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I'm another who sets mine to GMT time when I am wearing one.. except I call it "Zulu" time. Old habits are hard to break.Those trousers look awesome! Much brighter than in the photos on the Epaulet site. I was going to just get the blue oxford cloth Rivets but now I need both.Speaking of the photos on the @Epaulet site, the pictures for the new Rivets both look really fuzzy to me - like somebody used some odd Instagram filter and then destabilized the photos.I'm waiting on...
And I thought the 5 that I just ordered was excessive!
I'd check out Stapcode. Their bracelets are a pretty good value and they have just about every size and style imaginable. I'd maybe go with a Jubilee style for the Sea Urchin, though an Oyster would look good too. I've bought a few different bracelets from them without any problems.FWIW, MassDrop is currently offering the Sea Urchin at $120.
It is a chrono. I think the OP was just mentioning what you can see in the photo.
That green is pretty great looking. I feel like I can find red and blue checks in flannels all day long but that green is a bit more unique.
I'll give another endorsement for the Balega socks. I originally got mine for running but often wear them with casual shoes where I want something not too noticeable. As somebody else mentioned though they are a bit higher than actual no-show socks. For true no-show I've tried a few different brands and they usually have the problems of rolling down and bunching up. The only ones I've found that stay snug and don't show at all even with a nice low loafer are ones I've...
To me it looks just a tad too tight, especially higher up through the body around the 2nd button. You also seem to be standing very stiffly/unnaturally in the photo (suffering from ILS? ) so that could be making it look a bit tighter to my eye. If it were me, I'd have it let out just a touch. I know with a DB you run the risk of having the 1980s look where there are about three extra yards of fabric and nobody wants to see that, but a DB jacket is inherently more casual...
Speaking of ripstop - I'd love to be able to get those fabrics in a Walt or Rudy fit.
I like the complaints of weight gain followed by a post with a pic of your McDonald's breakfast! lol (FWIW, I'm in the same boat and need to learn to eat less)
By our other brand, I assume you are talking about Epaulet? If so, I've always found Epaulet's shirt measurements to be a little wonky - either they are perfect in the chest and body but the biceps are too tight or they're too tight across the chest but the torso is great... I think their use of darts on so many of their shirts is what messes things up for me.I wear a ton of OCBD shirts and for comparison's sake, the best fit I've found OTR from one of the major brands is...
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