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I'm not really a fan of the TruBalance but that Ironside is an awesome makeup indeed.
Gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that the same loafers are on my feet today.
Mac always disappears this time of year. I am quite sure he mention on here somewhere that he works in public accounting which would make sense considering how often I saw my wife this time of year when she worked in public accounting.
I always go for suspenders if I am wearing a suit, and wear them about half the time if I am wearing a sportcoat. I agree that they are much more comfortable than a belt. My wife says she may need to put her foot down when I start wearing suspenders with just a pair of chinos around the house.
From Unionmade:
It was a strategic decision when getting dressed this morning.
Good point. Besides, can you every really have too many navy trousers? FWIW, I really like side tabs and don't know why I don't order more trousers with them. Today I'm wearing an old pair of brown tweed trousers from Land's End, of all places, with side tabs. They work great on a day like today when I'm filling up on pączki this morning.
Speaking of the hopsack... My blazer arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! I ordered a pair of trousers about a week or two after the blazer so I am still waiting on those before I take everything off to the tailor but am very excited to get to wear them. And now New Yawker is making me wish I had gone with the side tabs on mine as well. Maybe I'll need to order up a second pair?
I was lucky enough to get in on those Alt Wien boots, but not the Ryden. I may go with the Alden of San Fran all black plain toe for my first black shell boots.
I couldn't resist adding one more pair of Rivets to my order before the Ends for Friends went way. Sunshine Crinkle Twill should help brighten the dreary spring days when they arrive!
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