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Agreed.I told myself no more trousers but some of those are superb, especially that Java fresco.It looks like The Epaulet crew is in the process of putting up some new "English Drill Cloth" options as well. I'm anxiously refreshing the page waiting for them to fix the text to tell me more about it. I have an itchy trigger finger.
Time mainly, but both really. As long as the bristles on your brush aren't overly stiff, you should be able to put quite a bit of pressure on the boots while brushing without doing any damage.
I have the same boots and have worn them hard over the past few years and mine get looking pretty beat-up every now and then. I think that's part of the appeal/problem with whiskey shell is that it will show every scuff, scratch, stain, and piece of dirt. But that just adds to the eventual patina.The best thing I've found to get mine cleaned up is a tiny bit of water and a lot of elbow grease with the horsehair brush. After that I'll apply a very light amount of neautral...
@Epaulet - Since you're killing it with the Alden make-ups lately, I have a suggestion for a future one that I'd love to see: alpine grain unlined LHS. I don't think I've seen any of the usual retailers offer any alpine grain loafer but I love it as an a dressier alternative to CXL and think it could be pretty cool as a loafer.
Gorgeous. I wish I would have called TSM when they were still showing a 7.5 on the site to see if it was for real.
7 slow miles this morning. It was awfully cold out there. I'm definitely ready for Florida in a few weeks.
My newest acquisition: (excuse the crappy iPhone pics) I too have been bit by the black shell bug.
My vote is the longwing. I like the look of the shell chukka in pictures but not on my feet. Alden generally (always?) uses the Barrie last for their shell chukkas, and although I am usually a fan of the Barrie, I just don't think it works for the chukka.
Welcome to the forum and great choice of avatar.I bought a copy of Pacific Ocean Blue at a used record store years ago and and when I got it home and took a closer look, I found that somebody had stuffed a clipping from a Seattle newspaper from his drowning. It was an interesting piece of ephemera to find in a record sleeve.
I think there has got to be some sort of law of diminishing returns on how cold the cold feels when it gets this cold.I'm in Birmngham and it was -18ยบ this morning and my boots where actually frozen to a small puddle of water in my heated garage.But I went running outside (before hitting up the steam room at the gym for 20 minutes) and it really wasn't all that bad... of course the only exposed portion of my body was my eyes and everything else was covered by at least two...
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