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Gaahhh! I'm kicking myself for sleeping on the Southwick discount. I thought about it all day and was about to order one of the tweed jackets after league night at bowling last night. Unfortunately, I decided to check out a brewery afterwards instead and by the time I got back to a computer, midnight had come and gone. Damn you Jolly Pumpkin and your delicious selection of sour beers!
I've thought about dropping out a few times, but I figure, hey, at least I'm locked in at early '13 prices!
I am in on the same order. I recently received my #8 shortwings that were pre-ordered at the same time as the Pitt Boots so I asked if they had any news about the Pitt Boot order and was told that they have indeed finally been confirmed and are supposedly in production. They hope to have them ready for delivery sometime in the December 2015 to February 2016 time frame. Fingers are crossed.
These are my favorite boots that I own. I love the color. I wish somebody would offer more make-ups in the choco suede.
Brixton pre-order sold out fast.
The salt and pepper donegal is great looking.... actually I like all of the donegals in that batch. I think the foggy bog is a great option too - very versatile. I've got a very similar Harris Tweed (but with a subtle but large red windowpane running through it) that gets worn almost all fall and winter long.I'm really digging the rust mohair suit.@Epaulet - Any indication on what the turnaround on these suits and sportcoats would be? I was hoping to see these fabrics put...
A more New York thing has never been said.FWIW, I imagine one of our local companies will be out there - McClure's Pickles. I believe their production is split between Detroit and Brooklyn.
I love the higher rise but I would prefer a standard tab closure. This closure seems a bit gimmicky to me.
That would be an epic coat. I may need to get something similar.
Thanks for the link. "Buy it now" clicked! I've never bought from Unipair but I actually did a trade with one of their employees (I have no idea how big the store is so maybe it was the owner?) and it worked out very smoothly. My biggest concern whenever I get something from an overseas seller is import fees and duties. I was hit with nothing on our end. Unipair even through in a really nice shoe brush and shoe horn and some other stuff. I wouldn't hesitate buying from...
New Posts  All Forums: