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Oops. It was the camp sole, not sure what sort of difference that makes but they have confirmed my order and specifications. In the end, if I have to go with something else, as long as it's not a boat shoe sole or their leather sole, I won't be heartbroken. I'm pretty easy going.
The sole I picked doesn't have a leather midsole so it shouldn't be an issue.
I broke mine out for the first time in months last Friday and have decided I really need to start wearing it more often as well. I don't think I have worn it at all since maybe October.
I just sent off a pair of very abused 4-year-old brown CXL Ranger Mocs for the premium refurb. I decided to switch from the standard ranger moc sole to the Reltex ranger sole. In my haste to get them out the door though I neglected to get some "Before" pictures. Oh well. I'm looking forward to what will basically amount to a brand new shoe.
@NewYorkIslander - Any plans to ever offer some bow ties? I find myself wearing them more and more over the past year or so and your ties have some of the most interesting fabrics. I'd love to see some of them offered as bow ties in the future.
My wife is the same way with wool and she thinks my heirloom cardigan is one of the itchier sweaters that I own. I'll agree that it's on the rougher side of things, but I still love it.
I came home from vacation and it seems that the Epaulet fairy paid a visit today. Indigo Hopsack Rudy Legendary Grey Wool Speckled Donegal Tweed Sunshine Crinkle Distressed Cotton Twill Dark French Blue Cotton Tonal Herringbone Barberis Dark Mocha Rudy Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical Wool Turquoise Donegal Rudy My tailor is going to be busy next week…
@Epaulet - have all the Rudy and Rivet EFF trousers shipped? I ordered quite a few pair and the shipping confirmation I got recently has only 1 pair listed in it.
Besides the madras, I also ordered the grey pique. I had been looking for a grey suit for a while so this worked out perfectly.
Green and gold madras jacket and trousers ordered. I don't know if I'll actually go full GTH mode this summer but I may just look for an occasion to do so.
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