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Neither did the ax after chopping a bunch of wood.
I don't think you can go wrong with either of the Seikos. They both wear really well. Personally, I never liked those Kinetic GMTs because they always seemed too busy for me but they have been growing on me and might make a perfect summertime pool and beach watch.I think you made a good call on avoiding the Citizen. I've handled that particular model and was blown away with how big and heavy it is in person. The proportions definitely do not seem to work in its favor IMO.
I agree. While there wasn't much action in this episode, I thought it was one of the better and more interesting ones of the season so far.
Will this mean Coldhands will be making an appearance in the show?(Though I know he was supposed to help them get to the tree instead of escaping from it)
Damn. I was hoping it was Canadian! You still got an awesome deal but that would have been an awesome deal²! And I agree with your assessment of JR's leather straps. They are absolutely some of the best I have ever handled.
Loonies or dollars?
A new baby in the house means my wife says I need to clean out the spare bedroom and can no longer use it as a walk-in closet. These are all quick and dirty photos but more details are available if needed. Prices include shipping to CONUS addresses.Everything has been worn very sparingly as I outgrew a 33" and 34" waist soon after discovering Epaulet. Bill's Khakis navy blue M233 x 29.5 (about 2" available in the hem)$60Epaulet moss green duck canvas cloth Rivets chinos...
I'm wearing my Ocean One right now and love it. For the prices, I think they are a great value. IMO the quality of the fit and finish easily surpasses most other sub-homages in that price range. My theory as to why they don't get more love here is that while their sub-homages are really nicely done, their other watches, whether they are the classic pilots watch look or a design all their own, leave a lot to be desired. If you want a Submariner or Explorer lookalike but...
I did go suit and I went open patch hip pockets (and patch chest pocket as well).
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