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Hungary is indeed an awesome place. I once got on a train in Venice intending to get off in Trieste but didn't realize I was on an evening express, non-stop, to Budapest. The conductor had a nice chuckle when he came to check our tickets and told us we definitely weren't the first to make the mistake.Thankfully, the folks on the ship we were aboard at the time (USS Saipan) were understanding of our missing the curfew and told us to take an extra day or two and enjoy the...
Great pick-up!I had the LSxSE natural CXL boot from their first run and ended up selling it after a few months and regretted it ever since. I picked up the snuff suede version last year and have been wearing them a lot since then. The wedge sole is just sooooo comfortable.I've gone back and forth about picking up the CXL version again.
Great pick up. I've got a closet (and garage shelving unit ) overflowing with shoes and boots and my #8 Tankers are fare and away my most frequently worn.
Very cool. I really like that Multifort and don't think I had seen one as a chronograph before.
@gdl203 - I tried to search for the answer but this thread moves so fast so I apologize if it's already covered, but is there an update on when the Eidos field jackets that were placed back in November are due in? I think it was supposed to be sometime in the middle of this month, IIRC?I'm not really a jeans kind of guy but those are pretty awesome.
Talk about kizmit! I placed a pre-order for the hunter green suede blucher with Unionmade last spring. I am well aware of the Alden waiting game but for about a month I had been meaning to send off an email to them asking about the status of these. I finally got around to emailing them today and low and behold they just received the shoes yesterday and were in the process of contacting those who had pre-ordered! So hopefully they will be on my feet in just a few days. I...
Wearing my TO TIE Guy boots today along with some olive green duck canvas Rudys. I think the duck canvas might be my favorite all around fabric for trousers that Epaulet offers.
The Epaulet "TO TIE Guy" boots today:
After looking at some photos I swapped out the stock rubber strap on my SBDB009 for a NATO and it now looks like a totally different watch. I don't know why I hadn't thought to do this with the Tuna earlier. Also, shoulderless spring bars should be illegal to use on a watch without drilled lugs.
Those are pretty awesome looking. Maybe I can undergo some sort of extreme foot lengthening procedure so that they would fit me?
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