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Good point. Besides, can you every really have too many navy trousers? FWIW, I really like side tabs and don't know why I don't order more trousers with them. Today I'm wearing an old pair of brown tweed trousers from Land's End, of all places, with side tabs. They work great on a day like today when I'm filling up on pączki this morning.
Speaking of the hopsack... My blazer arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! I ordered a pair of trousers about a week or two after the blazer so I am still waiting on those before I take everything off to the tailor but am very excited to get to wear them. And now New Yawker is making me wish I had gone with the side tabs on mine as well. Maybe I'll need to order up a second pair?
I was lucky enough to get in on those Alt Wien boots, but not the Ryden. I may go with the Alden of San Fran all black plain toe for my first black shell boots.
I couldn't resist adding one more pair of Rivets to my order before the Ends for Friends went way. Sunshine Crinkle Twill should help brighten the dreary spring days when they arrive!
I wanted to give a thumbs up for Tellason's customer service. I have a pair of Ankaras that are I think about 3 years old. They have held up very well except all of a sudden began to develop some wear in the crotch that was about to turn into a full-fledged hole. I blame me being short and swinging my leg up and stretching to climb in and out of lifted Jeep multiple times a day and the extra wear and tear that causes on that part of the jeans. I contacted Tellason about...
I missed out on the Rydenboot. I was trying to use my phone to make the purchase and PayPal was giving me fits for some reason. Oh well.
I have a few different pair of shoes and boots on the crepe sole and always found them to be extra grippy on slick surfaces. I have the Alden AWW on crepe and I wear them all winter long when I am walking around outside on icy sidewalks and streets but don't want to deal with boots. And as others have mentioned, they are super comfortable. I do have a few gripes about crepe though: They seem to be much heavier than a commando sole or other rubber soles, they track in...
I would love o see that boot in the snuff suede
@Epaulet - Can you comment on the weight of those distressed cotton twills?
After telling myself that the Rivet isn't really for me and I am not getting anything, I'm up to three pair and seriously considering that brown bronze moleskin.
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