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I did go suit and I went open patch hip pockets (and patch chest pocket as well).
I've officially joined the navy tonal seersucker club. Hopefully we actually get some seersucker appropriate weather this year... it was snowing yesterday!
Regarding the kids sweaters, if you offered the sock monkey pattern/colors in an adult sweater, I'd snatch that up!I too am considering the seersucker with the unstructured shoulders and patch hip pockets. For me, I'd go for a patch chest pocket as well. That's my preferred make-up for about 95% of the casual fabrics no matter if I'm ordering a full suit or just a jacket.
If you are also a watch collector, there will be a meet-up in Novi this weekend at a particular bar... I'll be there probably wearing at least something from Epaulet.
I like that Buffalo Soldier too but my wife will not endorse any more plaid sportcoats!Japanese floral chambray has been ordered!
I've got a plain blue chambray blazer from J. Press that I've had for years. Maybe I should get one in this to spice things up a bit lot?
Must resist! I really don't need a 4th grey suit...
If you search for "Friends" on their site it shows up.http://epauletnewyork.com/products/ends-for-friends-may-2016-4-season-suiting
My brothers are old enough that they were mostly gone from the house when I was little but they used to beat each other with those plastic Hot Wheels tracks. Sandor and Gregor be damned!I was out on a run one afternoon and running through the campus at a prestigious boarding school near me and came across a bunch of high school kids playing some weird sport on one of the fields. After stopping and watching for a few minutes I had to ask somebody who was sitting in the...
Quoted for the awesomeness that is USAA! I've been using them for my insurance for nearly 20 years now and refuse to even consider other companies. They have gone above and beyond what they have been required to for me. Definitely one of the best perks of being a veteran (or family member of one).To bring this back to the clothing discussion... @Epaulet - Any word on the #8 Alt Wien boots that were pre-ordered in early 2015?
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