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I'm seriously considering doing the olive cord in a double breasted suit. I don't currently own a double breasted jacket and if I had one, I would want one that's casual and fun and I think this might be the way to do it. Somebody talk me out of it.
^ Thank you.
@Epaulet - Any update on the November round of EFF trousers?
Ditto. I don't like the #4 wingtips or LWBs that I've seen but I think it works really well here. Maybe it's the more casual look of the Tankers and the chunky hand stitching that helps it out. Either way, I really like it.z8k1n - I think we're essentially the same size. So when you decide to let these go...
I believe I have a topcoat that I got from a local store a few years ago in the same fabric as the "Glasswegian". Maybe I'll have to go for the matching suit? Sorry for the crappy, heavily filtered photo. Now I'm anxious to go home and check the material more closely to see if it's the same.
^ That's (ch)Air Force.
I think the tweeds can work great either way. IMO the partially lined helps make it a bit more casual if that's your goal.
You mean 1 unit.
It's still showing up for me.
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