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You mean 1 unit.
It's still showing up for me.
I've got an old camel hair jacket (I need to get home and see how well it fits before I bother with a newer one) and it's incredibly warm, especially for the weight. I never even like to wear it to the office because it's just so hot if I am just sitting in it all day. However, if I am standing and walking around it's a great jacket - perfect for when we go to museums or somewhere like that in the winter that I don't want to deal with coat check and don't want to walk...
So much win going on in the EFF! Somebody buy the shoes in my signature so I can justify a baby camel hair jacket and the mustard cashmere!
Grey herringbone ordered! That's really a staple product. I outgrew the one I had a couple of years ago and my local shop always wants $800+ for theirs and it's from Southwick to boot! On the rare occasion one of the grey herringbone sportcoats make it to the end-of-season sale, they are never in my size.
I just read the Hip-Hop Family Tree series. Very cool background info on a lot of the guys and girls at the forefront in the late '70s and early '80s. Many of the artists I was familiar with but there were so many more that I wasn't (but was surprised at how much of their music I recognized). As an added bonus, I now recognize so many more of the names that the rappers reference when I am listening to stuff. I'll keep my fingers crossed the author puts out a few more...
I have a couple full Harris Tweed suits, including one from the Southwick MTO program from this past fall. I'd say Detroit pretty solidly half-way between Philly and Duluth (both in terms of geography and climate). I've worn the suits comfortably once the temps drop into 50s, so they do get quite a bit of wear in the fall. The trousers always seem heavier, probably thanks to the lining so if the temps are about 60ยบ or above, I'll still wear the jacket but not the trousers....
What time should I start hitting "refresh"?
The last thing I need is another suit (or jacket) and I was planning to sit this round out but $795 for a MTO suit might make it hard to do resist!
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