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I generally prefer option #3 just because I don't like hydration vests and I wouldn't want both hands full of bottles. And of course, hydrate all day everyday so that you need less when you are actually running.
There must be some truth to this. My friend that ran it did just the "up" half and it took him about 3:35 and his normal full marathon is right about 3:25.
It was in the low 60s in Detroit this morning and I drive a Jeep with no doors or roof most of the summer. My Doyle is set to arrive today but it would have been a useful addition to this morning's commute.
I did 20 miles this morning. My legs were not feeling it and I was a bit hungover so I was more than happy when I saw my final pace was still down around 9:30/mile.I have a couple friends from here who were out there for that. I'd love to do that one in the next few years if I get the chance.
My chambray Doyle has shipped!
Those look great. So much better looking in your photos than those on the BB website.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they came in yesterday...
I was trying for those moleskins too. I can always use more of those.
8.3 miles this morning, most of it on the track for some intervals. We had about 7" of rain yesterday and apparently enough roads and freeways are still flooded that I probably could have added a nice swim to the run this morning if I had made a wrong turn...
A bit over 10 miles this morning
New Posts  All Forums: