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Great JLCs Blaugrana! I really like the Geophysic, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites every time I see one. After years of abuse, one of the collars in the bracelet of my MM300 decided to give out this afternoon. Thankfully I had a spare NATO at the office that I could throw it on for the rest of the day. I've never been a fan of Seiko's pin and collar system for their bracelets, but this is the first time one ever actually just broke down on me. Oh well. I'm...
I tried the Michigan Boots last year at the DC Alden store and have to agree that they are really really comfortable. I think the Van last is underrated in terms of comfort. My two favorite pair of Alden are both on mocc toe Ranger shoes on the Van (snuff suede and #8).
6.5 miles early yesterday morning and then another fast 1.25 on the treadmill before bed.
^ Awesome deal! If I didn't have a snuff suede Alt Wien, I'd be all over these.
You will not be disappointed. I had the CXL version from their original release a few years ago. After amassing too many boots and shoes, they stopped getting worn and were one of the first pair of Alden that I sold on here and have regretted it ever since. Every time a picture of somebody's pops up now on Instagram or here I feel the pain. And then of course I missed out on the pre-order this time around. I'm hoping that they'll have one available for me anyway...
Snuff suede "Conservation Boot" from LeatherSoul. I forgot how comfy the wedge sole is.
I was hoping to see a 7.5 as well but no dice. I think this has been the case in quite a few of the Alden make-ups that Epaulet has offered recently. It sounds like they are just not offering 7.5 at all anymore unless you go through a pre-order.
I've had boots and shoes in all three (kudu, reverse chamois, CXL) and I think the kudu is far and away the best for resisting the elements, BUT I think the reverse chamois looks much much better both right out of the box and after wearing them for quite sometime.Another option that wasn't mentioned is the regular (non-reverse) chamois. I have these Ranger Moccs from Need Supply and I wear them constantly. I think they probably are not as weather resistant as the kudu, but...
@Epaulet - Any updates on the #8 Alt Wien boots or the suede TO Tie Guy Snuff Suede boots? Edit: After I posted this I went back in my records and saw that the Alt Wien boots were pre-ordered one year ago today. Serendipity!
Mr. Dobalina, Mr. @bobdobalina... those aren't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Any massive holes in the soles? That's what I always hear is the main thing that would prevent a refurbishing. I'm curious because may favorite pair of shoes is probably getting near the point to be refurbished. I don't want to not have the shoes for a couple months but I don't want to wear them so much that they cannot really be refurbished.
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