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I got in about 5.5 miles this morning. It was 6º and my phone/music shutdown around the halfway mark.I hate the crowds of people at the starts of bigger races. If I cannot start in one of the front corals (or if there aren't separate corals), and the run is at least 10k, I will usually just go pretty slow for the first half mile or so before I bother trying to get around the slower folks.As for walking around to much the day before, I think that can be a huge contributor...
Wow! I knew that they would go pretty fast with an order of that size (regardless of whether it was 12 or 18 pair) but that was REALLY fast! I wonder what percentage of the orders went to StyleForum folks?
Are you making up the names on the fly? I propose we need a "Detroiter" or "MoTown".
I wish there were no darts. I'd be all over some of these fabrics.
My understanding is that the "ends" of these fabric runs is basically just leftover stuff from the start of the season. And beyond that, I'm wearing a J. Press OCBD shirt today that I've probably had about 8 years and it's held up fine. I imagine the fabrics used by Gitman are on par (or even above) those from J. Press and should perform just as well. I would have no concerns.
I am in a conference all day but thankfully it's a conference where I am sitting in front of a computer all day.
Wow! I had no idea it had dropped that much. I live by the border and had gotten so accustomed to the Loonie being on par with our dollar that I hadn't paid attention in a while. I remember back in the 1990s when I had just turned 19 and would go over to the bars and casino in Windosr and it was even below 75¢ to the U.S. dollar at times.
I was just about to do the same thing. Edit:Looks like I was too slow. On a related note - @Epaulet - Ever consider offering some bow ties?
I agree that I would much rather see an Alt Wien on a double leather sole than a commando sole, but, FWIW, Alden's commando sole is not nearly as clunky as some others I've seen.
New Posts  All Forums: