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Big thumbs up to the potential for a more relaxed fit. When I moved up from the YH2 to the YH3, everything fit pretty perfectly (well, the sleeves are a bit long but that's an easy fix and a trouble I am used to with my short stubby German sausage arms...) but a bit less waist suppression and a fraction of a bit more room in the chest would really just add to the overall comfort, especially when I wear these when I'm chasing around my kids.
On the Lighter Side, the cancellation of my grey melange field coat will allow me to order one of the blue donegal ones that are coming and that I fell in love with when I saw the pictures a few pages back! I've always looked at my pre-orders as a bit of a gamble.
I agree about sending these ones back. I'm usually pretty easy going when it comes to defects and what not but this just looks horrible.I've seen this a few times in natural CXL and to me it always appears that somebody at the factory turned the leather the wrong way when they were cutting the pieces for the shoes and that makes the grain look elongated and like it's going vertically where if it were the other way, it would still be noticeable but not nearly as...
Very interesting about the Sinn and Brietling Navitimer connection. I had never known about that.I love the 356 UTC in the picture. I don't think I've ever seen a 356 with the UTC complication. I have the 856 UTC and one of my favorite aspects of it is the splash of greenish-yellow color on the second hour hand and the "UTC" text. It looks even better on your 356 with the full outline of the hand. As for having parted with your U1... I think of all the watches in my box,...
My new-to-me tan suede chukkas: I was in a local men's store that is liquidating all of their merchandise as they change over to primarily MTM and bespoke. When I came in the other day the owner asked my shoe size then disappeared and reappeared with these impressing them onto me for free. I was never really a fan of the tan suede but it's hard to beat the price! He sold them to somebody a few years ago who wore them for about a week and then decided they were too...
What precisely are you looking to buy?
This has been my experience as well.
I'll give another vote for commando for a casual LWB.IMO, the crepe is easily more comfortable in most instances and I find it grippier in bad weather on slippery surfaces, but if you are walking around or on your feet all day, I think the commando ends up being more comfortable. The crepe sole that Alden uses is just so darn heavy that after a while you really start to feel it. The crepe sole also tracks in so much dirt and grime on to your floor if that is of concern.I...
StyleForum pusherman.
I have quite a few boots on Barrie and on Plaza. A 7.5D in the Barrie fits me great and when I've sized up to the 8.0D in the Plaza, that fits great as well. My suggestion to you would be the 9.5D for the Plaza.
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