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I have asked @upr_crust if he would like to set this weeks challenge, also I was reminded that this Friday is the anniversary of the D-Day landings, perhaps something to commemorate this. Operation Neptune ( the landings themselves ) suggests a sea themed challenge, maybe all blues, or blues & greens. Or a challenge incorporating something of a military basis, there are plenty of ties out there with regimental history, let alone the tailored garments that have their routes...
Do as your told son, or there'll be no dessert for a week! -TTO
VoteNow -TTO
This weeks contenders !
Alcohol helps...-TTO
Hello new thread...more of the same, & something a little more over the top than usual...-TTO
& from last weekend... [[SPOILER]] -TTO
I did the same thing last week, I turned up at my friends house at 1.30 (after work) in the morning with whisky and a fez to join in a party, I thought it'd be fun to overdress for the occasion for a giggle. [[SPOILER]] My camera obviously doesn't work well at 4 in the morning, or maybe I was drunk...Anyway, lovely dinner suit @Shen.More of the usual from me, but restraining myself to a plain white, french-cuffed, spread collar shirt & linen square.Going OTT with black...
I have decided that 'Land of Hope & Glory' is the official 'F#@k You Casual Friday' theme tune, I hope you all hear it as an internal soundtrack for the day! -TTO
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