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8.8 miles this morning. The cold weather has returned and there are threats of snow n the forecast for at least the next 10 days. I hate April.
Count me as another impressed by the stitching on those boots. I may have to inquire about the availability of the skin stitching on my next pair.
I jokingly asked for an engagement Omega or Rolex shortly after I gave my now wife her engagement ring and she said sure but I didn't want her to spend any money on me. What was I thinking? I wonder if that offer still stands seven years after the wedding?
I've got the same shoes from Alden (they've become my favorite shoe for the office over the years) and a Ranger Moc like you describe from Rancourt except I didn't use their shell. I do however have a pair Rancourt shell beefroll loafers in navy and have handled some other Rancourt shell. IMO, the Alden shell is much more refined looking and holds a shine much better thanks to the dying a polishing process that the shell undertakes at the Alden factory. I think the...
8.7 miles yesterday in some gorgeous weather with temps in the 60s. It's possible spring has finally arrived here in Detroit.
I agree. However, when it's sunny and in the high 60s/low 70s like it is today, it's awfully difficult to drag myself back to the office afterwards.
I'm intrigued as well. Does anybody know the weight of the CXL or other leathers that Rancourt typically uses? It would be nice to compare them. Some of these look quite thick and I would be apprehensive about using something that thick on certain makeups.
My Southwick shirts are set to be delivered today. If the USPS website shows them being dropped off before lunch time, I'm half-tempted to go home for lunch just so I can check them out that much sooner...
5 miles on the dot. I was stepping right back onto my driveway when the app on my phone chimed in. I had originally wanted to do about 10 but just didn't feel like getting out of bed.
New Posts  All Forums: