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Gorgeous watch. I have the MKII Nassau but I love the watch they did for Epaulet even more. I've been watching WatchRecon religiously for one (or a Sea Fighter) to pop up somewhere
I'll play. $900
Well, I was about 8 seconds too slow.So.....$600 for the Vibergs
$500 to the Viberg
I'm waiting on a blue tweed
7.7 miles for me tonight
This has some serious potential.
I use RunKeeper and the majority of my runs are in Metro Detroit, so even if I am in the forest or a big park, I still get pretty good GPS reception. I've noticed in the past that if I turn off the WiFi, there is a bit less interference and that helps out. If I run in the few very hilly areas, or right in downtown Detroit near all the big buildings, the GPS can lose it's signal (same goes for if I run at the beach house on Lake Huron because the phone will bounce signals...
Back to the auction at hand... er... foot? $1,400.
I won a free entry into the 2015 Düsseldorf Marathon. Now it's time to start watching airfares. Thankfully, I have until the middle of February to decide.
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