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Commando and leather and crepe. If I have a brand new pair of leather soled shoes and it's raining or icy I probably will not wear them, but once they've been worn a few times I don't notice any excessive slippage after coming in out of the rain.
Let's not feed the trolls...
Just like most of those who have replied, I wear my shell cordovan in the rain, snow, sleet, slush, ice, and salt and don't treat them with anything like Defender. I do make sure to brush them off thoroughly each evening though. I've had no ill effects from the elements.
I like that idea. I have a pair of Tricker's that could use a similar treatment. You'll have to report back on how well that works for you.
I took advantage of the code this weekend for a couple of ties. I'm looking forward to receiving them. These will be my 4th and 5th from Yellow Hook and I'm always impressed.
[[SPOILER]] I agree about some bad acting in this episode. I was on the fence about the new person playing Daario but when he volunteered to be Dany's champion and was standing there waiting for the Meereen champion he just so cheesy, for lack of a better word. The scene in the village before the Thenns attacked was equally bad (or maybe even worse).
The black stows are on their way to me. @rydenfan - I hope you aren't a size 7 in Tricker's! Had the Leather Soul burnished tan edition ones still been available in my size, they would be on their way as well.
IMO the jacket, and the entire combination, looks pretty good but could probably use a bit of shortening on the sleeves so that a bit of your cuffs will show.
That's a nice welcome home!
I've been wearing the U1 all week. I often leave it on the night stand for weeks on end in favor of something a bit smaller on my wrist but every time I do put it on, I inevitably have a hard time taking it off again.
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