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^ Thanks for the response. Order placed!
@NewYorkIslander - I received the email for the pre-order for the shirts and they look great but I didn't see an anticipated delivery time frame. If these are "the ultimate summer BBQ shirt", before I place an order I want to make sure that I would have them before summer BBQ season ends.
The vintage air force and the cotton linen blends are fantastic looking. Must resist!Me too... but for different reasons. If your ever in Detroit, I can take you on a tour of the best spots for ice cream!
After learning those details, I'd say your level of disgust was warranted.
You left out the important details of where the event was, what time of day, what was the weather like, and were there formal invitations sent out.While I agree that your male cousins don't sound too well kitted out for a party, calling it a disgrace if it were a backyard afternoon BBQ in 90ยบ heat when Aunt Shirley had just called and invited everybody over the day before is a different situation than if it were an evening cocktail party at the local golf and racquet club...
After the Hound killing off the folks from the Brotherhood Without Banners, the highlight of the episode was probably Greyworm telling Missandei that, "That was the worst joke I ever heard!"
Neither did the ax after chopping a bunch of wood.
I don't think you can go wrong with either of the Seikos. They both wear really well. Personally, I never liked those Kinetic GMTs because they always seemed too busy for me but they have been growing on me and might make a perfect summertime pool and beach watch.I think you made a good call on avoiding the Citizen. I've handled that particular model and was blown away with how big and heavy it is in person. The proportions definitely do not seem to work in its favor IMO.
I agree. While there wasn't much action in this episode, I thought it was one of the better and more interesting ones of the season so far.
Will this mean Coldhands will be making an appearance in the show?(Though I know he was supposed to help them get to the tree instead of escaping from it)
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