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@Epaulet Count me as another who was never too interested in the boots with the side zippers so I like this design quite a bit more. I also like the idea of the faux stitching across the cap instead of actually adding another piece of leather there (a casual boot in a casual leather with a plain captoe always strikes me as something that is trying to be a safety boot for a work environment, but without the actual added safety of the steel toe). The ability to do a...
I would be in for the Aloha Mr. Hand shirt with a camp collar as well.If I take an XL in the Individualized (with some minor adjustments) do you think the XXL in the darted Gitman would work? I'm interested in what the measurements around the body are for the Gitman compared to the Individualized.
I feel your pain. My collection of Seiko divers is busting at the seams and then I went and just added a Blumo to my collection... for the second time. I had one a few years ago and ended up selling it because I didn't like the relatively narrow lug width on such a big case. But every time I saw a picture of one online I missed mine so I got one again.
Did somebody say Monkey Wieners?
I was on that Epaulet Ravello Braxton boot pre-order too and I think I waited nearly 4 years before giving up. I remember when I emailed them asking for the refund they may have mentioned that I was the last holdout. I do still keep my fingers crossed that that one will magically appear in their warehouse and they'll give me first dibs on a size 7.5e.
Cross post from the Epaulet thread - the long awaited #8 Alt Wien boots. It only too 777 days for them to arrive from when I placed the order. No complaints from me though, they came out pretty awesome!
They are on the Barrie.
That's a great combination. I have a similar shirt and never thought of wearing it with greens. I usually stick with navy.
I believe they are the "Graham Cracker" tweeds from a round of EFF from last year. If they are not that, they are a very similar tweed from a local store that also uses Hertling. Either way, I went from wearing linen/cotton trousers a couple weeks ago back to the moleskins, tweeds, and Shetlands this week. I hate the weather this time of year. Looking at what's happening in PA and Upstate NY, it could be worse though...
After 777 days from when I placed the order, the Color #8 Alt Wien boots are on my feet. These were well worth the wait! I'm glad I toughed it out and stuck with the order. FWIW, I was so anxious to wear these that I put them on today fully knowing they have leather soles and that the sidewalks and parking lots would be icy... and then I nearly slipped and busted my a55 walking down my own sidewalk.
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