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I'm leaning towards a wool-mohair suit and trying to narrow it down between the loden, gunmetal, or maybe even the rust and maybe a charcoal or java windowpane "budget" donegal tweed suit. I don't really need another tweed suit but the prices on those budget ones are hard to pass up and the windowpane trousers would be pretty kick ass.That's an awesome deal! If I didn't already have one in the grey pique in a nearly identical makeup, I'd be all over that! GLWS!
Hmmm... I haven't been to NYC in about 15 years. Maybe it's time to head back?
I got one from Epaulet in that makeup last year (or maybe it was 2014?) and I have to say that it's definitely the way to go! I agree with @loxo that it works out really well with the heaviness of the tweed.Today I'm wearing an older fully-lined Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed jacket and every time I put it on I wish it had the partial lining like my stuff from Epaulet.
Do you have any pictures of your mohair suit? I'm really interested in picking one up this time around. Also, how is the fabric weight? Would you say this is too warm for most of the spring?
My "Ultraviolet" purple William Lockie Donegal sweater arrived yesterday and it's truly awesome. The material is so soft and it's surprisingly warm for being relatively lightweight. I really wish I would have also ordered one in the "Pacific Blue" or "Bordeaux" color as well.
@Epaulet - With the new Alden arrivals, any word on the #8 Alt Wien boots? FWIW - I think one of the reasons I originally passed on the Rayden Boot was that I didn't like the idea of an antique edge on the black shell. I like this version as delivered much much better. If anybody passes on a 7.5e, I might be interested. lol
It looks like winter weather and colder temps have finally arrived here in Metro Detroit. Hopefully I'll be wearing my William Lockie sweater early next week.
A question for @LA Guy or @gdl203 before I possibly bid: For the NMWA auction, are the Eidos and Vass options limited to the sizes that are currently in stock?
Thanks for running this again this year @LA Guy. The annual RMHC auction is one of my absolute favorite things about StyleForum. I definitely look forward to it all fall long!
Hmmm... I think I like the 1st look better! I really regret not getting a moleskin field jacket.
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