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I have not received anything from my order yet. I'm waiting on three sportcoats and a suit.
^ This.I have a handful of cotton-silk neckties and bow ties that I've gotten from a local store and eBay over the years and wish I had more. They have a great texture to them that lets them fit in perfectly with heavy flannels and tweeds in the fall and winter as well as with lighter hopsack, linen, madras, tropical wool, and cotton in the spring and summer. They hold up much better over the long run compared to 100% cotton ties, and, most importantly for me, don't look...
If the pants were just about an inch more in the waist, I could probably make the sit work. Maybe I should use this as motivation to lose a couple inches from my waist?(I type this as I sit here and drink my large caramel macchiato and eat a cheese danish...)
@EP Sam - Awesome news on the TO Tie Guy Boot. I'm looking forward to mine. For future orders, I'd love to see a brown alpine grain LHS loafer.
4 miles on the treadmill this morning.
This looks insanely awesome as a suit!
Like others, I have not had any issues selling to new buyers on here. There was one occasion where I was selling something a bit more expensive than my typical items and the buyer had a spammy sound name and username so I asked if they had activity on any other forums. They were a frequent poster on WUS with plenty of positive feedback over there so my worries were eased.
I too would be interested in them.
Thank you. My reading comprehension has been lacking lately.
If comfort is what you want, you will definitely get it with these soles. I have the snuff suede version they recently posted and love them. I've only had them a few weeks but I have been surprised with how often I've been wearing them in that time.
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