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this one hold 188 ties
"Hobo-Not-So-Chic" very well done. Sometimes looking like a homeless person is really appropriate.
Phillip II / 7000 by a landslide. The sole on prestige is windfall icing. Can't really say I like the 2511 last allthough floating medallions are OK. There is something really cheesy about the Chelmsford though. They looked pinched yet bloby.
Wow kudos to you and G&G Nick!You know this is not a knock at the beautiful G&G shoes or anyone else, but the color above as well as really dark purplish cherries are such beautiful colors that I think all munufacturers should exxplore it more. You know, really dark color versions of cherry, plum, aubergine/eggplant, but with a strong and definite purplish cast from the addition of blue/cyan, Basically really cold versions of these colors. I don't think folks realize...
Ah kindred folk. This is a real pain for me as well because it appears that most people in northern climats (Canada at least) are complete wusses. Whenever it isn't stinking hot outside then it is stinking hot indoors and especially public transit (which I flipping hate with a vengence). As such my suiting ranges almost exclusively from feather weight tropicals(5 oz) upto a maximum of heavy weight summer or 4 season (8 oz). The only exception to this rule are suitings I...
Simply stunning! Any idea how much this exact pair might set me back?
Absolutely not the slightest standardisation between manufactures. Last shapes, last numbers, last names and fit are totally proprietary. Meaning that you will need to try any of them on. For instance one company's narrow width 7 maybe another's 6.5 wide etc. Even lasts marked identically may actually have different ball to heel and girth measurements.
Wow that's a great looking boot.
These 2 exemplify the universal unfailing secret ingredient to cheap looking shoes: huge toe spring that is higher even than the heel:spew:
No I don't have either of these but I do have a pair of calf ankle boots that I use exclusively in winter in snow , salty slush, puddled water (3 to 4 km a day) with little ill effect. However I literally drench these with the Saphir stuff at the beginning of the season. I also have an oxford that I use in fall when it rains treated the same way. Both the boots and oxfords have topied leather soles as well.My father got caught in the rain in a pair of cordovans...
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