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I wear boots with my suits quite frequently, especially in the fall and winter - my go-to boots are Alden #8 wingtips or Alden Alpine Grain wingtips. Both pair that I wear are on the Barrie last, have a leather sole, and do not have a 360ยบ welt, which is basically what I wear for shoes with a suit as well.Purists will say that any boot with any suit is a no no, but purists be damned!95% of the people you encounter in the office will probably never notice that you are...
I have enough #8 boots to last me many years so I was initially uninterested in the talk of an NST or Tanker. But the idea of a #8 Alt Wien?
I hitched a ride with my wife when she went to drop our daughter off at a playdate and I was going to run the 7 mile backroad route home. My goal was to beat my wife who was driving but needed to stop at the grocery store. She still beat me by about 20+ minutes.
I'm actually off the pre-order already but I do like to see if they ever come in. I can dream right?
Any updates on the Ravello Brixton pre-order that's now older than my daughter who's in preschool?
This was the most gorgeous thing offered in the Ends for Friends. I think i cried a little when I wasn't fast enough to get in on that one.
40% off quite a bit at UnionMadeGoods Not as good as that sale they did before Christmas, but there are still a few good deals to be had in there.
My lambswool shawl collar sweater arrived today (along with a couple of sportcoats) and it's definitely love at first touch. The thing is so soft and light yet EXTREMELY warm. It looks like there is a small left in the almond and a medium in the asparagus for anybody who is interested. If there was a large in the almond I'd be ordering it right now.Last summer I came across a few pair of linen trousers that I had taken to get altered a few years earlier and my wife had...
There's a guy near me that I think does something similar (I think he collects for himself and restores for others) and there are always old Rovers, Benzes, Jags, and Rolls Royces parked outside. I like to run past his house and dream.My father-in-law and his brother own and restore old Model A and Model Ts and they have some extremely nice ones and are always trying to get me interested in them. I keep trying to convince him to find an old CJ, FJ40, or Jeep Grand Wagoneer...
I believe it's an inline 4-cylinder turbodiesel. It's not going to win any street races but it has enough power, and torque, to get up and over what it needs to.
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