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The last thing I need is another suit (or jacket) and I was planning to sit this round out but $795 for a MTO suit might make it hard to do resist!
4.5 miles yesterday in the snow. It wasn't snowing hard but it was blowing around a lot and really stinging my eyes. I wanted to get in at least a couple more miles but the pain was unbearable. I need to find where I left the clear lenses for my sunglasses.
Living in Metro Detroit I normally see Ontario plates all over the place near our shopping areas and restaurants. Not so much these last few months.
Too small for me but I saw the tag and had to say, "Hey! That store is down the street from me!"I'm easily amused.I'll pass on the amusement in the form of 10% off any of my for sale items whether they were featured in this thread or not as long as you mention "razl".
I've had that happen once in a while but not too often.
I got mine from Gnome Watches. I believe I recall reading that this release is only available through them.
Speaking of Steinhart, I just picked up the Ocean One Vintage Maxi. I received mine last Thursday and am wearing it right now. So far, I am very pleased. The lume is pretty good (not my best, but definitely better than average) but the colors of the dial are the real strong point - they really pop while still giving it that "vintage" look. This is my first Steinhart but I've handled a friend's before and was very impressed with the quality of the finish of his so...
Next time I have the house to myself, I'll get a family photo. When I bring out all of my shoes at once, my wife rolls her eyes so much that she's liable to start cramping up.
I'm glad to see the thread split and like that it's going to be a new thread each year. I started off 2016 by doing a little bit of maintenance on my tankers and PTBs last night while I watch football. All that work and then I ended up wearing suede to the office this morning.
These are a pair of MTO Rancourt Beefroll Loafers in navy blue shell cordovan Leather sole Natural edge Size 8.0E $350 $325 $300 Shipped CONUS
New Posts  All Forums: