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Gorgeous!I've got a pair coming in from the Ends for Friends as well. I was planning on putting them in the closet before having them tailored next fall but this is making me rethink that decision.
I've thought about it and I always tell myself that if I ever sell all the ones I have listed here (plus a few more in my closets that I never wear) and clear out some space before the stuff from LS is available, I'll go ahead and buy the plain toe boot through AoC. That one in particular has been calling my name a bit harder lately.
Good question. Every retailer seems to be a bit different whether you are locked in at a price or not. I know Context and Leffot will lock you in at the price that the model is on the day they place the pre-order whereas I believe Epaulet does not. I'm not sure about LeatherSoul. FWIW I've just passed the two year mark on a couple pre-orders from LS (#8 Pitt Boot and #8 shortwing) with no delivery date in site. Thankfully, I only put $100 down on each one and I'm willing...
I'm not Polish, not even Catholic (I'm about as WASPy as they come) but Metropolitan Detroit has an absolutely MASSIVE Polish population and has since the mid 1800s. The city of Hamtramck, which is completely surrounded by Detroit, has been a landing point for Polish (and Kashubian) immigrants for generations and Detroit and Hamtramck both have some of the oldest Polish Catholic churches in the country - St. Joseph was founded in the 1850s as a German Roman Catholic church...
I had these AWWs repaired by Alden for a defect a couple of years ago and just now noticed that the footbed now says "Alden Restoration" on them. No complaints, just a silly observation.
I'm not really a fan of the TruBalance but that Ironside is an awesome makeup indeed.
Gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that the same loafers are on my feet today.
Mac always disappears this time of year. I am quite sure he mention on here somewhere that he works in public accounting which would make sense considering how often I saw my wife this time of year when she worked in public accounting.
I always go for suspenders if I am wearing a suit, and wear them about half the time if I am wearing a sportcoat. I agree that they are much more comfortable than a belt. My wife says she may need to put her foot down when I start wearing suspenders with just a pair of chinos around the house.
From Unionmade:
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