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My vote is the longwing. I like the look of the shell chukka in pictures but not on my feet. Alden generally (always?) uses the Barrie last for their shell chukkas, and although I am usually a fan of the Barrie, I just don't think it works for the chukka.
Welcome to the forum and great choice of avatar.I bought a copy of Pacific Ocean Blue at a used record store years ago and and when I got it home and took a closer look, I found that somebody had stuffed a clipping from a Seattle newspaper from his drowning. It was an interesting piece of ephemera to find in a record sleeve.
I think there has got to be some sort of law of diminishing returns on how cold the cold feels when it gets this cold.I'm in Birmngham and it was -18º this morning and my boots where actually frozen to a small puddle of water in my heated garage.But I went running outside (before hitting up the steam room at the gym for 20 minutes) and it really wasn't all that bad... of course the only exposed portion of my body was my eyes and everything else was covered by at least two...
Gorgeous!I know how you feel about the cold boots!I'm wearing these boots today, along with some Epaulet moleskins, and I had them in the garage the past few days.Well, it was -18ºF (not to mention some ungodly windchill) when I woke up this morning and went out to the garage to get these boots to put in my gym bag. There is a drain in our floor that the humidifier empties into and apparently the drain had frozen somewhere underground overnight and a little bit of water...
Leather Soul choco suede tankers today. Easily my favorite suede boots that I've owned and possibly my favorite shoes/boots overall.
They were indeed #8 and on the Barrie last. I cannot recall the rest of the details (and the blog post has since been removed from their site (I think it went up in January 2013)) but I think they were basically the same make-up as the picture that you posted.
I did 8 mile Monday morning with the temp at -12º and then 5 more this morning with them temp at -18º (these are Fahrenheit temps folks! ). Both days I decided to drive to the gym and use that as my starting and stopping point so I could jump right into the steam room afterwards. Next time I do that I might take my bathing suit so I can go into the hot tub for a while instead. This morning when I got into the locker room and started to undress I noticed that I had ice...
LS took a pre-order for another round of those in January 2013 which I am in on. I contacted them in 2014 to see the status and there was no end date in site. I imagine some of the folks who were in on the pre-order may have backed out by now so it might be worth checking with LS if they have any spots open in case these do ever arrive.At this point, I'm looking at my various pre-order deposits that I have floating around as a sort of Alden futures market.
Gorgeous!I've got a pair coming in from the Ends for Friends as well. I was planning on putting them in the closet before having them tailored next fall but this is making me rethink that decision.
I've thought about it and I always tell myself that if I ever sell all the ones I have listed here (plus a few more in my closets that I never wear) and clear out some space before the stuff from LS is available, I'll go ahead and buy the plain toe boot through AoC. That one in particular has been calling my name a bit harder lately.
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