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I am solidly between a 40 and 42 in most suits and sportscoats (I take a 41 when it's available) and I went with the 42 blouson and it fits me perfectly. It gives me enough room to wear over a pretty substantial sweater but isn't so roomy that it looks billowy or sloppy. I think I could actually fit into a 40 but I have a feeling it would be considerably too short in the back, and by no means am I a tall guy.
Sweet! I'm hoping to get mine before I flee for warmer climates later this month!
Any updates on the Eidos field jackets that are due in imminently?
I'm wearing some Walts today that I can barely squeeze into anymore. I switched over to Rudys almost entirely over the past couple of years and it's days like today that remind me why. Happy Pączki Day to anybody on here in the Detroit area!
I don't know if it gets much more PMW than this one. I think I paid about $20, including shipping, for this one brand new off of eBay a couple years ago.
I have a very similar madras trouser that I wear quite frequently when the weather is nice. I've ordered two full madras suits from Epaulet over the past couple of years and I don't have a problem wearing the trousers or the jacket, but I've never been brave enough to wear everything all together at once as an actual suit.A madras trouser seems pretty easy to wear for me. I usually just tone it down with a solid white, off-white, or blue polo or button up shirt but with...
My suede blouson arrived over the weekend and thanks to our unseasonably mild winter lately, I've never taken it off. This thing is awesome. Even my wife, who is generally not a fan of leather or suede jackets, loves it on me. Now I need to invest in some spray on protector for it in case I get caught out in the rain. Any recommendations?
Like @dfwcowboy says it's going to be hard to beat the bang for the buck that you get from Seiko, even more so from watches from the Seiko 5 line like the one you are considering.I cannot think of something else in that price range with that particular style that will have anywhere near the same quality as that SNK.
I'm selling my Seiko SARB017 green faced "Alpinist". I bought the watch from Chino in 2013 or 2014 and it's still in great shape with just a couple of tiny scratches on the back from strap changes. 6R15 23J automatic movement (with hacking function) Sapphire crystal 38.0 mm diameter (w/o crown) 12.0 mm thick 20 mm lugs Includes original brown calf leather strap Also includes a Seiko stainless steel bracelet $320 shipped within CONUS. Contact me for price shipped to...
That would be a hard collection to beet.
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