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Once the weather warms up more consistently, I run a couple times a week at lunch near my office. Unfortunately, the roads and traffic near where I work do not lend themselves to being run on for most of the year.When I was in the Marine Corps in North Carolina, I would get a few miles in every day at lunch time. Even when temps were consistently in the 90s with 90%+ humidity. Oh to be young and stupid again!
I have a toddler and am in the same situation as you. I've transitioned to being an early morning runner pretty easily, and although I enjoy the peace and quiet of being out there pre-dawn and it sets me up for a great day, I do miss being able to run in the afternoon like I used to. On the rare occasions that I get to do so now, I always jump at the chance, especially if the sun is out!
Those are gorgeous. I have #8 Alden rangers but yours are a completely different beast. The brass eyelets and antique edging on the sole (compared to my black eyelets and black edging) make an astonishing difference.
Does it brush right off?Nearly every pair of shell shoes/boots I've gotten from The Shoe Mart has had similar white flecks on them but it always brushes right off. I always chalked it up to some sort of dust floating around in their warehouse or maybe even from Alden's facility and smaller retailers are more apt to brush it off before shipping it out but TSM doesn't.
xPost from the Alden thread - Took my calf Epaulet Alt Weins out for their maiden voyage today: I've already received two random compliments on these around the office today.
Took my calf Epaulet Alt Weins out for their maiden voyage today:
Commando and leather and crepe. If I have a brand new pair of leather soled shoes and it's raining or icy I probably will not wear them, but once they've been worn a few times I don't notice any excessive slippage after coming in out of the rain.
Let's not feed the trolls...
Just like most of those who have replied, I wear my shell cordovan in the rain, snow, sleet, slush, ice, and salt and don't treat them with anything like Defender. I do make sure to brush them off thoroughly each evening though. I've had no ill effects from the elements.
I like that idea. I have a pair of Tricker's that could use a similar treatment. You'll have to report back on how well that works for you.
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