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I had the Leffot black Naval boots from the last go-round but ended up selling them unused as I just don't wear black often enough to justify the cost and the space they were taking up in my closet. I noticed that the 7.5E in the color #8 was gone from the presale in about 3 minutes... thankfully I managed to get in though. I suspect that whoever suggested that Leffot might order only one pair in most of the "common" sizes and the presale on the site was limited to just...
@DonCologne - I think that outfit looks great! Especially the jacket. Care to provide the details on the fabric and who it's from?
5.7 miles for me and I took had my mittens (and wool cap) on. I guess I'm fortunate that I forgot to put those items away when I put away the rest of my winter running gear earlier this week.
I've been considering yoga for a while but never actually gotten around to it. A friend owns a yoga studio in Detroit (right down the street from Run Detroit) and is offering a "Yoga for Runners" class starting later this month that I am thinking about checking out.
6.3 this morning
7.5 miles this morning
6.3 miles this morning and I just passed 500 miles for the year so far en route to my goal of 2,014 miles. At my current pace, I'm not going to hit it, but I should still do better than I did last year. FWIW, through this morning I have run 501.9 miles and I checked to see what I had run through all of May last year and it was 501.9 miles.I'll second the RunKeeper training plans being great. I used one last year to get my marathon time down below 3:35 and nailed it and...
Are you considering the Kensington GMTO through AAAC? I have a pair of Stows in size 7 that fit really well and Richard at Shoe Healer looked up some previous purchases I made through him and recommended I go with the size 7 for the Kensington as well.
4.5 miles yesterday evening and 9 miles this morning. I think it's finally safe to put away my winter running gear.
I ordered two shirts (Blue Denim Slubby Chambray and Red Yellow Patch Madras) back on the 18th of April and received them both yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! I will definitely be using Luxire again. I've got a couple of Madras shirts from O'Connell's and the material that Luxire offers seems quite a bit thicker but also much softer, it's a very nice shirt. I'll have to get some pictures.
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