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I'm sitting here drooling over that peacoat. I've been wanting to upgrade from the J. Crew peacoat I've been wearing the past 5 winters but my current one has a extremely warm Thinsulate lining and it's hard to give that up in this environment. Decisions, decisions, decisions.I'd be interested in a top coat as well.
Regarding FransBoone and UPS - The first couple of times I ordered from them, UPS hit me with their fees. UPS isn't collecting a duty or import tax, they are charging a "brokerage fee" for them having to bring an item back to the U.S. regardless of where it was originally manufactured. It's sad to read that the OP got hit with the UPS fee. I've gotten hit with it twice when buying from FransBoone but not the two most recent purchases I have made from them.
For me it's the step machine. I can get on that thing for 10 minutes or 100 minutes and will be nothing but a puddle of disgusting stinky sweat when I am finished. I usually feel sorry for people who get on the one next to me.
I had the same thought on the Vibergs (I was tempted by both the Leffot pre-order and the upcoming StyleForum group order). I like them well enough but for the price, and how much I'd wear them, I'd rather go with Alden.
@rydenfan - They are a 33" waist. Unfortunately, they have been hemmed for short people like me at about 30" (I haven't measured them yet as I am lazy).
I've seen this new Michigan boot show up at a few retailers now and I still can decide whether I like it or not. I like that it's similar to the Indy without being on the TrueBalance, but something just looks strange on it. Maybe the Van last is just not meant for boots.The shape sort of reminds me of Rancourt's hand-sewn boot but with a bit more "finished" looking stitching on the toe.
I inquired about getting some duck trousers made up in something other than the Rivets and they are unable to do so. Here's the response I got from Adele back in June:FYI, the G&L twill does have a nice heft to it and is pretty nice (and I've since ordered two pair), but it doesn't have the stiffness that I really like in the duck canvas. It's a shame as I absolutely love the duck canvas material but the Rivets just do not work for me (that being said, I will soon be...
@Shouldaville - Thank you. I missed that post the first time around.
Anybody hear anything on the last round of FF sportcoats? They were initially slated to come in for delivery around "mid-October". I know it's not yet the middle of the month, but I was putting away my linen and seersucker yesterday and putting my flannels and cords in the closet so now I am really getting anxious for some new fall stuff.
CIgar LWB from AoC was my first Alden purchase as well. The Cigar is great and seems to develop the most interesting and unique patina of any of the shell colors IMO.
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