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Bloomfield Hills Trader Joe's?
Maiden voyage for my black shell Leffot naval boots (well, except for the 30 minutes I wore them around the house and to pick my daughter up from school a couple days ago) from their most recent shipment. This is actually my second time owning these - I had a pair a couple of years ago but kept them in the closet for close to a year without ever taking them out of the box so I parted ways with them... only to immediately regret the decision. When Leffot offered a preorder...
I personally think @SteveH35 should go away and stop posting too. Not because I don't appreciate his contributions but because he posts stuff like this:... and then I end up drooling all over my keyboard and it's a big mess!Today's choice is my trusty quartz Seiko Tuna. I've had this a few years and while there isn't much love for quartz here, sometimes the convenience is a great perk.I know a lot of folks despise the look and the bulk of the Tuna but thanks to the...
That shirt is gorgeous and I've been looking around for a less casual chambray. How are the sizing on these Inglese shirts? The measurements on the site make it seem like these run a bit large? Would a 39 or 40 generally equate to a medium?
I'd like to shout out to @gdl203 and the No Man Walks Alone crew. The suit and tie I won in the auction earlier this week have already arrived! Who knows, if I get it to the the tailor this afternoon like I hope to, I may have it back and ready to wear before these auctions are all done for the year.
Black shell naval boots have arrived at Leffot!
I thought the same thing.I have a pair of color #8 ranger moccs that I have worn frequently over the past 4 or 5 years and they are now really starting to lighten up (quite beautifully, IMO) especially in certain spots. If I were wearing them today I'd grab a couple photos.
Hmmm... I'm always in the market for another good suit. $1,100
Negatory. It was a young (well, younger than me so younger than late 30's) black guy with very short hair.This brings up an interesting question I often wonder about: I work with statistics and maps so these are the types of things I wonder about - Do you folks at Epaulet ever take the ZIP Codes of all the customers that make online orders and throw them up on a map and see if there are places you wouldn't expect that have a disproportionately high number of customers? Who...
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