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I'd be interested in seeing a pic of the shoes in question.
Not that I know of. I'm just saying that that would be unethical IMO if it were/is occurring.
As long as the seller is honest and forthcoming about the quality of the shoes/boots they are selling and they are obtaining them via established means (i.e. not through a back channel that nobody else has access to at one of the official retailers) I see nothing unethical about flipping the shoes.
I'm usually not one for Tag (though some of the new Carreras do catch my eye every now and then) but I found this older PVDed Super Pro at a good price and couldn't pass it up. Nearly 30 years old and barely a mark anywhere on the PVD coating.
Alden's Commando sole is probably one of the lowest profile ones I've seen offered from shoemakers of comparable quality. They will not be noticeable to 90% of the people who see you wearing them. Besides, any lugged sole looks fine on an Indy Boot IMO.
Just take the ones you already have to a cobbler and get a new sole put on (or a rubber top piece).
I imagine Boston has similar winter weather as Detroit, except maybe a tiny bit warmer. Personally, I don't think the Neocork is really a great sole for a lot of winter wear, especially if they use salt on the streets and sidewalks there. In my experience, road salt + the constant wetness of slush and snow destroys the soles pretty quickly. The Neocork will be fine for most days if you are just walking from the car to the office or something, but if you are spending any...
I recently bought this from Unionmade but it's just a tad too small for me. Product detail directly from the Unionmade site: -Made in Italy Classically tailored, yet made with a uniquely textured wool blend fabric, this unstructured jacket features a notch lapel, three-button closure and a slim fit. 98% wool, 2% nylon. Unlined. Notch lapel with three-button closure. Patch pocket at the left chest. Patch pockets at the waist. Single interior patch...
My EFF rudy trousers shipped! Teal moleskin Navy Donegal tweed Abraham moon toasty tweed Honey nut heavy marled tweed It looks like I'll have these just in time for the cold weather that is currently pushing down on Metro Detroit.
The charcoal wool pique in the EFF looks very similar to the VBC grey pique that's offered in the MTO program. I have that grey pique and it's extremely versatile and I imagine that the charcoal wool pique would be just as versatile. It pairs easily with just about every color shirt and tie and goes equally well with black shoes as it does with burgundy or color #8.If you are worried about the pique fabric being a bit loud, I've found that unless somebody is standing...
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