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It looks like we're closing in on the $800 mark for domestic shell make-ups.
Good to know. The BB Black Fleece line had some pretty interesting make-ups. Unfortunately, I don't think they make anything for Black Fleece anymore.
It's the "I have too much crap for my own good" fairy.Also new unworn: color #8 LHS (not even taken out of the box that TSM ships them in) and a pair of black alpine grain v-tips.
I just heard back from TSM regarding these:
Let's see some recent pics of folks wearing Leffot's #8 naval boots. I came across an unworn pair in my closet and I'm fighting the urge to sell them. I need some inspiration to keep them.
Ditto this. So often, places only stock 20mm, but I'd love to see 18mm and 22mm as an option from more retailers for quality straps.
I did a major closet cleaning yesterday afternoon and freed up a lot of space. Time to order some of those hopsack and fresco trousers!
Of course I'm always open to offers...
Tricker's Stowe Originally purchased from Leather Soul http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/01/06/trickers-stow-in-black-restock-lsw/ Black calf Natural welt and leather sole Barely worn Last 4497S Size 7 UK $400 $380 $360 $300 shipped CONUS
New Posts  All Forums: