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JB - Congrats on the 50k finish! The first time I attempted a 50k my buddy and I quit halfway through out of boredom and went to the bar. The second time I tried one I wanted to quit out of boredom again but toughed it out and went off course for a few miles to mix things up (it was a very informal 50k). My third 50k was where I was finally able to finish without considering dropping out. It took audiobooks to make it tolerable. I think if I ever run another one, it will...
And that's just for one shoe! I will never understand the art world.
Well, to put an end to the confusion, I just ordered the 44611H from TSM. We shall see if they are indeed brown. Damn enablers.
OK, I'm confused now. lolSo the 44614H is what you now have and that's the burgundy?
The ones they have on the site are listed as "Brown" and appear as the Alpine Grain when you click on the larger picture. I was assuming these were the same ones that you had bought and the member you bought them from was just carrying on with TSM's mis-labeling of the color?http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_5_eyelet_wing_tip_boot_brown/pvc-ald-mxsbd-44611h_ald_m_5_eyelet_wing_tip_boot.html
It looks like they have a pretty good stock of them in most sizes right now on their site.
From Unionmade? I would expect a 0% discount. I think I recall seeing posts on here before that when folks receive damaged goods from them the options are to return for a refund or just keep them - like it or lump it. Personally, I'd like to see a 20% refund and shipping refunded but would probably be happy with a 10% refund and shipping refunded. Or maybe a 20% discount and free shipping on a future order from them.Good luck!
Every time my wife grabs my phone and has to scroll through a hundred pics of my shoes to find a picture of our daughter, I can actually feel her eyes rolling evening if I'm not looking at her.
I'm usually one of the ones that would say, "Meh. You're gonna beat them up anyways," but these just have too many problems going on with them to suggest keeping them unless Unionmade is willing to give you a partial refund.
This makes me miss the Alpine WingtipBoot by AC that Leather Soul did a few years back. Of all the shoes and boots I've bought and sold, that's the only one I truly regret parting ways with.
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