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Radiohead isn't coming around to Detroit but I did see them a few times, most recently was locally in 2012 and the first back in 1995 in a smallish venue in Detroit (St. Andrew's Hall, with maybe 700 or so in attendance) for what was either only the 3rd or 4th concert I had ever been to.However, the most memorable was at Bonnaroo in 2006. Beck performed just before them and played a great rendition of Creep (I think he was trolling them). However, the highlight of the...
My long awaited Snuff Suede Roy Boots from Context Clothing are finally in. I ordered these back in May of 2015 and it seems like that should be too long to wait for some boots that are not an exotic shell cordovan, but the wait just makes it that much sweeter... or at least that's what I tell myself! Now I just need to wait a few more days for them to make it to my house.
An entire pair? Linen is fiber so you're going to be nice and regular for a while!
Speaking of custom - I got some custom bowties from Yellow Hook last fall and they turned out great!
You are right that the watches cases aren't really particularly large, but to me it seems like their lugs are often very long and flat which gives the watch a relatively larger lug-to-lug measurement.What size is your Tangente? One of the things I like about Nomos is that they offer many of their watches in multiple case sizes. I think the Tangente comes in 33.0, 35.0, 38.5 and maybe even 40.0mm versions.
^ If you have big enough wrists, I think Nomos has some gorgeous watches. I had the Ahoi Atlantic but had to part ways with it. The lugs on the Ahoi (and many of their watches) stick out so far and so flat that the already large watches wear even bigger and quite awkwardly. I have been really tempted lately by their smallest version of the Club but am going to wait this time until I can see one in person and try it on.
Maybe I can use these anecdotal findings to convince my wife that we need to move somewhere warmer.
That's really interesting and I wonder if it has anything to do with the difference in absolute latitude? For instance maybe your accuracy would generally be the same (except reversed) if you went from 42º N to 42º S but might be substantially different if you went from something like 42º N to 8º S?
I think the thing that stops a lot of the Seiko movements from meeting the COSC specs is the lack of consistency. While the average daily rate might fall within the specs, over the course of the 2 week test period, they probably wont meet the mean requirement, especially movements like the 7S-26 and the 6R-15 that might be all over the place the first couple of days before settling down and a watch like my my SKX007 would likely fail because it often more than a 10 second...
Off the top of my head, I have the 8L-35, 6R-15, 7S-26, and the 7S-35.The 8L-35 is in the MM 300 and I haven't measured it in a while but it was always running about +12 to +15 seconds a day which seemed like poor performance for what is otherwise an awesome watch. This is at the top end of what this movement is rated for but for the cost, I feel it should be better. FWIW though, I will say that I don't think I've worn this consistently for more than 2 days in quite some...
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