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I've had this sitting in my cart for about 4 days now. Maybe it's time to pull the trigger?
I really like the SRPB09 and if I didn't already have an older titanium SBDA003, I would have been interested. My only complaints with the new SRPB09 are that they didn't stick with the sword hand for the hour hand and the addition of the giant Prospex "X" logo on the face.
I had been debating that Valstar one but I've got so much outerwear as it is that I couldn't justify that price and didn't want to wait on a preorder anyway. This one will be great.
Thanks for the sizing advice guys. After all you guys chimed in and I got an email from Mike, I'm going to go with the 52. I think it should work out perfectly.
Can you guys comment on the fit for the blouson? I typically order a 41 in the Southwick stuff and the Individualized shirts in an XL fit me best across the shoulders and chest. Would you recommend the 52 for the blouson?
Thank you. That is definitely helpful. I think I'll go with my initial instinct and get the XL.
I know these sizing questions have been asked a hundred times before, so hate asking again, but... I am going to order an NR Bumfreezer and am trying to size it correctly. From NMWA I have the hooded Valstar waxed cotton parka in a 52 and it fits pretty great through the chest and shoulders, giving me enough room to wear it comfortably over a lighter suit jacket or sport coat or the heaviest of sweaters. The chest and shoulders show measurements of 125 cm and 49.5 cm,...
I think I want one of everything from the NR pre-order. Can I just set up a direct deposit to NMWA since it looks like that will be where all my money goes this year anyway. Decisions, decisions.
^ You have me rethinking my potential order. That looks great!
There are a few of the printed fabrics that I've got my eye on that I think I would get them with no pockets and either the artisan collar or the compact point. There was a conversation here earlier regarding asking for French plackets and though that's not generally my style, I think these printed fabrics would look pretty good with that. It seems like these shirts would really benefit from that clean look.Any linen/cotton plaid shirts or pure linens I order will likely...
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