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Generally, I just chalk stuff like this up to typical wear and tear, especially after a couple of years. However, these look a bit different and look like the uppers could be pulling apart somehow. Maybe they were originally stitched too tight or something? The way the little gashes are so evenly spaced and sized, especially in the second photo, makes me wonder if it's something more than the typical abuse a pair of boots receives. Keep in mind, I'm definitely no expert...
I had been waiting on these Vass Norwegers to be restocked in my size for over a year. They hit the NMWA website last Tuesday or Wednesday and then hit my doorstep on Friday! Absolutely gorgeous and oh so comfortable. I keep finding myself looking down at my feet today!
These are one of the more interesting makeups I've seen in sometime. I need to clean out some space in my closet so I can justify buying a pair.
I think from here on out they should definitely be called "Tweeduroys"
If people would just buy the stuff in my signature, I wouldn't need a layaway!
I've had the same experience that the J. Crew orders that get backordered are usually filled very quickly, often earlier than the estimated date on your account will show.I think J. Crew probably gets them faster because they are usually not orders for exotic shell make-ups but rather basically stock items from the Alden catalog. I've noticed that if I go to a local retailer and wanted to get something basic like a #8 or tan calfskin PTB but they don't have it in stock, if...
I really like the texture on that strap on the top. How would you rate the quality of the leather on these?
How heavy/warm is the Sherpa lining in the Valstar hooded parka? What temps would you think this be appropriate down to when wearing a sweater? I also noticed that the headings in the measurement section are missing for this jacket, but I imagine it's: chest, length, shoulder, and sleeve from left to right?
Thanks for the quick reply! Norwegers purchased! I'd been waiting for these to come back in stock in my size for sometime so I'm definitely excited.
New Posts  All Forums: