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Those Cramerton chinos look great. Now I need to decide if I want the khaki or the OD... or both.
Thank you.I have another G. Inglese shirt, I just wasn't sure if the measurements on these were any different than the standard ones and I didn't see the blurb at the top of the pre-order page with the measurements listed up there.
I'm interested in the G. Inglese shirt pre-orders but there does not seem to be any measurements for the shirts available on the pre-order pages. Are those measurements going to be put back online?
This will be daughter #2 for my wife and me. Our first was about five and a half years ago - right around the same time that I pre-ordered my Ravello "Brixton" boots from Epaulet... and I'm still waiting on them.
I love the Panta ties (and scarf and trousers) that I have. I just committed to my first purchase on MassDrop!
I have a similar delivery expected at the end of next month as well.Of course, the real question for this thread is, which Alden do you plan on wearing on that momentous day? For me it will be either my snuff suede LHS or snuff suede chukka boots. Both are extremely comfortable and go on and off very easily which is a must on those days where I might not make it home to change clothes for a while.
^ That Blumo looks great on the BOR.
Thank you for the quick responses. I'm glad I asked before blindly ordering the 52. I always have a hard time with measurements. The only thing I am sure of is what my wife assures me is 8".
I have an Eidos suit that I got through NMWA (this one here) in a size 50 that just needed a little letting out in the waist/skirt area to fit pretty darn good (the shoulders fit great but there was definitely no extra room up there). I want to get in on the Field Jacket pre-orders. I'd like my Field Jacket to fit a little bit looser than I wear my suits. Any advice on whether I should go with my typical 50 or size up to the 52? The difference in the shoulder width is...
Do the original fit Rivets have a slightly higher rise than the current model? I thought the newer ones had the higher rise but the measurements on the site show the older ones with the higher rise.
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