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4.3 miles this morning back on the treadmill.
8.5 miles this morning at an 8:10 pace which is much faster than I normally run before 6:00 a.m. Fresh month fresh legs? I'm chalking it up to the fact that I went for a short walk last night about 20 minutes before bed so I woke up a bit more loosened up than usual
19,546.1 + 180.1 = 19,726.2
I did 13.5 yesterday morning and 3.2 today. Both runs were extremely muggy. I was supposed to do an evening 5k yesterday but it was so muggy, and I was having too much fun hanging out with my daughter so I sat it out and stayed home instead. Tomorrow morning is looking to be another muggy run but then some relief is in the forecast. I was hoping to get 200 miles again this month but that doesn't look like it's in the cards. I'd need to put in a 20 miler after work tonight.
9.1 miles this morning
If you already have ceiling fans in some of the rooms, I would advise against putting recessed lighting in above them as it can cause a horribly annoying strobe light effect if both the fan and the lights are on simultaneously.
I was out about the same time for 8.5 miles but I don't I don't think we had much rain over night, although when I checked the radar before stepping out it looked like we should have been in the middle of a downpour. It was definitely humid again though, that's for sure.
2.0 miles this morning and 14.5 miles yesterday morning. After a couple weeks of really muggy weather, we've had some really pleasant running weather for the past few days. Hopefully it stays like this for a while.For me, running is primarily about getting some peace and quiet while doing something active and secondarily about burning calories and maintaining weight.FWIW, if I consume something like a Power Gel on a longer run, that may cause me to consume an extra 100...
3.1 miles this morning. Temps were back down into the 50s and there was no humidity. I wish I would have woken up a bit earlier so I could have gotten more in. It was a nice change from the rest of the week.
8.4 miles this morning. It rained all day yesterday and while it was still warm this morning I was hoping that yesterday's storms would have provided some relief from the humidity and it would be less muggy today. No dice. About 2 miles in and I was already absolutely drenched in sweat.
New Posts  All Forums: