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Mine arrived yesterday as well. Now I just need to find a free moment to make it over to the tailor while they are actually open.
I love that Baltic Shield. I've gone back and forth on getting one of those.
I just finally decided on which ones I wanted and ordered the gunmetal mohair suit and the charcoal windowpane shetland "budget tweed" as a suit. I'm super stoked for that budget tweed suit. I've got a jacket in a very similar looking fabric from Brooks Brothers that's maybe about a decade old and I love it but each time I wear it I think to myself, "Man, I really wish I had matching trousers in this as well!"
I cuff my cords, including my recently acquired "twords". I like to think the big thick cuff and minimal break really help to add some weight and balance down at the bottom of the trouser legs. It's probably worth mentioning that I lean pretty heavily towards the "trad" side of things in terms of fashion and I typically whether I am at the office or just hanging out at home, my typical uniform this time of year is cords, moleskin, or tweed trousers with an OCBD or Viyella...
@Epaulet - Was there a video made of the mohair suit fabrics? I'm having a tough time deciding between the loden or gunmetal (or maybe the rust) and think that a video would be helpful.
Very true!I love the tie. Chipp?
My wife pays all the bills so there are no secrets of new clothing in our house.
I'm leaning towards a wool-mohair suit and trying to narrow it down between the loden, gunmetal, or maybe even the rust and maybe a charcoal or java windowpane "budget" donegal tweed suit. I don't really need another tweed suit but the prices on those budget ones are hard to pass up and the windowpane trousers would be pretty kick ass.That's an awesome deal! If I didn't already have one in the grey pique in a nearly identical makeup, I'd be all over that! GLWS!
Hmmm... I haven't been to NYC in about 15 years. Maybe it's time to head back?
I got one from Epaulet in that makeup last year (or maybe it was 2014?) and I have to say that it's definitely the way to go! I agree with @loxo that it works out really well with the heaviness of the tweed.Today I'm wearing an older fully-lined Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed jacket and every time I put it on I wish it had the partial lining like my stuff from Epaulet.
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