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That's really interesting and I wonder if it has anything to do with the difference in absolute latitude? For instance maybe your accuracy would generally be the same (except reversed) if you went from 42º N to 42º S but might be substantially different if you went from something like 42º N to 8º S?
I think the thing that stops a lot of the Seiko movements from meeting the COSC specs is the lack of consistency. While the average daily rate might fall within the specs, over the course of the 2 week test period, they probably wont meet the mean requirement, especially movements like the 7S-26 and the 6R-15 that might be all over the place the first couple of days before settling down and a watch like my my SKX007 would likely fail because it often more than a 10 second...
Off the top of my head, I have the 8L-35, 6R-15, 7S-26, and the 7S-35.The 8L-35 is in the MM 300 and I haven't measured it in a while but it was always running about +12 to +15 seconds a day which seemed like poor performance for what is otherwise an awesome watch. This is at the top end of what this movement is rated for but for the cost, I feel it should be better. FWIW though, I will say that I don't think I've worn this consistently for more than 2 days in quite some...
Great choices! I'm wearing that blue grey tweed window pane today!
I have a Miyota in one of my Helson's and when worn regularly it's more accurate than any of my automatic Seikos. I am always surprised with how little time the watch gains or loses over the course of a week. Only my Spring Drive tuna is comparable, but I guess that's technically a quartz. I'd put the Miyota on par with similarly price ETA movements in terms of accuracy.
Thank you. An update would be appreciated.
I'm another who sets mine to GMT time when I am wearing one.. except I call it "Zulu" time. Old habits are hard to break.Those trousers look awesome! Much brighter than in the photos on the Epaulet site. I was going to just get the blue oxford cloth Rivets but now I need both.Speaking of the photos on the @Epaulet site, the pictures for the new Rivets both look really fuzzy to me - like somebody used some odd Instagram filter and then destabilized the photos.I'm waiting on...
And I thought the 5 that I just ordered was excessive!
I'd check out Stapcode. Their bracelets are a pretty good value and they have just about every size and style imaginable. I'd maybe go with a Jubilee style for the Sea Urchin, though an Oyster would look good too. I've bought a few different bracelets from them without any problems.FWIW, MassDrop is currently offering the Sea Urchin at $120.
It is a chrono. I think the OP was just mentioning what you can see in the photo.
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