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That herringbone linen is pretty interesting. I don't know that I've seen a linen suit or jacket with that pattern and color, which I traditionally associate with tweed for the fall and winter. To me, the real star is that navy seersucker though!
^ Those are awesome! How long ago did AoC run those?
Looks great @bkotsko! I've been wearing my chambray Doyle nonstop the past couple weeks or so. It's the perfect weight for the weather we've been having here in Detroit lately. If @Epaulet ever did another run of them, I'd probably actually buy another since I think mine has somehow shrunk over the years and I can no longer comfortably layer a sweater under it.
Of all the boots I own, I have a three-way tie for a favorite. It comes down to the snuff suede unlined chukka, the chocco suede NST, and the #8 Tanker.The chukka is just so comfortable and the perfect casual boot during so much of the year - it goes great with denim, cords, linen, chinos, shorts, etc. It's the one boot or shoe in my collection that I've vowed to instantly replace if they get damaged beyond repairThe chocco suede NST is such a great, deep, rich, soft...
I want to give a shout out for the service at NMWA. The crew has been very accommodating in allowing me change out sizes from pre-orders (because I ate too much ice cream this summer), answering email questions, fixing a hat mix-up, combining my shipments from a confusing series of orders, etc. I try not to be that guy but I feel like I've been the needy, annoying customer over the past couple of weeks. Thanks again. If the crew is ever in Motown, I owe you some beer and...
I'm another Rudy guy and found the Tellason "Ankara" to have a great fit, albeit with a slightly lower rise than I would prefer (though my pair is now about 6 years old and I believe they've adjusted the measurements a bit since then and it looks like the newer ones have a better rise). I've also found the Raleigh Denim "Graham" fit to be a very good Rudy equivalent with a higher rise than the Tellason. Both are great quality denim but the Tellason are usually available at...
Among others, I voted for the Draper's "perfect grey windowpane". I've been hesitant to add a windowpane suit to my closet but I could definitely see myself wearing this.
Generally, I just chalk stuff like this up to typical wear and tear, especially after a couple of years. However, these look a bit different and look like the uppers could be pulling apart somehow. Maybe they were originally stitched too tight or something? The way the little gashes are so evenly spaced and sized, especially in the second photo, makes me wonder if it's something more than the typical abuse a pair of boots receives. Keep in mind, I'm definitely no expert...
I had been waiting on these Vass Norwegers to be restocked in my size for over a year. They hit the NMWA website last Tuesday or Wednesday and then hit my doorstep on Friday! Absolutely gorgeous and oh so comfortable. I keep finding myself looking down at my feet today!
These are one of the more interesting makeups I've seen in sometime. I need to clean out some space in my closet so I can justify buying a pair.
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