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I put myself on a clothing shopping ban for November and December but looking at their new arrivals section (and coming into this thread) is so damn tempting...
While waiting on this season's FF sportcoats to come in, I've been getting a lot of use out of one of the ones I got last year: (Paired today with some greenish/grey herringbone Epaulet wool trousers I found on eBay and the Plaza Indy Boot)
Plaza Indy Boots from Frans Boone today
22,037 + 113.5 = 22,150.5
I just ordered both of the caps. Now the hard part of deciding which to keep for myself and which to give to my wife...
As long as the trousers are tailored nicely with minimal break, and you keep a nice crease in them, I think the calvary twill works really well in business casual settings, especially if your office is like mine and leans more toward the casual side of business casual. I have a few older pair from Brooks Brothers that I've been wearing for years in the fall and winter and often pair them with a tweed, flannel, moleskin, or doeskin blazer or sportcoat. If I had a hopsack...
I got my shipping confirmation for my Unionmade order (order number 47something). Everything I ordered looks to be on its way to me. FWIW, I've placed a handful of orders with them each of the past few years and never once had an issue.
The sleeves look a tad short for my tastes but not terribly so. Usually with an outerwear piece like this you want the sleeves to hit at the base of the thumb so that everything is covered if you are wearing gloves and you stretch your arm out. You can always take it to a tailor to see if there's enough material to let them out a bit.
FWIW, the red brick sole is hands-down the most comfortable sole I've ever had on any pair of Alden, but unlike the crepe which doesn't really draw your eye to it, the red brick definitely does. It's not an inconspicuous sole at all. I've got a pair of Alpine grain LWB on the red brick that I am constantly debating either selling or getting resoled onto something else.
Gorgeous.They make me want to break out my blue suede ones Indys and start wearing them again.
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