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New or old, I drool over the Defender every time I see one.
Nah, it's all my wife's money so I don't bother hiding anything from her. She does say I now need a 1 in 1 out policy for shoes... hence the stuff I have for sale here. I don't really push my stuff on the sales forums though so thankfully I also have about 30 pair of running shoes so I can usually justify a new pair of Alden or Tricker's or Carmina by throwing out a pair of Sauconey with 800 miles on them and absolutely no tread left.
In my defense, they were hidden behind a couple large stacks of unopened OCBD shirts from J. Press and BB from their sales over the past few years.My wife says that if she were no longer around to keep me in check it would only be a matter of years before I would be buried alive under my purchases (I'm also no longer allowed to "stock-up" on canned goods for the pantry since we have enough tuna fish and black beans to get us through the next decade).
5.3 miles today. At 4ยบ, it was a second consecutive morning with temps much higher than they were forecast. Tomorrow it's expected to be in the 20s so I should either be ready for the 50s or negative 20s.
I have TSM version of those Leather Soul ones (no brass hardware on mine ) but I am still leaning towards adding the Taunton to my collection.I was cleaning out some stuff this weekend and came across three pair of boots/shoes still in the shipping boxes. It's like when O'Connell's or LeatherSoul posts up some New Old Stock!
The last thing I need are more boots but I think I might just get in on the pre-order for the Alpine Grain Taunton Boot. I have a severe lack of captoes in my wardrobe and I do love the Alpine Grain.
I had to zoom in to see if they were my size/cut. Unfortunately, no, but I'm still psyched for mine to arrive.
I have the same sportcoat and trousers and a very similar tie. I may have to copy your style tomorrow.
I was reading through the Police Calls in the local paper today and saw this one:I may need to start keeping an eye out on Craigslist for Southwick, Samuelsohn, or Sartoria Partenopea. Joking aside, we don't have all that many options in Metro Detroit for quality menswear and Carl Sterr is a great shop with a great staff so it's more than a bit sad to see this in the news.
That looks great! I cannot wait to receive mine.
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