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I love the higher rise but I would prefer a standard tab closure. This closure seems a bit gimmicky to me.
That would be an epic coat. I may need to get something similar.
Thanks for the link. "Buy it now" clicked! I've never bought from Unipair but I actually did a trade with one of their employees (I have no idea how big the store is so maybe it was the owner?) and it worked out very smoothly. My biggest concern whenever I get something from an overseas seller is import fees and duties. I was hit with nothing on our end. Unipair even through in a really nice shoe brush and shoe horn and some other stuff. I wouldn't hesitate buying from...
Anybody have a link to those $2,500 Color 4 PTBs on eBay? I'm curious to look but cannot seem to find them.
Welcome to StyleForum! I had always been impressed with the Ring Jacket stuff that I would see in photos from The Armoury in the past and when checking stockists on your site was surprised to see there is one here in Michigan, A.K. Rikk's, in Grand Rapids. I had never heard of that store before but now might use wanting to check out some Ring Jacket offerings as an excuse to make a trip over to the other side of the state.
Thanks for the input everybody. I thought about going the short-sleeved route and I think it would make a really sweet short-sleeved shirt and I might just have enough space in the bicep to do so. Thankfully, I sized up when I bought this. I have a pretty skilled tailor available to me (he actually did a lot of the custom suiting and women's dresses for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie that was filmed here) so I'm going to get his opinion. If he doesn't think I have...
Anybody else experience any issues with the handwoven Guatemalan shirt? It was such a cool piece and I got so many compliments on it the few times I wore it but It started to unravel next to the gauntlets on both sleeves after just the second washing. @Epaulet has made it right, so no worries there, but now I still have the shirt and am trying to decide if I should take it to a tailor, a re-weaver, or the trashcan. Thoughts?
I agree with @Disco Volante that the reverse chamois is as tough as nails. IMO, the only thing Alden makes that's more durable is their "kudu", but I think the reverse chamois is much nicer looking in just about every aspect.
This will be my 4th time running the MCM but I'm just not feeling it this year, I'll be struggling to beat 4 hours. I do however always look forward to my trips to DC - my best friend lives down there and just got a new place in Takoma Park that I want to see and I've always got a bunch of friends from my time in the Marine Corps who come into town for the marathon. And to bring it back to the topic of Alden shoes - I always make a point to check in at the Alden store and...
Well, you know Windsor is down south of Detroit, so you can get away with a lighter jacket down there.
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