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I was looking at this photo for 3 minutes trying to figure out what you were trying to call out on the pants leg with your Photoshopped-in white circle... and then I finally realized it was the cord from some iPhone earbuds.
^ Very funny! (Although you're confusing Missendei with Melisandre)
Awesome stuff. I'm just posting here so that the thread pops back up in my feed when some of the missing measurements are added in.
What were the 2-Stroke Indy Boots?
^ I'm not really a fan of leather jackets but the patina on that example is amazing!
@Epaulet Congrats on the move! Maybe I should convince my daughter to start telling my wife that she wants to learn to surf as well so I'll have a good excuse to move to warmer and sunnier climes! I am sort of saddened to see that LA will be the main fulfillment center since it will probably add a day on to my shipping!
This was my guess as well.My theory is that based on the level of online sales they seem to do, including the MTO and pre-order stuff, and how fervent of a fan base they seem to have places like here, Instagram, Reddit..., they probably decided to focus on expanding their online offerings and operations and that maintaining two separate locations in two high-rent areas so close together wasn't worth the expense.All that said, I work in economic development and site...
You are correct. Resistance was futile. They will compliment my #8 Alt Wien boots nicely whenever they should come in.Sometimes I feel the same way, but other times I want to go through my closet and sell off everything that isn't #8 shell or snuff suede. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Somebody talk me out of the #8 Alt Wiens. I already have enough unworn shell sitting in my closet to open up a riding stable!
xPost from the Alden thread:I haven't seen them show up much here but I'll give a nod of approval for the Michigan Boot (maybe I am biased living in the Detroit area?).I think the shape of the Van last is a bit more versatile, and an infinitely nicer looking shape, than the TruBalance, and thankfully the Van has always fit me perfectly. If I could get the Michigan Boot in #8 or whiskey shell, I'd be replacing the Indy Boots in my collection. All that said, maybe I just...
New Posts  All Forums: