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I always found Bran's chapters this deep into the story to be incredibly boring so I'm not too upset that they don't seem to be checking in on that storyline (although I do agree with many that it is a "significant" story for backstory and plot development).
Wasn't it Griff who got greyscale in the books, not Mormont?
6.5 miles of speed intervals this morning. I haven't done that in a long time and my hamstrings are feeling it now. I think my goal is to make sure I do a day of speed intervals at least once a week this summer. We'll see if I can actually fulfill that commitment.
Awesome! I've been waiting for a restock on those.
The Sea Canvas Rivets have been ordered (along with the scotchgrain belt). I'm really looking forward to checking out the new fit. D'oh! About to check out and it seems that the 36" Sea Canvas Rivets were already gone. Never mind... it seems to have gone through now.
6.5 miles this morning in some gorgeous pre-dawn weather. It was so nice out I was kicking myself for not getting up even earlier so I could get more miles in.
My grey pique suit arrived this evening and the fabric is AWESOME. I usually end up sitting on things before I take them to the tailor to get whatever work I need done but this one will be going there immediately!
I think they would probably be a bit large on you based on my other Carmina (I am a 7.5e in the Barrie). If these end up being too tight for me, I'll let you know if you are interested.
Thanks for the feedback. I've read through the Fire and Ice books a couple of times now and I always want more of the back-story for the couple hundred years leading up to Robert's Rebellion so maybe I'll give these a try. Sometimes I hope some talented writer, who can do the story line justice, would write a bunch of books covering everything from the start of the Targaryen Dynasty forward. Or maybe a set of books dealing with formation of the free cities in Essos.Of...
New Posts  All Forums: