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4.4 very sticky, humid miles after work last night and then the storms rolled through and cleared the air for a much more pleasant 6.3 miles this morning.
I like to think that i was the guinea pig for the Yellow Hook endeavor into bow ties and my batch arrived yesterday. I'll have to take a few photos of them this evening but I'm wearing a navy grenadine one today and it's great! I got a nice assortment of linen, silk, grenadine, and tweed they are all really nice. The construction on them is outstanding! I wear bows a few days a week and one of my biggest concerns with them is that they will be too big and/or too floppy...
Memorial day 10k yesterday with a pace of about 7:30/mile. I managed to get 40th place overall out of about 500 runners.
Thanks for the insight on the sizing. I measure myself as right at the very smallest end of the "Large" size for these hats but was hesitant to order because I drive a convertible all summer and if it were even just a bit too big on me, I'd risk losing it. It doesn't sound like that will be an issue though so I'm placing an order for one now!
I think this is called being "EP as f*ck!"
For those looking to really nerd things up, there's a good conversation with the show's creator of the Dothraki language on the Slate Lexicon Valley podcast this week. I Always Believed That Created Languages Were Art Pieces
6.3 miles this morning, slow and steady.
I've had my pair for about 4 years now and wear them frequently from the spring through the fall. I've never had an issue with the stitching bothering my feet and find them super comfortable. The snuff color is great as well and works with just about everything.
Regarding certain sizes being sold out in the Greenwich boot pre-order on Leffot: I've had my preferred size sell out on their pre-orders numerous times and sent them a quick email asking if it was possible to still get in on the pre-order. I've done this 3 or 4 times and every single time they've been willing to accommodate my request. My nicely worded emails always seem to get the desired results. I don't think there would be a need to send them an angry email.
That's awesome! Looking forward to seeing more about these shirts!
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