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Has anybody here read the Tales of Dunk and Egg books? Are they worth the time?
Fueco - What's the elevation and/or climb out there? I want to go run one of those races out there with gorgeous scenery and a higher overall elevation but some of the climbs I've seen scare me! lol I got in a bit over 8 miles this morning and found this guy in the high school parking lot down the street from my house. He's now guarding my flower garden.
I ran a half marathon on Saturday. It was my first in about 7 months and my longest run of the year so far (I believe). After slacking tapering since the temps dropped back in the winter I was not expecting anything great but managed to keep my pace in the 8:00/mile - 8:06/mile range so I was definitely pleased. 6.5 miles slower this morning.
In for the pre-order on the snuff suede boots.
I remember there were some interviews with GRRM talking about how there were going to be some significant deaths in the show this year that weren't in the books. I guess Selmy was one of them. Even though the show now seems to have totally diverged from the books with last night's episode I still liked the episode.
Every time I refresh the Epaulet website my bank account takes a hit.
What's up with the Alden preorder?
And so it begins...
The shorts look great but can you tell me if they are button fly or zip fly? I didn't see that on descriptions.
I've bought a few JDM Seikos from Japanese sellers, ranging from about $500 up to about $2,000 and the only one that ever got hit with duties was my Alpinist SARB017. I think I had to pay about $25 to USPS (I don't recall the exact amount).
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