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I have an Eidos suit that I got through NMWA (this one here) in a size 50 that just needed a little letting out in the waist/skirt area to fit pretty darn good (the shoulders fit great but there was definitely no extra room up there). I want to get in on the Field Jacket pre-orders. I'd like my Field Jacket to fit a little bit looser than I wear my suits. Any advice on whether I should go with my typical 50 or size up to the 52? The difference in the shoulder width is...
Do the original fit Rivets have a slightly higher rise than the current model? I thought the newer ones had the higher rise but the measurements on the site show the older ones with the higher rise.
Very nice looking.I've been wanting an NST in snuff suede for a while but this is making me give the milkshake suede another look.
After all the talk of the EFF stuff starting to ship already, I got home from work yesterday and when I pulled into the driveway I saw a box on my porch. I was excited to walk out onto the porch and get the box... until I realized it was just a changing table for the coming baby. It was nearly the exact same size and shape as those boxes Southwick uses. When I came back inside my wife asked me why I was in such a hurry to get the package off the porch and the she...
Very good to know! There's a Kinkos smack dab halfway between my office and my home.
@Epaulet - The photos of the EFF boxes already arriving makes me wonder if it's possible to request delivery without signature from Southwick? When I miss the delivery it's sometimes a pain to get them to come back and an equal pain to get to the FedEx place to pick it up myself.
I've never had a set added but last year I bought a pair of cap toes from somebody that had added toe taps and I'll say that they do not change the comfort of the shoe while walking (and I walk on hard surfaces a lot) and they do indeed seem to add some durability to the sole, especially for people like me who really push off on their toes while the walk. I have a couple pair of shoes that are getting close to needing a re-sole and I think I will probably add taps to them.
Awesome news! The two MTO suits I ordered in the start of the fall came in very quickly (about a month) and it's nice to hear this round of EFF is coming in quickly too. It sounds like Southwick has some really fast turnaround now.Maybe I'll have time to wear the heavier EFF stuff I ordered before the winter ends here in Detroit.
That email address is usually answered pretty quickly, but you may want to email it again as maybe your message got lost in the typical weekend shuffle. The other method that usually gets answered pretty quickly is to message them here on StyleForum.
Looks like they're online now and there are some fantastic options available. I really like the silk-linen-cotton blend windowpanes.
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