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Yep, they worked out much better than I thought they would. It might actually be the perfect fit for me for loafers.
3.8 miles this morning. We had just gotten another 3" of snow overnight and the roads were not yet plowed. I was running through a hilly, wooded, residential area and it was definitely beautiful... but very slow going.
Damn you ice dams!
Thanks for the tip on using a wine glass. I'll give that a shot tonight!I was going to wait until my wife or I go to the mall and just get some glasses from Crate & Barrel but maybe I'll stop by one of the breweries near me instead. I know they usually sell pint glasses but I never thought of checking for IPA glasses or a tulip.
I ran 62.2 miles in January. That's my lowest monthly total since March of 2013 (60.3 miles that month). After a year of 1,700+ miles I think I was getting a little burned out with the running so I got back into the gym for a bit more weight training and spinning and the running went on the back burner. But now I'm starting to get a bit antsy. I need to get out there for a longer run sooner rather than later.
22,736.0 + 62.2 = 22,798.2
We got about 17" of snow Sunday and yesterday morning and there's another 3" on its way tonight. It may be a while until I put mine on my feet as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I really like these with the black edge. I like them so much, I bought a pair and they should arrive today or tomorrow. When the first picture of these was posted up last Thursday or Friday, the black edge is what really caught my eye, I think it makes a nice contrast with this particular shade of Ravello.
The only change I would want would be black edge trim, but that's definitely not a dealbreaker for me. I can easily make that change on my own if needed.
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