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I'm intrigued as well. Does anybody know the weight of the CXL or other leathers that Rancourt typically uses? It would be nice to compare them. Some of these look quite thick and I would be apprehensive about using something that thick on certain makeups.
My Southwick shirts are set to be delivered today. If the USPS website shows them being dropped off before lunch time, I'm half-tempted to go home for lunch just so I can check them out that much sooner...
5 miles on the dot. I was stepping right back onto my driveway when the app on my phone chimed in. I had originally wanted to do about 10 but just didn't feel like getting out of bed.
They look a bit short for my tastes but I am sure there are many on here who wouldn't bat an eye at them. One of the good things about Epaulet's trousers is that the legs are usually tapered enough that you can get away with having them a bit shorter - it would look much stranger on something with more fabric around the bottom like a pair of Bill's M1s.
What you are considering is often called a "military hem" and judging by your photo, could definitely be an option for you. However, depending on the shoes you are wearing the trousers with, I think the military hem can often look a bit strange, especially true when you start getting a hem with a bigger and bigger angle combined with no break in the front. I think the military hem looks a bit better if you are starting with a quarter or half break in the front and just...
Those are great, especially that one in the second photo. It's a good thing there isn't an AD near my office or else I'd have to go drool over their counters at lunchtime.
5.5 miles this morning. I ran past a dirty, beat-up Starbucks card on the ground in a residential neighborhood and decided to pick it up. When I got home I checked its balance online: $15.00!! Score! My wife still groaned when she saw the dirty card sitting on the counter though.
Mimo - No true offense intended to our flyboys. My wife's cousin and her fiance who are both Master Sergeants in the Air Force were recently staying with us for a visit and I always get extra motivated and belt-fed when they are in town - I make sure our guest room is filled with Marine Corps memorabilia, the EGA is flying high on our flagpole outside, and the jokes just keep on flowing for a few days after they are gone. FWIW, (and to keep this somewhat watch-related) I...
I was a ground-pounder when I was in the Marine Corps, but for a few years I was in a MEU with its own air wing. My estimate would be that at least 90% of the pilots and air crews in our unit wore G-Shocks or something similar while on duty. Similarly the infantry, Recon, SEALs, and other trigger pullers also wore G-Shocks or Timex, or occasionally you'd see a Victorinox/Swiss Army watch while in uniform. I never saw folks wearing anything like Kobold or RESCO which are...
6.8 miles this morning. I have a 6.5 mile loop I do at least twice a week and today I decided to stretch one of the legs of it up a few more blocks. I figured that (plus the extra few blocks back) would add nearly an extra mile to my loop. Nope. Not even an extra half mile.
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