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Well, no Uncle Nutzy for me. They appear to have sold out.
If it's still there when I get off of work, I'll pull the trigger too. I've given myself a cooling off period.
I am considering the Uncle Nutzy. I would never wear them to the office but I could see me wearing them basically anywhere else all summer long. Especially to the dismay of my wife.
I'm going to lunch. don't put up anything good while I'm out.
That turquoise Donegal tweed!
Well that Chocolate Flannel went fast.
Since Alden no longer seems willing to do individual special orders, many of Mac's aren't grails anymore. They are unicorns.
When I was in the Marines, I could easily do 30+ dead hang pull-ups in one set. I don't think there was a chance in hell that I would have been able to do a muscle up though.
The trousers are the Epaulet rust mid-weight flannel. I picked them up in the "Ends for Friends" thing they did before Christmas. They are definitely an interesting color.
Yep, they worked out much better than I thought they would. It might actually be the perfect fit for me for loafers.
New Posts  All Forums: