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In this picture the thickness looks like half inch to 5/8" and this makes it look like there is some padding.I have some completely unpadded jackets where the canvas is brought up to the seem and where there appears to be a sceond single layer of canvas that runs into the sleeve head to support the roped shoulder. These jackets look the best because I have ridiculously square shoulders and the roped shoulder keeps the formality intact. In fact these jackets on me look like...
That's too bad, but good on you for not worrying about it.Personally, I would rather all my welted shoes be in the 40% that don't have this going on. I would also expect more prsetigious shoes to behave better here.My father, had roughly a dozen well worn Dacks and Church shoes when he retired a decade ago and only one had a little of this going on!It happens but maybe moreso now than ever (although it shouldn't)
There seems to be a bit more going on than meets the eye. The channeled sole openning can happen and may mean insufficient use of cement at the factory or poor technique. Esasily repaired though. More imprtantly however is the small seperation of sole to welt. You can see a gap or step and this may be caused by loose or poor tension of the outsole stitching. Ordinarily both should behave as one.
There is nothing wrong with training, but you seem to be going for a look that does not benefit from training.Also, make sure to have a close look at any tailors roped shoulder work since the Tom Ford roped shoulders are very well done and not that easy to replicate. Other than that everything else should be relatively easy for a good tailor.
Malford,the second shoe from left,....... yes the Chapels.........that's right in museum plum I think..........................Can you please bring them in and put them on special please:Dthank you
I doubt its an orphan since 89% cashmere is very very likely a jacket only cloth given the weaving. This cloth would not hold up well as a trouser. The only significant % cashmere trouser suitable cloth you will see have a very tight worsted weaving. Cashmere is just not an abrasion resistant or tenacious fiber and needs all the help it can get in that department.
this as well as gray, silver, and faint color tone on tone stripes.For suits: dark gray, oxford, charcoal as well as cool toned dark browns. Tan would work for leisure suit/seersucker as well.
Actually my favourite ties are bold paisleys followed by bold geometrics, but I have far more paisleys in general. Some of these are works of art. The earlier Penroses and Duchamps are absolutely stunning IMHO. I have a couple Brioni paisleys with a deep black background and either deep purple or silver paisley and generously highlighted in 24K satin gold. Believe it or not these are quite tasteful.this is rack #1 for blacks, blues, purples, lilacs, fuschias, golds, &...
It's a homemade unit mounted on hinges for easy access to both sides and can rest against a wall. The woods are purpleheart and maple mounted on bronze hinges.
Oh I see ! Actually I thought he was homeless and that's why it was appropriate. i could be wrong here.
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