your 50k that remind me how insignificant our hills really are here. Next year I want to find a half marathon or maybe a 30k to run somewhere sunny, warm, and hilly.
Absolutely gorgeous. According to UPS, mine are "out for delivery" right now. Hopefully I also do not get hit with the customs or UPS brokerage charges. I've ordered from Frans Boone twice before and always looked at the brokerage charges as an unfortunate cost of doing business with them in order to get some of their unique makeups. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be pleasantly surprised this time around.FWIW, I tried to request that they ship via DHL or Post...
I think the only thing from my collection I ever regret selling is the Alpine wingtip boot from LeatherSoul. This make-up could be a pretty nice replacement.
I imagine they have some sort of contract with foreign retailers that guarantees them exclusive rights in their perspective markets and will not allow U.S. retailers, who are not subject to any import tariff, to compete.
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