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The black stows are on their way to me. @rydenfan - I hope you aren't a size 7 in Tricker's! Had the Leather Soul burnished tan edition ones still been available in my size, they would be on their way as well.
IMO the jacket, and the entire combination, looks pretty good but could probably use a bit of shortening on the sleeves so that a bit of your cuffs will show.
That's a nice welcome home!
I've been wearing the U1 all week. I often leave it on the night stand for weeks on end in favor of something a bit smaller on my wrist but every time I do put it on, I inevitably have a hard time taking it off again.
I agree. Had they been in my size, I would have snatched them up.
6.2 miles this morning and finished up just before a rain storm passed through. However, the rain was short lived and finished up in the time it took me to stop at the barber and coffee shops.
I was wondering the same thing about that Barbour. Mine fits quit generously but is still comfortable and functional. But when I saw that picture I began thinking about what my tailor might be able to do...
There are two really good menswear stores here in town and and I always feel a little tinge of guilt when I wear something from one of them into the other store.
7.1 miles this morning
Thank you @NOBD. I've been eyeing Luxire for some time. Maybe this will be them impetus to make my first purchase from them.
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