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Something doesn't sound right here. If the pin in the strap broke, why would you replace the entire watch? Just buy a new strap or bracelet. How long have you owned the watch? Did you buy it new or secondhand?FWIW, I will say that Seiko's straps (whether it's leather or rubber), are generally junk and Seiko's quality is in their movements. I have a titanium Seiko Samauri (SBDA003) that's about a decade old and is still ticking right along keeping great time.
I think I see a trend here. It's probably much more likely that @Epaulet has been cutting corners and short changing us on the amount of fabric in our trousers. That seems much more likely than any of us actually gaining weight!
+2I was drooling over some of those Walt samples, but alas, I'm just too... muscular. FWIW, I just took a couple pair of Hertling trousers that I got locally to the tailor at lunch after digging them out of my closet. It seems I just continue to get more and more muscular as I get older.
After seeing the Instagram pics I did some Googling and found a recent post with a picture buried on Grailed or Reddit or SuperFuture but cannot seem to find it now. It was on one of those forums that I never really go into.It seems to be quite the secretive boot.
3 miles on the treadmill for me this morning. I'm looking forward to getting in about 10 or 12 tomorrow morning before I go all Turkey Day and veg out on the couch with football, beer, and too much food.Which Nike's did you get? I really liked my Nike Free when I had them and my Air Pegasus are tied as my current favorites (I rotate between them and Saucony Zealot). I think I always gave Nike short shrift as being too much about fashion and not function but the salesman at...
Congrats. It seems like they are trickling in to the shop in Hawaii as I know that a few arrived a couple weeks ago and it sounds like yours just arrived recently. I'm still waiting on mine. FWIW, the pictures I've seen of the ones that have come in look spectacular.
I look forward to this so much that I actually added the annual charity auction into my clothing budget this year! BRING IT ON!
I haven't bought from NMWA in probably over a year but decided to take advantage of my Secret Handshake Founder's Circle status and grab my first pair of Vass - the Scotch Grain Alt Wien. I've had my eye on them for quite some time but each time a sale rolled around my size was unavailable (same story for the Norweger but those were out of stock in a 41 as well now). I fear once these arrive that it may be a slippery slope and my Alden just won't do it for me anymore.
Christmas came a bit early for me this year... I was moving the remainder of my summer clothing out of my bedroom closet and replacing them with my fall and winter stuff from the cedar closet and pulled out a brand new pair of turquoise moon donegal trousers that I got during a round of EFF back around the start of the year. I had forgotten all about them. I now recall that they arrived a bit late in the season for me to get much use out of so I decided to just hang them...
While the weather is perfect in Ann Arbor this afternoon, there's a Quiet Storm brewing. I'll try and get a picture of the full suit later this afternoon but let's just say I'm glad I took the plunge and got the trousers to go along with the tweed MTO jacket. I feel bulletproof in this get up.
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