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If it's an SNKxxx, then yes, I believe it is 18mm.Google a company called "Cheap Nato Straps" (I believe it's run by some girl in Norway). They have a really good selection of NATO straps available and ship worldwide. I've also bought from Crown & Buckle, but I think Cheap Nato Straps is usually a slightly better price.
Snuff suede unlined chukka boot and the snuff suede 4-eyelet Ranger Moc.Ask this question again in a month or so and I'll probably give you an entirely different answer.
I really like the Seiko 5 Military on NATO straps so I would just recommend replacing the one you have. Other than black, olive drab (aka army green) is my go to color for NATOs. Grey can look really good too and be pretty versatile.
I got bored Saturday afternoon with watching Michigan State get blown out. I was stuck at home while the 6-month-old was taking a nap so I decided to take a family photo of my MKII watches. My wife came home and saw them laid out on the kitchen counter and asked why I have 6 of the same watches. How could she not see that they were each obviously quite different?!? And a solo shot of the Hawkinge that was on my wrist at the time and inspired me to take the shot of all...
It's my favorite of the twills and tattersalls. IMO, It definitely doesn't have a Mondrain look to it. The colors are way too subdued and the checks are nowhere near as randomly spaced/sized for what I usually associate with his art.
Great PMW selection! I have three from Helson and love them all - a Skindiver and two Sharkmasters. The Shark Diver has been on my radar for a while, but I want to go with the 40mm version. My Skindiver has a Miyota engine in it (the Sharkmasters are ETA) and it has a pretty good power reserve and keeps really good time. Definitely some good value in Helson.(Not pictured is my recently acquired PVD Sharkmaster)
@Epaulet - For the EFF shirts, can you comment on the weight and the hand of the fabric is for the Liberty of London floral prints? Are these similar to an oxford cloth?
That Sick Boy Forever Tartan is sick! Maybe this one will convince me to finally take the plunge into the MTO shirting world?
In response to the Hodinkee article - I'm guilty of never owning a Speedmaster... yet. After temporarily swapping for one with a friend earlier this summer I plan to remedy that and add one to my collection this fall or winter. This is awesome! It makes me want to find something like this from one of the ships I served on (USS Belleau Wood, USS Kearsarge, USS Saipan). I did make it off one of them with a full set of dishes along with a tea service for 12 (complete with 6th...
I bought these from Harrison LTD in January 2015 and have worn them just a few times since then. They've been taking up space in my closet so it's time to part ways. Alden LHS Ravello shell cordovan Size 7.5D Van last $675 shipped in CONUS (I'm willing to ship overseas but the price my change) I'm also open to trades for a pair of Alden whiskey shell cordovan PTBs in similar condition (size 7.5 or 8.0 depending on the last).
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