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This was my first thought as well. If not this, than the LHS.
All this talk about NYC and Toronto rent and square footage makes me glad to be living in Flyover Country.
This.I actually prefer the sleeves on my sweaters long specifically so that I can cuff them.
I was wondering the same thing. I placed an order with LS back in 2012 and am still waiting for that delivery to come in. I would have been upset if those boots were from that order and I had somehow missed them!
Unworn in my closet: #8 NST from Leffot, #8 WTB from LeatherSoul, #8 LHS, Alpine grain v-tip from LeathSoul, and I feel like I am forgetting one or two others.While I like the SBDB001, that one is so close to the MM300 and I already have a Spring Drive Tuna. I think If were going to get something like that I'd go for the limited edition SBEX001.When I started my search for a GS, it was between three vastly different pieces: The white-faced quartz diver, a GMT, or a...
Welcome to the thread and the poorhouse.Japanese watches can be just as addictive as the Aldens. I started out with an SKX007 a few years ago then moved on to a quartz Tuna and MM300. It's been a slippery slope ever since. Today I'm trying to decide which Grand Seiko I want. Somebody should buy my Aldens I have for sale here to help me fund these purchases!
If the cords are cut like a trouser, I like them hemmed with a cuff (the bigger the better, especially for really wide-wale cords). Otherwise, I like them with a blind hem.
I received my pair last week. I will try to get a shot of them for you and post it up this evening or tomorrow.
I've got a Squale 50 Atmos and while it's definitely not the GMT that you are interested in, I will say Squale's watches are more interesting and visually appealing to me than Steinhart's. But after handling pieces from both, I think the Steinharts have better QC (and are very responsive to problems when they arise) and are heavier duty tool watches if you like that.
I wear a 8.0e in AE Park Ave and go down to a 7.5e for the Indy boots on the TruBalance. If the 10d fits you great in the Park Ave, I would think that the 9.5d would be the way to go for you. I wouldn't go down to the C width or the 9.0. While the Indy is a wider last, to me it seems like it's more of a visual thing than anything else.
New Posts  All Forums: