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That might be the sharpest looking Seiko 5 I've ever seen!As for replacing the bezel, I would recommend checking out the Seiko/Citizen forums at WatchUSeek for recommendation on where to get the specific bezel insert that you will need. Replacing it should be pretty simple with a little watch pry-bar type tool (it looks like a butter knife, and honestly you probably could use an actual butter knife).Good luck!
I'm still waiting on a Ravello Brixton pre-order from 3 years ago.
I think kudu would hold up the best with the smooth tobacco chamois a close second. Of the two, I would prefer the chamois just because it looks slightly more refined than the kudu and might be a bit more versatile.
I'm a 40 just across the border so when you're looking to do some closet cleaning...
A while back I had posted about accidentally ordering the #8 Tankers from Leffot when I intended to order the Naval boots and I received a lot of private messages and comments in this thread about people who were willing to take the Tankers off my hands. I think I replied to all of the PMs, but in case I missed any - I just received word from Leffot today that they were able to get me the Naval boots instead, so I will not be selling a pair of Tankers.
All three are great boots IMO, and I think it will come down to what suits you and your wardrobe the best.I recently got the wingtip boot from TSM and have been wearing it a lot lately, however, if I wouldn't have missed the boat on the NST from Unionmade, I would have rather had that.All three seem to have about the same level of versatility to me, with NST being slightly more casual than the others and the captoe being slightly more formal that the others. I look at the...
I'm headed to DC later this week for the Marine Corps Marathon and along with my usual stops at J. Press and the Alden store, I'm thinking about hitting up Sky Valet. I don't see them mentioned on here too often. Has anybody been in there recently - are they worth the trip?If I am wearing a suit or nice trousers and coat, I'll usually wear Color #8 shell cordovan. If it's fall or winter and I'm wearing jeans, tweeds, or moleskin, I'll often wear my kudu LWB. Either ones...
I am a bit taller than you and went with a 1.5" cuff on most of them and a 2" cuff on a couple other pair of trousers. 2" is normally a bit more than what I put on my trousers but I think it looks good, especially on the tweeds.
I got a few pair of the recent FF moleskins, tweeds, and flannels all with cuffs. I like cuffs on my heavier-weight trousers such as these at it helps to balance things out at the bottom of the legs. This year, mine are all in the "Rudy" cut though, so YMMV.FWIW, I was wearing a pair of grey wool cord Rivets from last years stock this weekend and was regretting not getting them cuffed. I think the taped seams look pretty good on these and add a nice little bit of contrast,...
The awesomeness of the tankers are overshadowed by the awesomeness of the trousers. I may need to look for something similar.
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