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^ That's gorgeous. I've seen some really stunning pictures of the new Seiko Presage watches lately.
I'd love to see a brown alpine grain or country calf LHS.These are a sample that The Shoemart had a year+ ago but unfortunately nothing ever became of them. I've been after a pair like this for a couple of years now.
I got the olive cross hatch and absolutely love them. I think I probably wore them more frequently than any other trousers last summer and fall once they arrived. I wish I would have ordered the khaki.
I was never really interested in the Bumfreezer until I saw these two fits. I wish my size were still available.Both of these look awesome!
@Epaulet - The Teba jacket looks pretty rad and I think the length looks about right. Ideally, I'd like to see it with a significantly wider lapel though.
I think I was the one who requested the breast pocket and though I'd love to see it there, that shawl collar fleece is awesome enough without it that I'd happily purchase either way.
Is that a flannel popover? If so, very cool!What is that jacket? Looks like some sort of heavy double breasted windowpane?
If the tagged size is 42, the true size is 40. If the tagged size is 44, the true size of the sweater is 42.FWIW, I am a 41 or 42 in all of my Southwick sports coats and my Lockie sweater tagged size 44 fits me perfectly. I'm wearing it today as a matter of fact.
When the snow and the slush and the rain comes (like it does frequently this time of year) I am much more likely to wear my shell boots or shoes, especially color #8 or black, than calf. In my experience, the shell holds up much much better than the calf and any water spts that get left on the shell tend to dry/fade away much more quickly. I don't have much ravello or whiskey shell but those ones I tend not to wear as frequently since the water spots are more noticeable on...
For around the $100 mark I'd definitely be all over that! I agree with Duke Silver though that I'd prefer it without the buttons on the pockets, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker. What are the odds of throwing a patch pocket up on the chest?
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