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7.7 miles with 16 x 400 meter intervals at the track.
I love those socks!
7.2 miles on Saturday morning and 14.2 on Sunday. Today was a rest day but the great running weather that we've had lately is still here and I was really tempted to go out for a few miles this morning, but I resisted and went for an easy walk instead.I agree with jbarwick - I don't think a few extra days of rest will be detrimental, especially this close to the actual event.
I'm the reverse. I generally prefer going to festivals alone so that I don't worry about trying to accommodate others and what they want to see. Between 2003 and 2009, I made it to just about every Bonnaroo, Coachella, ACL, Lollapolooza, and Pitchfork and went solo and with friends and always enjoyed the solo trips more.Wait... maybe that just doesn't speak well of my choice of friends?
16 years after releasing one of my favorite albums ever, Neutral Milk Hotel finally came to Detroit this week and I was able to go see them last night. One of the best concerts I've ever seen (right up there with lead singer Jeff Mangum's solo show I saw last winter). Photos and recordings were strictly prohibited so I have to settle for this video from a couple weeks ago on the same tour:
I used up my discount from the chambray Doyle pre-order on the steel blue tweed sportcoat and now fall cannot arrive fast enough. I'd love to see some trousers offered in the same fabrics, preferably in the Rudy fit...
9.6 miles this morning with two 3 mile intervals below 8 minutes/mile each. I ran past a massive 1920s Tudor house with about 5 acres of property and a gigantic stone wall all the way around the property and a gatehouse that looks larger than 2 of my houses combined and got curious as to who owns it. I looked it up in the public property tax records thinking maybe it was somebody I had heard of (locally famous lawyer or doctor, or maybe the head of some big company) but I...
5.4 slow, easy miles this morning. The temps were in the low 50s. After our epically long and cold winter, we have really been blessed with great running weather since then.
Doesn't Texas have some sort of program where if you graduate in the top 10% of your high school class, you are automatically admitted into any state school (so I guess UT or A&M)? If that's true, maybe that would be an incentive to sticking around in a less desirable district if, like many believe, more of her performance comes down to the family life and her support system. Of course, who knows what sort of admission standards they will have by the time she graduates...
8.8 miles this morning with 10 half mile intervals mixed in there.
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