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Some great stuff indeed. I grabbed the split-toe Carminas. I'd been thinking about trying a pair of Carminas for a while now and this was just the little push that I needed.
4.5 miles this morning in absolutely perfect running weather: Low 50s, no wind, no humidity, and the sun just starting to rise. Last year somebody here posted up a link about using hex head sheet metal screws in the bottoms of your shoes so that's what I did this past winter and they worked pretty well. However, for 100% snow and ice, I may have to go with one of those shoes made specifically for the conditions.
The other night I was watching a documentary on Mackinac Island in the winter. My new goal is to run across the roughly 3 mile ice bridge that forms during (most) winters between St. Ignace and the Island. This may be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever had and I may never actually go through with it, but it sounds interesting in my head.
GRRM as Coldhands and Coldhands finishes the series?
5.9 miles this morning. Apparently today is National Running Day. I celebrated by kicking off my training plan for the Air Force Marathon in September. My goal is 3 hours 25 minutes.
They look great. I think leaving off the leather towards the tip of the shoes is a wise decision. I've had more than one pair of Alden with crepe soles go back to the factory to be re-soled at their expense because that leather piece begins falling apart and the stitching starts to unravel right where the leather meets the crepe.
18,303.6 + 201.0 = 18,504.6
That is the ultimate summer, backyard BBQ shirt. I love it!
In the books, the descriptions of the physical descriptions of many of the Unsullied do often sound like those of Varys.
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