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I'm glad to hear that the weather is nice and warm down there right now. It was 8º in Detroit this morning when I went out for my run and I am ready for our annual 2 or 3 weeks in South Florida (on the other side of the state though) in the end of February and start of March. I will not be packing any tweed.
Great year-end total but I kicked your ass. 1,744.4. 1.7 miles (or 0.097% of our yearly totals) counts as an ass kicking right?I got in 6.1 miles for my first outdoor run of the year today. It was 8º but there was no windchill to speak of and not much snow on the ground so really not bad at all. We've been lucky in the snow department so far this season compared to last so I am not going to complain.Last year I had a goal of 2,014 miles but I obviously missed it. Looking...
Great looking trousers. I agree that the fabric they are using for the tweed trousers is super soft. I have a pair of the navy tweeds from the current offerings and was really surprised how soft they are, especially compared to other tweeds I have. Today I'm wearing a pair of black tweed trousers from a local shop that, judging by the tags I suspect are made at the same factory that Epaulet uses and these things are much more coarse than the Epaulets (I had the same...
What fit were your trousers in? If they were Walt or Rudy I might be interested.
22,401.5 + 79.3 (November) + 190.4 (December) = 22,671.2
Gorgeous watch. I have the MKII Nassau but I love the watch they did for Epaulet even more. I've been watching WatchRecon religiously for one (or a Sea Fighter) to pop up somewhere
I'll play. $900
Well, I was about 8 seconds too slow.So.....$600 for the Vibergs
$500 to the Viberg
I'm waiting on a blue tweed
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