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The Leonardo Barber shirts look awesome. I need to get home so I can check my other YH shirts to see which size I ended up landing on and put my order in.
That's awesome to hear! I remember seeing those performance stretch rivets when they first came in and was really really tempted but the last thing I needed was another pair of blue or khaki chinos. However, if they become available in that Rudy-type fit that you described, especially with an inch added to the rise over the basic Rivet, I'm in! Hopefully you guys offer them in the 36" waist.FWIW, while 100% wool or cotton is great for most applications, a bit of some sort...
I actually don't mind the choice of leather (though it wouldn't be my first) but the sole and welt definitely ruin that one.These are definitely awful. I remember seeing them when I was scrolling through their Alden offerings a couple of days ago and making this face to myself:
Don't give up on the Rivets yet! Just keep sizing up! Once I found a size that fits for me I learned to love my Rivets. Plenty of room in the legs and you can still have the waist taken in slightly. This method definitely gives me a relaxed, casual fit though so I don't wear them with a blazer or sportscoat like I've seen some folks on here do very nicely.I agree about avoiding tapering Rudy trousers... or any trousers for that matter. However, I am not one who will ever...
I have the same problem and have just decided to size up one more in them than I otherwise would take. My waist measures about 35" and a Rudy in a 36 fits me pretty great all around but can be a little slimmer than I prefer around most of the leg, including the calves so if I am buying MTO I now go up to a size 37. I first did this a couple of years ago when I was buying some tweed trousers in a 36 and Mike suggested I change the order to a 37 since the tweed was making up...
That looks awesome. If I hadn't already picked up the Valstar hooded parka back in the fall, I'd be all over this.
I feel ya! I had that leather jacket in my cart as well and was thinking it over... and over... and over. I've never really had a desire for a leather jacket but every time I see the photos of one of those Theidis I sort of want one. I told myself that if it was still available after getting my my daughter a bath and to bed, I'd buy it. It was gone.
The problem is that every GS I've seen is even better in person! Granted, I've only been able to handle a few but they are all absolutely gorgeous!
A GS is my goal for 2017, the hard part is narrowing it down to which one. A Snowflake is perpetually at the top of my list, but every time I think I'm ready, something else catches my eye, particularly a hi-beat. But lately I've really been eyeing the anti-magnetic quartz. Decisions, decisions.
I loved my Ahoi but had to part with it just for that reason.Today I'm wearing a Seiko Tuna that is significantly bigger in just about every regard but fits so much better because of the lug design and placement.
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