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I love this shoe. If I didn't already have an extremely similar Ranger Moc that I did through Rancourt a few years ago, right down to the brass eyelets, I'd be all over this.
I haven't checked in here in quite some time but I've still been getting my miles in. I got in 4 fast on the treadmill after work yesterday. I've got a good friend who I haven't seen since grad school (about 6 years ago) coming into town for the Detroit Marathon on Sunday so even though I'm not running, I may go down and cheer them on for a while and enjoy the crowds. Next weekend I'll be in DC for the Marine Corps Marathon and same friend is headed to DC to cheer on his...
I meant with the MTO Sportcoats and Suits. The only option that shows up if you add a trouser with the sportcoats is to choose your "Walt trouser size".
@Epaulet - Is it possible to order the trousers that are available with the MTO tweeds and donegals in a Rudy fit instead of a Walt fit?
I don't think I've ever posted a fit pic in here before but i broke out the tweed for the first time this season today and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I was coming in from getting the mail. It's a blue Harris Tweed from last year's MTO offerings along with a fantastic floral tie from Yellow Hook. I'm no Frank J. Copperwood in terms of photography but thought I'd contribute nonetheless.
Any updates on the Alden #8 Alt Wien boot or the TO Tie Guy snuff suede wingtip boot?
I've always found the crepe that Alden uses to be extremely good in wet weather - probably the best sole on any shoe or boot that I've tried. Crepe-soled shoes are my go to option, especially in the winter when I am always walking across a polished marble lobby and people are tracking in all sorts of slush and snow just compounding the slipperiness of the floor. My crepe-soled All Weather Walkers are great when I am outside and walking across icy sidewalks and/or parking...
This.I don't care who buys my goods as long as they pay. The only time I am somewhat hesitant is when it's somebody who just joined the forum and lives overseas. But in the end I usually end up selling them to them anyway. I haven't yet been burned. (knock on wood)
Gaahhh! I'm kicking myself for sleeping on the Southwick discount. I thought about it all day and was about to order one of the tweed jackets after league night at bowling last night. Unfortunately, I decided to check out a brewery afterwards instead and by the time I got back to a computer, midnight had come and gone. Damn you Jolly Pumpkin and your delicious selection of sour beers!
I've thought about dropping out a few times, but I figure, hey, at least I'm locked in at early '13 prices!
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