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Sorry to see you will be forced into taking a break @FlyingMonkey. 11.1 miles for me this morning. Now bring on the gluttony!
^ This.I compared the measurements on both and the Epaulet version seemed significantly more slim than what the company offers directly from their site. That being said though, both my father and my FIL really like my Heirloom Cardigan but there's no way they would ever fit in an Epaulet version so we ordered directly from the company for them for Christmas.
6 miles this morning with a handful of 20 second intervals in the middle of it.
6.1 this morning. No lingering effects from yesterday's falls.
I was hoping to get in about 5 or 6 miles this afternoon but I took a couple spills on the ice this morning walking home from getting my coffee and donut(s). It wasn't icy on my way to the bakery but when I walked out after getting my goods it immediately began freezing rain pretty hard. I fell flat on my back twice on the two mile walk back home (and nearly fell another 3 or 4 times), It had warmed up enough to melt away all the ice and snow by lunch but I was still a bit...
So gorgeous! I saw that when it popped up but disappeared before I could get somewhere to put in my info. I drowned my sorrow in a pair of the rust and some tartan... 'cuse I'm a badass like that.
Anybody have the melange harris tweed sportcoat? I would love to hear some thoughts on the material and its weight from those with experience.
What size and color is your snorkel? If it's a sage in a 40 I'd be interested. I have a 38 now but want to size up.
For the non-latex soles that Alden offers, the mini lug is my favorite. It's a bit more stiff than other similarly lugged soles but still has a nice low profile.I have the Tempest sole on a pair of suede boots from Rancourt and I find them very uncomfortable. They are too stiff and have never really broken in. And just like the Dainite sole that Tricker's (and other English makers) often uses, I think they are way too slippery for a rubber sole. I know some people love the...
If you are referring to the recent spate of boots on the Modified last, I concur. I had a pair of Modified PTB a while back and while they fit me better and were more comfortable than any other dress shoes I've ever owned, every time I looked down at my feet they just looked off to me.
New Posts  All Forums: