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^ Those are gorgeous!
@Epaulet - I was looking through the MTO shirt fabrics and I noticed that in a few instances the prices on the landing page are different than what the prices on the pages for the individual fabrics are. Seasonal Canclini Prints shows $195 on the landing page and $235 on the order page Premium Perennial Fabrics shows $175 on the landing page and $215 on the order page Perennial Stripes and Pinstripes shows $160 on the landing page and $175 on the order page Premium...
^ I'm a few hundred miles away but I feel like I can reach out and touch those lapels from here.
Indigo hopsack and java fresco trousers ordered. Now if only I could order some warmer weather to go with them....
I think it applies SPECIFICALLY to their irregulars.
I always wonder about some of the stuff I see on the seconds lists. So many combinations I never see anywhere else. Who is Alden making this stuff up for? Some oddball examples from today: Snuff suede loafer on red brick sole? Modified black calf and alpine grain saddle shoe on rubber Goodyear sole? Black shell NST boot on crepe? Natural CXL boot on wedge sole? Black alpine grain wingtip boot on rubber sole with natural edge?
I used to be all about the antique edge but these days I prefer the black edge. I think it definitely adds a touch of formality which makes them a bit more versatile IMO. In the end, you cannot really go wrong either way though as the #8 looks pretty sharp on the antique edge too.
Quite a few shell boots in 7.5 and 8 just showed up on TSM irregulars list. PM me with your email addresses if anybody wants the list but didn't receive it.
It looks like we're closing in on the $800 mark for domestic shell make-ups.
Good to know. The BB Black Fleece line had some pretty interesting make-ups. Unfortunately, I don't think they make anything for Black Fleece anymore.
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