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^ Some awesome choices there! I really like that brushed cotton button down.
Yep. Nobody snag the ones I've got my eye on while I work out my size! lolI have two pair of Vass on the "New Peter" last in a size 41 and they fit great. Should I go with a 41 in the F last as well? FWIW, I measure an 8.0 on the Brannock device and have a slightly wide foot (I prefer "E widths" when I can get them for most shoes from Alden or Allen Edmonds, but I can happily wear a D most times).
Very nice! If I didn't already have a pair on the plaza last (that I never wear), I'd be all over these. I think the grant might be my favorite last for the Indy Boots.
I too have ordered from Unipair to the states and everything went very smoothly. No customs, duties, or brokerage fees on my end and I think I had the shoes on my feel within a week. Unipair even threw in a very nice horsehair brush and mahogany shoe horn. I'd definitely order from them again.
I prefer cuffs on mine but with cords, I feel you can really go either way.Awesome news! I slept through the first round but definitely not this time around!
My newest acquisition - a Sinn EZM2 It's an oil-filled quartz movement and is my second such watch, my other being a Sinn UX (EZM2B). These days I find myself wearing my various quartz watches a bit more frequently than my automatics and I found I really liked my Sinn UX because of the unique quality that because it's filled with oil seems to make it very easy to read the time very quickly at just about any angle. I had always liked the EZM2 but they were discontinued...
Is this local lake Lake Erie? The scenery and the spacing of the towers really looks like the area around the Fermi nuclear plant and Pointe Mouilee near Monroe, Michigan.
I generally don't really care for the Color #2 and the Color #4 leather for most uses as it just seems so bright but I think the one exception, where those bright colors work exceptionally well, is the LHS.
I received my navy donegal Eidos field jacket and it is 100% awesome. It's in the low 60s today and there is a cool breeze and the field jacket is the perfect weigh combined with the lightweight chambray shirt I'm wearing. The Eidos suit I have is a 50 but I sized up to the 52 in the field jacket and I'm glad I did. The shoulders might be just a tad big on me for some people's taste, but it's extremely comfortable and I'm sure that the 50 would not have left me room for...
Great looking captoes by those trousers are really spectacular.
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