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If you decide that they are not for you and they happen to be a 7.5, I'll gladly take them off your hands feet for you.
4.3 miles this morning
I'm oh so tempted by the Alpine grain ranger mocs...
4.7 miles this morning. The thermomete said 31ยบ but it felt much colder. Today being December 1st it's also the first day of my December Run Streak. Last year I went for a minimum of 2 miles a day, this year I'm shooting for a minimum of 3 miles.
10.2 miles yesterday afternoon
I don't have the jacket (...yet. There's one inbound to me though) but since the pockets aren't patch pockets, you might be able to get away with hemming it that much. I have a couple suits that I had to have them hemmed about an inch and they turned out good. I'd be hesitant to go much more than that though.
I've received the charcoal corduroy and cream houndstooth but not the steel blue tweed yet... which of course is the one I was most looking forward to getting.
Sorry to see you will be forced into taking a break @FlyingMonkey. 11.1 miles for me this morning. Now bring on the gluttony!
^ This.I compared the measurements on both and the Epaulet version seemed significantly more slim than what the company offers directly from their site. That being said though, both my father and my FIL really like my Heirloom Cardigan but there's no way they would ever fit in an Epaulet version so we ordered directly from the company for them for Christmas.
6 miles this morning with a handful of 20 second intervals in the middle of it.
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