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Did you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrim?
Close enough! I don't know how I missed those. I must have scrolled right past them in the feed. Now I just need for them to actually hit TSM's website.
I have some linen/cotton trousers (from Lands End of all places) with a similar composition to what Epaulet is offering and they hold up pretty well to a days wear without getting terribly wrinkly, much much much less wrinkly than 100% linen trousers. If you hit them with the steamer or iron the the wrinkles come out pretty quickly too and they can hold a crease throughout the day. I imagine that the Epaulet version will hold up even better than the Lands End ones I have.
Does anybody know of a retailer offering a LHS with the alpine grain leather? I don't think I've ever seen one but I would definitely be interested in such a makeup. I'm looking at you @Epaulet!
Agreed.I told myself no more trousers but some of those are superb, especially that Java fresco.It looks like The Epaulet crew is in the process of putting up some new "English Drill Cloth" options as well. I'm anxiously refreshing the page waiting for them to fix the text to tell me more about it. I have an itchy trigger finger.
Time mainly, but both really. As long as the bristles on your brush aren't overly stiff, you should be able to put quite a bit of pressure on the boots while brushing without doing any damage.
I have the same boots and have worn them hard over the past few years and mine get looking pretty beat-up every now and then. I think that's part of the appeal/problem with whiskey shell is that it will show every scuff, scratch, stain, and piece of dirt. But that just adds to the eventual patina.The best thing I've found to get mine cleaned up is a tiny bit of water and a lot of elbow grease with the horsehair brush. After that I'll apply a very light amount of neautral...
@Epaulet - Since you're killing it with the Alden make-ups lately, I have a suggestion for a future one that I'd love to see: alpine grain unlined LHS. I don't think I've seen any of the usual retailers offer any alpine grain loafer but I love it as an a dressier alternative to CXL and think it could be pretty cool as a loafer.
Gorgeous. I wish I would have called TSM when they were still showing a 7.5 on the site to see if it was for real.
7 slow miles this morning. It was awfully cold out there. I'm definitely ready for Florida in a few weeks.
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