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I bought these from Harrison LTD in January 2015 and have worn them just a few times since then. They've been taking up space in my closet so it's time to part ways. Alden LHS Ravello shell cordovan Size 7.5D Van last $675 shipped in CONUS (I'm willing to ship overseas but the price my change) I'm also open to trades for a pair of Alden whiskey shell cordovan PTBs in similar condition (size 7.5 or 8.0 depending on the last).
I haven't checked out this thread in a while but the Nomos conversation is an interesting one. I fell in love with the Ahoi Atlantik shortly after it came out. The design was so minimal and sparse yet it grabbed my attention. On the wrist it was a different story though. It just felt cold (for lack of a better word) and I never connected with it so ended up selling it pretty quickly. The design of the lugs made it a bit difficult to wear for me as well so that may have...
Is the tobacco-khaki corduroy tweed (#2131) definitely sold out already?
After rearranging some stuff, I had forgotten that this solar Seiko SSC017 was sitting in a box in my den for a couple months, totally devoid of any sunlight. The battery completely drained and no matter how much sunlight I exposed it to, I couldn't get it going again. I left it outside for days on end and that didn't work. I kept it under the lighting equipment of a professional videographer at my office for hours and hours and that didn't work. I was about to send it...
Thanks for the quick reply. That Ultraviolet is precisely the one I want... and now ordered!
The donegal sweaters look awesome. @Epaulet - How would you say the sizing compares to the Northern Water sweaters of the past couple years? I see that the site advises to order your true size. For my Epaulet jackets, I am a 41 and I usually let an inch out of the waist are but odd sizes are not available on the sweaters. Should I go with a 42?
If it currently runs, and you aren't planning to wear it all the time, I'd just put a new strap or band on it and call it a day.You should be able to find a competent jeweler in your area that can give it a superficial cleaning but from the photo, the case doesn't look to be in bad shape so I wouldn't want to mess with having it totally polished and the crystal looks great so I'd want to keep that as original as possible for now as well.
I've been hitting "refresh" on Frank Ocean's website so much today that it reminded me of some of those @Epaulet "Factory Finds" events where they would be posting up fabrics in here as they would be hitting the site. Thankfully, Epaulet doesn't leave me disappointed like Frank Ocean seems to be doing today.
Well, I hadn't been planning on buying another seersucker shirt this summer...
Looks great but is this a recent photo? It's been like 1000º in Michigan lately. It seems like donegal trousers would be brutal right now!
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