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Are those ranger mocs you posted lined or unlined? I have unlined brown CXL and lined natural CXL and I've found the lined ones keep their shape infinitely better than my unlined versions and I don't put shoe trees in either of them.
What he said!
I recently acquired a Nomos Ahoi Atlantik and before getting it, I had only seen a Nomos in the flesh once (a Tangente) and I agree that they are so clean and simple looking almost bordering on generic. The thing that sold me on mine though was that I knew the fit and finish would be fantastic at that price point. After receiving mine, I definitely wasn't disappointed and it's definitely gorgeous and I do enjoy it but it's so cold looking that I don't know if I'll form an...
6.4 miles this morning... in the snow. I found Newton Distance to have a similar feel to the Hokas that I had tried (I cannot recall the exact model of the Hoka though) while being significantly lighter. I've ran a few marathons and halfs in them and they hold up very well over the long runs. You're not going to get as much support as you will with the Hokas, but I think that's just part of the trade-off for what felt like a lighter shoe.
If the price is good, I'd wear it as is. Sure, you didn't put the dings and scratches in it yourself, but they definitely add to the patina.
I would be interested.
8.8 miles this morning. The cold weather has returned and there are threats of snow n the forecast for at least the next 10 days. I hate April.
Count me as another impressed by the stitching on those boots. I may have to inquire about the availability of the skin stitching on my next pair.
I jokingly asked for an engagement Omega or Rolex shortly after I gave my now wife her engagement ring and she said sure but I didn't want her to spend any money on me. What was I thinking? I wonder if that offer still stands seven years after the wedding?
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