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Who knows? It's always a mystery what the defect will be. I've ordered two off of the seconds lists in the past and my defects amounted to a lot of bloom on a pair of shell PTBs that brushed right off of a pair of boots that I was never able to figure out what the defect was. I wouldn't hesitate to order off of the lists again if something I really liked showed up. The worst (IMO) defects that I've seen reported on here are shoes that are noticeably different colors...
Cortelyou Cashmere Silk Plaid and the Riegelmann Red Floral Six Fold. There were about 3 or 4 others that I wanted as well. It's tough being an adult and having to show restraint.
This.I got my money back a while ago (actually, I think I just rolled it into another Epaulet purchase), but if it ever does come in, I have dibs on a pair in my size before they hit the general public.
Indeed. I was thinking about that this morning after reading the email.I am in on a pre-order of Epaulet Ravello Brixton Boots that is going on (I believe) 4.5 years now. My daughter just turned 5 and is starting kindergarten in a couple weeks. She was just a few months old when I made that order.
This was nice to read in an email from LeatherSoul this morning:So 2.5 years for a fairly standard run of color #8 shell! I stuck it out though and thankfully I was locked in at the 2013 price instead of the current price so that saved me a few bucks.Hopefully the #8 Pitt boots that I ordered at the same time will be in soon as well.
I saw the email pop-up and was set to delete it without opening it because the last thing I need in my closet is more ties, but I stupidly opened the email... and now I'll be opening my wallet. There are some seriously awesome ties in the fall batch. Now comes the hard part of narrowing down my choices...
Ditto.I have a nearly identical version of the revised makeup from Leffot from a few years ago so I'll definitely be taking a refund.
@Beatlegeuse - I have a bunch of playlists to mix it up too but it's always difficult to find an entire album that's good for running from start to finish. Your list reminds me that the self-titled and Evil Empire RATM albums might be good ones for running to. @jbarwick mentioned Wu and I have a lot of their stuff in my playlists but the problem with their albums (and quite a few of my favorite hip hop albums) is that they often have a lot of skits/spoken parts that can...
I got in 6.1 miles this morning including 4 miles at the high school track down the street. I was at the track before 6:00 a.m. and usually at that time of day there are very few other runners out there. Today however there was a high school girls sports camp of some sort out there doing laps. I felt like a pervy old man... but I kept on running anyway. Last night I did 5.5 miles and kept my pace down below 7:30/mile for the entire run and still had some left in the tank...
I'm interested in this as well (though I do like the ones that are currently available on your site too). I want to get some nice tweed trousers for the fall and winter with a higher rise than I can find in most places and think I might give you guys a shot.
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