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Amen x 1000 hendrix!!!Look at that photo !!!A real photo proof of gemming failure and fairly substantial at that. only 5 YEARS OLD and 2/3rds of toe has FAILED Let the gemming lovers here choke on that:hide:This gemming failure is a common occurance in all RTW shoes including EG and JL even thouggh this is a rare photo. Why, because glue/cement joint is narrow.just to make sure everyone got this; A 5 YEAR OLD REVERRED (WANKED OVER) EDWARD GREEN SHOE HAS SIGNIFICANT...
If my understanding and that of a lobb selling store clerk is accurate, then the 7000 and 8000 only differ in toe shape and slight heel height differences. Basically the fit of the 7000/8000 should be almost the same for folks with standard toe lengths in relation to foot. Also given that the 6EE was only slightly too roomy at front then I would say 6E is quite safe. Can I ask how much Paris was charging you for the beckett + shipping?
You don't have to pay brokerage if you did it yourself. It's a simple process that can be done by fax and email. Just let any carrier know that you will do your own brokerage with customs. The carrier must provide you the paperwork and you will take this to customs completed. Customs will do thier bit and send back to you which you will send to carrier, at which time they will release the shipment.Brokerage is a huge F.....service scam that carriers enter and subtly try to...
Definitely awesome!
Still go see Rishi. I use Mytailor often and if you know what you want and are explicit and can navigate measurements and details they (especially Joe) can creat truly wonderful looking and made garments. Also for the prices i suspect you will get higher grades of cloth than many local tailors or merchants in Toronto. They have acess to a huge selection of high end cloths
You could alter the pant length but ultimately I think your shoes are to loose. It's seems very likely to me that your feet are moving too far forward with every step you take
Bespoke #2 is the best and by far. It certainly has alot of potential. The rtw is nothing more than ok but certainly not impressive or eye catching Communication is key and perhaps for this reason alone you should move on to another tailor that is closer to what you want/like to make communication easier. And if you are not sure what you want specifically the first time than yes bespoke is a process.
Zegna makes a jacketing bunch called "Best". It is100% cashmere at 10 oz and indicates "inner mongolian cashmere'. I felt the jacketing a while back and it was wonderful. Softer than Zegna's own or anyone else's 100% cashmere overcoating. Also about twice the price. I have no other info on this bunch and cannot find any info online. Anyone have experience with this one?
Really! Wow black cashmere can look so deep and lustrous almost like mink! My black cashmere is definitly a little more lustrous than my navy one. Both from the same H&S cloth bunch. Just a fluke?
Navy or black are excellent choices. Camel is ok but if that tone is what you prefer I would one that is as close to gold as possible because that will make it the most versatile of all. TBH if you like overcoats you will probably end up with all 3.
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