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I'm the same way. If something tastes good, I eat/drink it. If it feels good, I do it. I've never avoided any specific foods or beverages when I am running, but then again, I feel like I am always running so if I did, life would be pretty boring. My pre-marathon dinner last Saturday was a big plate of fish and chips and I washed it down with four Two Hearted Ales before stumbling back to my hotel room to stay up late to watch the end of the Eagels/Panthers game. I type all...
I had a great 9 mile run here in Detroit on Thursday afternoon then a final 4 mile shake out run through Alexandria, VA on Saturday morning - there was perfect weather for both. Then Sunday morning and the marathon rolled around... and the clouds rolled in. It rained pretty steadily for the first 12 miles or so, quite hard at some points. My feet were absolutely soaked within the first couple of miles. I had thought about putting an extra pair of socks in my Spi Belt just...
I don't know. I was too lazy to drive or walk the two miles to go check it out! FWIW, I went to a trunk show there a couple of years ago and it was mostly stock offerings but the best part was that the rep brought a ton of different lasts and sizes so it was a good chance to find my correct size in things like the Plaza and Grant that I don't get to try on too often.They usually have another trunk show there sometime towards the end of the spring.
Is there a particular model of shoe/boot you are looking for? If it's something stock like a calf or suede LWB, you should be able to order it from most retailers. Not far from Ann Arbor you can check with Carl Sterr or Claymore Shop, both in Birmingham, and see what can be done. I know you just missed an Alden trunk show at Claymore this past weekend.
Wasn't there a heavy shirt jacket coming from New England Shirt Company this fall? I was trying to use the search function to find the photos again to no avail. Was I just dreaming things or is this something I should still be expecting?
I got in a fast 1 mile again on the treadmill last night after spending 40 minutes on the Stairmaster. I'm taking the afternoon off today to get in a final medium-length run (8-10) miles before Sunday's marathon.
SB - I'll agree with jbarwick and hope that your injury is something you can come back from quickly. I set the alarm with the hopes of doing 8 this morning but slept right through it. Oh well... I'm supposed to be tapering right now anyway.
Color #8 wingtip boots from AoC for me today.Gorgeous longwings - such a great shade of Ravello!I too made a stop by Drought this morning for my customary Monday morning iced coffee. I slum it with Starbucks the rest of the week.
6.3 miles this morning with temps below 30ยบ. I was not expecting that.Yesterday was the Detroit Free Press Marathon and while I wasn't running, I did head down to cheer on some friends. One of the local radio stations tweeted out this photo of the men's half marathon winner. He was definitely going full throttle... some might even say balls out! [[SPOILER]]
Looks great! I've never been a big a fan of long sleeve polo shirts but the one the only one i've ever found that I did really like was one with dress shirt style sleeves cuffs and gauntlets. Good choice!
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