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There is a guy at my health club who I often see wearing a pair of whiskey shell LHS. They look like they are in pretty good shape, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were well over a decade old (maybe they are actually ravello that are very faded have a lot of patina) and those used to be the only Alden I would ever notice. Recently, the club hired a guy to come in a few mornings a week and shine shoes/boots while members are working out or swimming or whatever and I was...
@NewYorkIslander - It looks like I was too slow on the trigger yesterday evening and the YH3 "Bunnacia Chambray" Barber shirt has sold out. Any chance of more in that size coming available?
The Leonardo Barber shirts look awesome. I need to get home so I can check my other YH shirts to see which size I ended up landing on and put my order in.
That's awesome to hear! I remember seeing those performance stretch rivets when they first came in and was really really tempted but the last thing I needed was another pair of blue or khaki chinos. However, if they become available in that Rudy-type fit that you described, especially with an inch added to the rise over the basic Rivet, I'm in! Hopefully you guys offer them in the 36" waist.FWIW, while 100% wool or cotton is great for most applications, a bit of some sort...
I actually don't mind the choice of leather (though it wouldn't be my first) but the sole and welt definitely ruin that one.These are definitely awful. I remember seeing them when I was scrolling through their Alden offerings a couple of days ago and making this face to myself:
Don't give up on the Rivets yet! Just keep sizing up! Once I found a size that fits for me I learned to love my Rivets. Plenty of room in the legs and you can still have the waist taken in slightly. This method definitely gives me a relaxed, casual fit though so I don't wear them with a blazer or sportscoat like I've seen some folks on here do very nicely.I agree about avoiding tapering Rudy trousers... or any trousers for that matter. However, I am not one who will ever...
I have the same problem and have just decided to size up one more in them than I otherwise would take. My waist measures about 35" and a Rudy in a 36 fits me pretty great all around but can be a little slimmer than I prefer around most of the leg, including the calves so if I am buying MTO I now go up to a size 37. I first did this a couple of years ago when I was buying some tweed trousers in a 36 and Mike suggested I change the order to a 37 since the tweed was making up...
That looks awesome. If I hadn't already picked up the Valstar hooded parka back in the fall, I'd be all over this.
I feel ya! I had that leather jacket in my cart as well and was thinking it over... and over... and over. I've never really had a desire for a leather jacket but every time I see the photos of one of those Theidis I sort of want one. I told myself that if it was still available after getting my my daughter a bath and to bed, I'd buy it. It was gone.
The problem is that every GS I've seen is even better in person! Granted, I've only been able to handle a few but they are all absolutely gorgeous!
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