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5 miles this morning. It was 38ยบ degrees when I stepped off and of course the shirt I set out last night after looking at the weather report was a tank top and not the long-sleeved shirt I thought it was.
I've been wearing my chambray Doyle quite a bit the past couple of weeks and while waiting in a very long Starbucks line this morning I discovered the patch pockets have side entry. I totally overlooked it in the product description and the pictures with the model with his hands in the pockets so I was pleasantly surprised by this! That type of inconspicuous pocket is so convenient, and a nice added touch, on just about any piece of outerwear.
I often like to wear Maize and Blue when I run. That mighty be enough to encourage me to run faster if I were in Columbus...
Nice find! Who would have known that DSW would have been a source for shell cordovan shoes?
9 miles with a few final tempo runs this morning. Now time to relax for the next few days.Well, the Doubletree made things right. They got me booked in one of the few relatively close hotels with available rooms for the same rate I was paying at their hotel. It's not as nice of a hotel, but I'm not expecting the Hyatt or the W in "suburban" Dayton, Ohio anyway.
Way back at the start of August I booked a room at the Doubletree in Miamisburg, OH for the Air Force Marathon next weekend and I just received an email today from somebody on their sales manager that the room will actually not be available due to an error in their system. Way to give me advanced notification Doubletree! It would have been great to know this information a few weeks ago when rooms were still available at other nearby hotels.
That's on my list...
Those blue ones are awesome looking.
7.9 miles this morning. I think this weekend I'll be digging out the long-sleeved running shirts.
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