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Doesn't Texas have some sort of program where if you graduate in the top 10% of your high school class, you are automatically admitted into any state school (so I guess UT or A&M)? If that's true, maybe that would be an incentive to sticking around in a less desirable district if, like many believe, more of her performance comes down to the family life and her support system. Of course, who knows what sort of admission standards they will have by the time she graduates...
8.8 miles this morning with 10 half mile intervals mixed in there.
I had 5 miles this morning and then a bunch of 20 second sprints. It was absolutely pouring on me the entire time I was out there. I don't mind the rain but it does sort of depress me when I look at the weather radar before I start running and the only place it's raining in about a 200 mile radius is my neighborhood. Sometimes, Mother Nature is a jerk.I've never been out to that part of country but the elevation profile for that 50k looks much more challenging than I would...
A bit under 10 miles this morning. I went looking for a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the dark in a slightyl unfamiliar neighborhood near me and ended up running about a quarter mile up a hilly, winding dirt road only to realize it wasn't a road at all but somebody's driveway, I decided, "in for a penny, in for a pound" so I continued up the driveway until I got to the house. When I got to the end of the driveway there was a new-ish looking Rolls Royce, Mercedes G-Wagon, and...
Today was supposed to be a rest day but the weather after work was too nice to not get out for a run. I got in a bit over 6 miles in temps in the high 60s with no humidity. You don't get many July evenings like that around here.
I have some casual NESC from a local retailer and from J. Press and they seem to be pretty consistent. Hmmm... Maybe I should use this as an excuse to buy some more from a third and fourth retailer to test this hypothesis.
In my experience, Epaulet's shirts are a bit smaller all around than New England Shirt Company, it's especially noticeable through the chest and armholes. I can take some measurements, but all of my Epaulet shirts are a few years old now and have been washed countless times so I doubt my measurements would be close to what they are new.
After a 47 day run streak (my longest ever) I took a much needed day of rest yesterday. I managed to log 313.8 miles during my streak with an average of 6.7 miles a day and a long of 14.2. I was right back at it this morning with another 6.3 miles. One of my final runs was a nice 7+ miles with much of it along the shore of the southern end of Lake Huron.
I am the same with not wanting to be too matchy-matchy but I do have a "peanut" suede belt from Rancourt that is very close to the the snuff suede and I will wear it with my snuff suede footwear. The colors are not exact, but they are pretty darn close.
4.3 miles this morning back on the treadmill.
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