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I know they have that on their MTO web site now but it's really of such minimal bother to me that I would have never even thought to consider it back when I ordered these. These days, if I were ordering a pair through the MTO program, I would probably give it a shot with the two different sizes though.
These are actually an "E" width and I have that problem anytime I wear loafers, which is one reason I wear them so sparingly. My right foot is significantly wider than my left foot and fills out the "E" width perfectly, but that means my left foot always has a bit of extra space on the sides. When I first got these, there was a bit of slipping but as they've broken in that is no longer a problem. I think if I had gone with a "D" width, my left foot would feel fine but my...
I got in 5 miles this morning. It was a heatwave at 45º at 4:45 a.m.! It's now already down to about 38º and we are supposed to get about 5 more inches of snow tonight. Just when I thought I'd finally be able to see my lawn again...
I'll also give a thumbs up to Frans Boone. I've purchased 3 or 4 pair of Alden from them with the Plaza Indy being the most recent. Previously, I was always hit with import fees via UPS but they've begun noting on the outside of the package that the boots/shoes were made in the USA and there were no extra or unexpected fees from UPS this time around. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
These were my first custom make-ups from Rancourt a bit more than 2 years ago. I've worn them sparingly but I've vowed to get much more use out of them this spring and summer. Navy shell cordovan beefroll penny loafers
8.6 miles before work this morning.
I put in 10.4 miles yesterday afternoon and with the sun out and no breeze it was actually pleasant. It was in the mid 30s so it was my warmest run in a while. I did however try running across a snowy field and discovered that the snow was much deeper than I anticipated and sunk in up to my waist a few times. Like an idiot I tried to continue powering through it rather than turn back and go back to the trail. It was slow going and my thighs were killing me at the end but...
I try to go to the gym on my days off from running and get some time in with the weights, working on my core, possibly a spin class depending on my schedule, and then relaxing in the steam room for a while. If I could go and just sit in the steam room for an hour without feeling like a weirdo, I'd do that.If I'm taking a day off of running on the weekends, I usually will go for a long, leisurely walk (about 7 miles). I don't think I do that so much for the exercise...
I like the idea of a waxed version and when I saw the Doyle, my mind instantly thought of "Filson" so I think you are definitely on to something Frank. I think the stiff duck canvas would lend itself to waxing very well.
@Epaulet I came to the thread to complain about the lack of a picture of the Doyle jacket with somebody actually wearing it on the Epaulet website but see you guys already took care of that here. Very cool looking jacket. I wasn't in the market for any more outerwear for the spring but may have to change my mind.
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