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Besides the madras, I also ordered the grey pique. I had been looking for a grey suit for a while so this worked out perfectly.
Green and gold madras jacket and trousers ordered. I don't know if I'll actually go full GTH mode this summer but I may just look for an occasion to do so.
@Epaulet - One question on the madras fabric in the MTO suiting: what are the odds of the madras bleeding in the future?
It's in my cart and I'm oh so close to pulling the trigger on the madras suit. I don't know that I wioulf actually ever wear it as a suit, but it would be nice to have the option.
6 miles on the tradmill at the gym this morning. It was in the 50s as I was driving to work this morning (first time that warm in a loooooong time) and I saw a couple women out running in their skimpy shorts and sports bras. Maybe spring is finally here? I may be headed to Portland, Oregon for work later this year and am eyeing running in Forest Park just west of town. Some of the trails look pretty good without being too brutal. Anybody here ever run out there?
Those are amazing looking.
I really liked the EFF shirt gallery - great resolution and it loaded up really quickly. The pictures made me regret not actually getting any of those.
I got in for the Leffot #8 NST shoe. I have had my eye on that for a while and just recently tried the Aberdeen last and discovered how much I like the fit of it.
Nope. Move along. Nothing to see here..
Speaking of Whiskey Indy boots....Here's my well broken-in pair:LeatherSoul was going to be my suggestion. They have a pre-order that is supposedly still in the works, but it's going on 2.5 years now so who knows. The only saving grace that I can think of is that enough people have probably dropped out of it by now that there may be a few extra sizes available when/if they do ever come in.
New Posts  All Forums: