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I saw that one on there. Tassels puts together some truly gorgeous makeups. This was not one of them.
Gorgeous fabric... in both the link and your photo, so I'll assume they are the same. I've got a credit from Luxire burning a hole in my pocket, I might just put it towards the same shirt.
@Epaulet I'm interested in this as well. If the style of side tabs with the buckles wouldn't work well with these fabrics, would it be an option to get button side tabs?FWIW, I'd actually prefer button side tabs instead of buckles on just about any trouser.
I would advise him t contact Leffot. They few times I've had QC issues with anything purchased from them, they've always been very responsive, regardless of whether it was something unworn or not. Considering that Leffot just shipped these out in the past few days, I would imagine they would still be willing to work with him to make this right.
I have these same shoes and have been wearing them a lot since I got them back in the spring - such a versatile makeup.
Per the email, the code ended at 11:59 p.m. Eastern on 08/18/2015
Who knows? It's always a mystery what the defect will be. I've ordered two off of the seconds lists in the past and my defects amounted to a lot of bloom on a pair of shell PTBs that brushed right off of a pair of boots that I was never able to figure out what the defect was. I wouldn't hesitate to order off of the lists again if something I really liked showed up. The worst (IMO) defects that I've seen reported on here are shoes that are noticeably different colors...
Cortelyou Cashmere Silk Plaid and the Riegelmann Red Floral Six Fold. There were about 3 or 4 others that I wanted as well. It's tough being an adult and having to show restraint.
This.I got my money back a while ago (actually, I think I just rolled it into another Epaulet purchase), but if it ever does come in, I have dibs on a pair in my size before they hit the general public.
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