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In my experience, Epaulet's shirts are a bit smaller all around than New England Shirt Company, it's especially noticeable through the chest and armholes. I can take some measurements, but all of my Epaulet shirts are a few years old now and have been washed countless times so I doubt my measurements would be close to what they are new.
After a 47 day run streak (my longest ever) I took a much needed day of rest yesterday. I managed to log 313.8 miles during my streak with an average of 6.7 miles a day and a long of 14.2. I was right back at it this morning with another 6.3 miles. One of my final runs was a nice 7+ miles with much of it along the shore of the southern end of Lake Huron.
I am the same with not wanting to be too matchy-matchy but I do have a "peanut" suede belt from Rancourt that is very close to the the snuff suede and I will wear it with my snuff suede footwear. The colors are not exact, but they are pretty darn close.
4.3 miles this morning back on the treadmill.
8.5 miles this morning at an 8:10 pace which is much faster than I normally run before 6:00 a.m. Fresh month fresh legs? I'm chalking it up to the fact that I went for a short walk last night about 20 minutes before bed so I woke up a bit more loosened up than usual
19,546.1 + 180.1 = 19,726.2
I did 13.5 yesterday morning and 3.2 today. Both runs were extremely muggy. I was supposed to do an evening 5k yesterday but it was so muggy, and I was having too much fun hanging out with my daughter so I sat it out and stayed home instead. Tomorrow morning is looking to be another muggy run but then some relief is in the forecast. I was hoping to get 200 miles again this month but that doesn't look like it's in the cards. I'd need to put in a 20 miler after work tonight.
9.1 miles this morning
If you already have ceiling fans in some of the rooms, I would advise against putting recessed lighting in above them as it can cause a horribly annoying strobe light effect if both the fan and the lights are on simultaneously.
I was out about the same time for 8.5 miles but I don't I don't think we had much rain over night, although when I checked the radar before stepping out it looked like we should have been in the middle of a downpour. It was definitely humid again though, that's for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: