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Congrats on the new home! I have no experience replacing windows on my own (though I do have a couple broken window panes so maybe I should learn?) but the most recent issue of This Old House magazine had a write-up on doing just that for the DIY type.
I'm taller than you, but still slightly below average height and prefer a higher rise as I think it makes my legs look a bit longer and taller overall. I always feel like shorter rise trousers or jeans make me look like my legs are really stumpy and oddly elongates my torso.
A coworker has some magnets on one of his filing cabinets but I never really paid much attention to what was on them until today: I need these.
I want to feel like this is a trainwreck too, but something about it works for me. I don't think I could make it work but the outfits you post up on here make it seem like you definitely have the swagger to pull it off.
Also, how tall was the guy that they cast as The Mountain? The angled shots of him and never showing him straight on when talking to Cersei made it seem pretty obvious that he was much shorter than he should be. Either of the actors that they had playing him in season 1 or 2 would have been better.
Very nice. I don't see many Junkers but they always catch my eye when I do.
Note to self: Never speak my name in the presence of Arya Stark.
A speedy 5k this morning in support of a local high school orchestra. I came in first in my age group and 10th overall. I've discovered that when I race against a bunch of middle school and high school band kids, I do pretty well. I may have found my ideal opponents! I ran 3 miles to get to the 5k and then another 3 miles to get home so just a bit over 9 miles total.
I don't wear black shoes that often but this is really making me want to get another pair.
I had the Leffot black Naval boots from the last go-round but ended up selling them unused as I just don't wear black often enough to justify the cost and the space they were taking up in my closet. I noticed that the 7.5E in the color #8 was gone from the presale in about 3 minutes... thankfully I managed to get in though. I suspect that whoever suggested that Leffot might order only one pair in most of the "common" sizes and the presale on the site was limited to just...
New Posts  All Forums: