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I think this is called being "EP as f*ck!"
For those looking to really nerd things up, there's a good conversation with the show's creator of the Dothraki language on the Slate Lexicon Valley podcast this week. I Always Believed That Created Languages Were Art Pieces
6.3 miles this morning, slow and steady.
I've had my pair for about 4 years now and wear them frequently from the spring through the fall. I've never had an issue with the stitching bothering my feet and find them super comfortable. The snuff color is great as well and works with just about everything.
Regarding certain sizes being sold out in the Greenwich boot pre-order on Leffot: I've had my preferred size sell out on their pre-orders numerous times and sent them a quick email asking if it was possible to still get in on the pre-order. I've done this 3 or 4 times and every single time they've been willing to accommodate my request. My nicely worded emails always seem to get the desired results. I don't think there would be a need to send them an angry email.
That's awesome! Looking forward to seeing more about these shirts!
The Gitman Vintage I've gotten from UM fits a bit more trim than the New England shirts, but not much. However, I've gotten Gitman Vintage shirts from a number of different places and I've found their sizing to be pretty inconsistent. I don't know if they make different cuts for different retailers or if they are just all over the place.
Also in on the Guatemalan shirt. In most brands I am right in there for a medium but Epaulet mediums are always a bit tight across the chest and in the upper arms for me while the large is just a bit too big. I went with a large in the Guatemalan. If it's still too big, I'll just stop running and drink more beer this summer. The shirt is that awesome!
The New England shirts that Epaulet carries are a special cut just for Epaulet and are a bit more trim than the ones that UM carries, which are basically the same fabrics and cuts you will find at 95% of the places that carry New England shirts. I have a couple from UM and a couple from a local store and they fit me fine, I ordered one from Epaulet in the same size but had to return it as it was just a bit tight through the chest and especially in the biceps... and it's...
I size up one from my Walts for Rivets and then bring in the waist as needed. That will give me an extra bit in the thighs and rise/seat that I prefer. As for wearing them with untucked polo shirts, I think that's totally acceptable with the Rivets.
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