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@Epaulet - What ever happended to the Hertling sample sale that were similar to the Rudy fit (I believe it was called the "Como" or something like that)?
Ahhh. I live just east of the Bloomfield Hills one and stop by there every couple of weeks to pick up some sort of snack for my desk.Let's hear it for the Great Lake State! Maybe we can get enough support out here that @Epaulet will come to Motown for a mobile trunk show sometime. And to keep this on track here's some brown Rudys that I got a couple of years ago. It was a FF or Ends for Friends and I forget exactly what the material is but they are probably the softest...
Bloomfield Hills Trader Joe's?
Maiden voyage for my black shell Leffot naval boots (well, except for the 30 minutes I wore them around the house and to pick my daughter up from school a couple days ago) from their most recent shipment. This is actually my second time owning these - I had a pair a couple of years ago but kept them in the closet for close to a year without ever taking them out of the box so I parted ways with them... only to immediately regret the decision. When Leffot offered a preorder...
I personally think @SteveH35 should go away and stop posting too. Not because I don't appreciate his contributions but because he posts stuff like this:... and then I end up drooling all over my keyboard and it's a big mess!Today's choice is my trusty quartz Seiko Tuna. I've had this a few years and while there isn't much love for quartz here, sometimes the convenience is a great perk.I know a lot of folks despise the look and the bulk of the Tuna but thanks to the...
That shirt is gorgeous and I've been looking around for a less casual chambray. How are the sizing on these Inglese shirts? The measurements on the site make it seem like these run a bit large? Would a 39 or 40 generally equate to a medium?
I'd like to shout out to @gdl203 and the No Man Walks Alone crew. The suit and tie I won in the auction earlier this week have already arrived! Who knows, if I get it to the the tailor this afternoon like I hope to, I may have it back and ready to wear before these auctions are all done for the year.
Black shell naval boots have arrived at Leffot!
New Posts  All Forums: