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Mine also has a double AR coated sapphire crystal. I bought it already modded but if I were having them done, I don't know if I would have done the AR coated sapphire. It's got a slight blue tint to it that I really liked when I first got it but sometimes I wish it wasn't there so that the black of the watch face would always appear black. I think the coating would actually look sort of cool on a Blumo though.I grabbed my Shogun on the way out the door to my office today...
A new arrival for me - a PVD coated Squale 50 Atmos. I've got a matte blue version that I really like and have had my eye on the PVD version for a while now but never wanted to pay anywhere near the full price as my blue one has a slightly misaligned bezel (which is seems to be a common issue with them) and I was really unimpressed by the rubber strap that it came with - it feels downright cheap. Well, somebody had a LNIB PVD version on eBay and I made a low ball BIN...
Regarding Ned lying about the death of Dayne, I don't recall him saying that he actually killed him in combat. I believe the passage from ADOD is:More of an omission and since Reed never comes around to talk about the battle, we are just left to imagine that Ned killed him after maybe Reed distracted him or something.
I lolled.I guess I should amend my assessment of Varys to lawful neutered then.
Somebody needs to put together a master list of all the major characters broken down by their alignment, D&D style.Ned Stark - Lawful GoodVarys - Lawful NeutralRamsay Bolton - Chaotic EvilCersei - Lawful EvilLord Mormont - True Neutraletc...
Great choice! The lugs on the Sumo were my main complaint with it when I owned one as well. The Sumo would definitely benefit from 22 mm lugs. Here's what I replaced my Sumo with:Shogun with MM300 handsAll that said, I'd jump at another Sumo if I could get my hands on one of the limited edition yellow or white versions for a reasonable price.
I wear button downs with suits and ties nine times out of ten, especially with tweed, heavy flannel, linen... basically any suit material that has some actual texture and character. With the odd jacket I always wear a button down, with or without a tie.
^ Thanks for the response. Order placed!
@NewYorkIslander - I received the email for the pre-order for the shirts and they look great but I didn't see an anticipated delivery time frame. If these are "the ultimate summer BBQ shirt", before I place an order I want to make sure that I would have them before summer BBQ season ends.
The vintage air force and the cotton linen blends are fantastic looking. Must resist!Me too... but for different reasons. If your ever in Detroit, I can take you on a tour of the best spots for ice cream!
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