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I like that Buffalo Soldier too but my wife will not endorse any more plaid sportcoats!Japanese floral chambray has been ordered!
I've got a plain blue chambray blazer from J. Press that I've had for years. Maybe I should get one in this to spice things up a bit lot?
Must resist! I really don't need a 4th grey suit...
If you search for "Friends" on their site it shows up.http://epauletnewyork.com/products/ends-for-friends-may-2016-4-season-suiting
My brothers are old enough that they were mostly gone from the house when I was little but they used to beat each other with those plastic Hot Wheels tracks. Sandor and Gregor be damned!I was out on a run one afternoon and running through the campus at a prestigious boarding school near me and came across a bunch of high school kids playing some weird sport on one of the fields. After stopping and watching for a few minutes I had to ask somebody who was sitting in the...
Quoted for the awesomeness that is USAA! I've been using them for my insurance for nearly 20 years now and refuse to even consider other companies. They have gone above and beyond what they have been required to for me. Definitely one of the best perks of being a veteran (or family member of one).To bring this back to the clothing discussion... @Epaulet - Any word on the #8 Alt Wien boots that were pre-ordered in early 2015?
That scene was painful and a great encapsulation of what the show seems to be turning into. It seemed like such a waste of screentime that could have been devoted to actual the storyline.(though I was intrigued as to what kind of games the Wise Masters used to make Missandei play with the other girls slaves... )
I got my khaki duck canvas field jacket yesterday and am very pleased with it. I am a 41 in Epaulet's Southwick jackets and went with @Epaulet's sizing recommendation of an L and am glad I did. There is plenty of space in the jacket to allow movement and even a light sweater underneath if I were so inclined but not so much extra space to make it sloppy looking. I can tell that a medium would have probably been just a tad too snug. The sleeves are a bit on the long side but...
I'm in the same boat in terms of outerwear but I think that picture may have just sold me on the field jacket! Thankfully I drive a Jeep and keep the top and doors off almost all spring and summer so I have a built in excuse when my wife says, "Another jacket?!?" @Epaulet: I know it's probably been covered numerous times, but If I wear a 41 in your Southwick sportcoats (and then I like to let them out just a bit), what would you recommend in the field jacket - M or L?Also,...
After looking at the fabrics for the shirt EFF, my wallet is thankful that I've never been able to dial in what size works best for me on Epaulet's shirts! Definitely some gorgeous looking patterns available!
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