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My newest addition - the new Diver One Stainless from Scurfa Watches. If you don't mind quartz, Scurfa makes some great watches that really stand up to the elements (this is my second from them).As long as it's running well, I think you got a good deal. I know if you are patient you can often get them a bit less on WUS and other similar forums but the one on that eBay link appears to be pretty clean and unmarked up. My word of advice though - invest in a couple cheap NATO...
6.1 on Saturday afternoon
If I hadn't bought a couple suits through the Southwick MTO last month, I would have definitely gotten the Lapis Vintage Tweed and probably also the Bright-Blue Windowpane.There are a lot of awesome choices there from LBM.
I saw that @Epaulet beat me to it but I was going to recommend the 41 as well. I've now got a closet full of the Southwick sportcoats from Epaulet in 41 and that's worked great. It sounds like I have similar measurements as you and the shoulders of the 41 fit me perfectly and then I usually have the waist let out just a tad to loosen things up a bit.
Are your Pitt Boots from the LeatherSoul order that was done back in early '13? If so, I may have a 7.5e incoming if you are interested in those (I haven't yet received word from LS so I don't know if mine have arrived yet and/or if I am going to keep them once I get them).
My salt and pepper Donegal tweed Southwick MTO arrived today, just a week after the other tweed did. So both of these suits arrived within a month of when the original order was placed. I'm very pleased with the wicked fast turnaround! Now I've got two suits at the tailor and cannot wait for him to get them back to me, especially now that the weather seems to have gotten consistently cooler here.
I will say the speckles are definitely noticeable in person but not nearly as pronounced as they are in the photo which must have been taken really closely.The fabrics are definitely on he rougher side of tweed; I just got a tweed suit from the current MTO offerings at Epaulet (also out for alterations...) and these Malloy tweeds make the Harris Tweed from Epaulet feel like a worsted wool. I may have a hard time pairing them with a sportcoat so they'll probably get worn...
I've gotten a few shirts from Luxire with positive results and yesterday I received my first pair of trousers. I had sent in a pair of my own to get copied, while increasing the rise a bit, and they came out great except maybe just a tad too tight in the waist, but I chalk that up to the higher rise and the very thick material I picked, especially compared to the pants I sent in to get copied. No problem though since there is more than enough material inside to let them...
I woke up early and got in 17.75 miles this morning, in honor of today and the 240th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps! Now I need to find the traditional lunch of steak and lobster.
A fast mile on the treadmill this morning after 30 minutes on the step machine and a pyramid set of dips and pull-ups up to 15.
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