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Can you tell me where you got these? I had been looking for the exact make-up back in the spring and was unable to find a pair.I'm generally a 7.5. If you are seriously considering letting go of your spot on the pre-order it might be worth checking with Epaulet to see if it's not too late to change sizes in case there is somebody who wants your spot.Yeah - what @JR Magat said. Cool shoes, and Leather Healer is generally a great seller (especially for Tricker's in my...
How about a choco suede Olmstead? I'd be interested in more choco suede in general.
I cannot think of a pre-order I was sadder to have missed out on. I'm in for the #8 Alt Wien boot whenever that comes in, but I'd trade it for the shoe any day of the week.
I have a code for $50 off one pair of shoes (not valid on seconds, Island Sandals, or SWIMS) through their website or by calling. The coupon is only good for one use through the 23rd. I am not planning to use it. Send me a PM if somebody here wants it.
Jerk. I just sold my Blumo last week and now you're making me rethink my decision. If it gets down to the $345, I may just have to pick it up again.
I wanted to give a shout-out and thumbs up to Epaulet for their customer service. I recently went to put on one of my belts that I got from them and realized one of the Chicago screws that hold the belt loop on had somehow worked itself free and was lost. After searching around the floor of my closet and bedroom to no avail, I had resigned myself to having to take it to my local cobbler to get it repaired. On a whim I decided to contact Epaulet and see if I could purchase...
It might be helpful to know what boots you currently have that you don't care for with the trousers in question to give us an idea of what you don't like.I have a few pair of boots that I find work really well with my casual trousers and also don't look too out of place with dress trousers: black shell chukka boot, #8 wingtip boot, alpine grain wingtip boot. I know there are many folks who wouldn't agree with any boots with a dress trouser but it rarely bothers me. Maybe...
My general rule for a pair of Aldens that may sell out soon is to never worry about the sole or the edge. If you buy them and wear them a while and decide you don't like the sole, you can always get them swapped out by most any capable cobbler. Sure, you may not be able to get them refurbished by Alden themselves after changing the style of the sole but hey, at least you've got the boots you wanted!
@aldenfan There's no specific type of cuff I asked for other than the width I wanted. I'm not an expert but I think hemming trousers with a cuff is a pretty standard operation for a tailor, it's when you are hemming without a cuff that you might get concerned with what type of stitch you want to use. I don't have any photos of mine, but I imagine if you search this thread (or the massive "What are you wearing today" threads on the Classic Menswear side of the forum) for...
I have the same trousers from a couple of seasons ago and mine have about 2" cuffs with only the tiniest break and I think they look pretty good. As long as they are tailored nicely and are not puddling up around your ankles, I think you'll be fine with anything from an inch and a half up to two inches. I don't know if I would go any wider than 2" unless maybe it was a very boldly patterned trouser (or I was significantly taller).
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