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Every time I get a sale email from Unionmade I think: But this one was just unbelievable. I was surprised at how many shirts were available in a medium and didn't have wacky designs on them that I could never wear to the office.
Every once in a while I get a Southwick jacket from somewhere other than Brooks Brothers but it will have Brooks Brothers buttons on the interior pockets. I always chuckle a bit to myself when that happens.
6.3 miles this morning - Still a bit tight from the marathon but it felt good to get back out there.
I got my navy and camel moleskin Rudy trousers yesterday and absolutely love them. And looking at the extended forecast, it seems fall is finally here to stay so I may be living in these for a while.
I love those. I have the shortwing version and would trade them for the longwing in a heartbeat.
I wear my tweed trousers with sportcoats quite frequently. I have a heavier, doeskin navy blazer I like to wear with some and a very rough Harris Tweed big check brown sportcoat that also works well with some of them.Chunky sweaters and cardigans are always a good choice too though.
Sometimes it pays to be a runner - I was in town for the MCM as well and lucked out with some Whiskey WTs. I hope you had a good run!
26.2 in the Marine Corps Maathon today in 3:50:14. I missed a PR by about 17 minutes but I wasn't really expecting to get one today so no big deal. As lomg as I finish sub 4 hours, I'm happy. Oddly though, I did get a half marathon PR by more than 2 minutes through the first half of the run. Maybe I need to get serious about working on my pacing before my next full? lol Maybe I'm biased but I will also say that the MCM has the Air Force Marathon soundly beat when it comes...
When I am in DC I always make a point of going to the Alden store. Often I leave empty-handed but these Whiskey WT were too good to pass up. After all the recent Whiskey and Ravello stuff that has been showing up on here I thought I might have a good chance at getting something so I had my fingers crossed.
According to the gentleman handling her, I was the first man inside.
New Posts  All Forums: