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Don't give up on the Rivets yet! Just keep sizing up! Once I found a size that fits for me I learned to love my Rivets. Plenty of room in the legs and you can still have the waist taken in slightly. This method definitely gives me a relaxed, casual fit though so I don't wear them with a blazer or sportscoat like I've seen some folks on here do very nicely.I agree about avoiding tapering Rudy trousers... or any trousers for that matter. However, I am not one who will ever...
I have the same problem and have just decided to size up one more in them than I otherwise would take. My waist measures about 35" and a Rudy in a 36 fits me pretty great all around but can be a little slimmer than I prefer around most of the leg, including the calves so if I am buying MTO I now go up to a size 37. I first did this a couple of years ago when I was buying some tweed trousers in a 36 and Mike suggested I change the order to a 37 since the tweed was making up...
That looks awesome. If I hadn't already picked up the Valstar hooded parka back in the fall, I'd be all over this.
I feel ya! I had that leather jacket in my cart as well and was thinking it over... and over... and over. I've never really had a desire for a leather jacket but every time I see the photos of one of those Theidis I sort of want one. I told myself that if it was still available after getting my my daughter a bath and to bed, I'd buy it. It was gone.
The problem is that every GS I've seen is even better in person! Granted, I've only been able to handle a few but they are all absolutely gorgeous!
A GS is my goal for 2017, the hard part is narrowing it down to which one. A Snowflake is perpetually at the top of my list, but every time I think I'm ready, something else catches my eye, particularly a hi-beat. But lately I've really been eyeing the anti-magnetic quartz. Decisions, decisions.
I loved my Ahoi but had to part with it just for that reason.Today I'm wearing a Seiko Tuna that is significantly bigger in just about every regard but fits so much better because of the lug design and placement.
Hungary is indeed an awesome place. I once got on a train in Venice intending to get off in Trieste but didn't realize I was on an evening express, non-stop, to Budapest. The conductor had a nice chuckle when he came to check our tickets and told us we definitely weren't the first to make the mistake.Thankfully, the folks on the ship we were aboard at the time (USS Saipan) were understanding of our missing the curfew and told us to take an extra day or two and enjoy the...
Great pick-up!I had the LSxSE natural CXL boot from their first run and ended up selling it after a few months and regretted it ever since. I picked up the snuff suede version last year and have been wearing them a lot since then. The wedge sole is just sooooo comfortable.I've gone back and forth about picking up the CXL version again.
Great pick up. I've got a closet (and garage shelving unit ) overflowing with shoes and boots and my #8 Tankers are fare and away my most frequently worn.
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