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I ran in a half marathon through downtown Detroit yesterday with a new PR of 1:38:07 which beat my previous PR by more than 2 minutes. I was ecstatic with the time, especially considering that I was not even attempting to go that fast. I figured it would be hard to keep up a good pace in the first organized run of the spring, but I guess keeping up the running over the winter really paid off. I've got another HM in less than 3 weeks but this one will be much tougher - a...
I was at work and watching the box score update on my phone and was surprised to look down in the 7th and still see Scherzer in there so early in the season.
6.1 miles this morning. It was about 33ยบ out at 5:00 a.m. and looking ahead in the 10 day forecast there is only one morning with slightly lower temps. Maybe spring has finally sprung here!
I'd still be interested in a Styleforum x Rancourt makeup. My suggestion - a blue suede beefroll loafer or unlined Ranger Moc. I'm suggesting it for no other reason than I'm considering ordering something like that from them and if we can get it for a few $$$ less....
I've met most of Mike Ilitch's kids on multiple occasions and fully expect Christopher Ilitch (or possibly even Atanas) to take over the team once Mike is no longer in control. I imagine one of the main reasons Christopher hasn't done so already is because his role as president and CEO of Ilitch holdings and Motor City Casino prevent him from doing so (per MLB regulations about involvement in the gaming industry). He will likely need to step down from that position in...
Go Tigers!
17,331.5 + 129.4 (all of March) = 17,460.9
6.5 miles this morning. In honor of opening day, I made sure to run past Miguel Cabrera's house this morning. Maybe I was hoping he'd be outside early today handing out hundred dollar bills from his nearly $300 million contract.
I took today off after running about 8 - 10 miles daily over the past two weeks in SW Florida. Now I'm back to Michigan and even though it was about 30 degrees this morning, which is much warmer than it was when I left, I sorely miss those 60 degree a.m. runs I was spoiled with. In other news, I won the lottery! The Marine Corps Marathon lottery that is and will be running that for the 2nd year in a row come October. It will be about 6 weeks after I run the chAir Force...
Tis correct.
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