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OK this suit doesn't fit well for OTR...............It fits bloody perfect for BESPOKE! It is the nicest fit I have seen here on a person in a VERY VERY long time. God lord I honestly didn't know TF suits were this nice. The waist suppresion is fantastic! The pattern is outstanding. Tasteful as well. Seriously, did you get this at a TF store. Please tell me you didn't get this on sale. Where can I get one and how much for that particular one. If you are genuinely...
Roger moore (the saint & bond)
I have a suit made of LP Winter Tasmanian, maybe 6 or 7 years old. Nice cloth that wears well. At the time the Winter Tasmanian was only super 120. BTW all the tasmanians are among the top at LP for normal wool suitings. You really can't go wrong quality wise. That said, I find the Winter tasmanian too heavy and hot and much prefer the Summer Tasmanian. Summer T has an overall finer more modern feel and texture to it and is still appropriate all year round. lastly,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum If any website tries to cover my entire screen with an ad, providing it even gets past my pop-up blocker and Ad Aware to begin with, it will certainly put me off ever buying anything from their company. Hardly the best way to win over potential customers. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by TheButler I'm surprised nobody is pointing out that women have been making these types of comments since Twiggy and the stick-thin-model-brigade became the norm. You ain't being original in your complaint. Here's some support for you. Good luck with it. If you'd like to start seeing Seth Rogen do all the GQ ads, more power to you. Can you please include a warning next time you post a link like this please!
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Isn't cupro basically the same thing as rayon? They're both 100% manmade materials. Rayon is not that bad, and has alot of the properties that coton posseses. You can look at it as a man made material composed of natural ingredients. It should in no way be put in the same category as polyester or elastane ect which feel like plastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by L'Incandescent Ads for high-end fashion, including runway shows, have been out of touch with heterosexual, football-watching, Budweiser-drinking, goatee-wearing regular guys for many, many years. If this kind of advertising really is ineffective, then you'd have to assume that major high-end fashion designers are extremely economically irrational and have been for years. That's not impossible, of course, but I think it's...
does the suiting have a pin/chalk stripe or other pattern? I have a pin stripe suit with 1% cashmere and suspect that it is the pin stripe thread itself that is all cashmere, since it does have a different sheen.
Properly fitting clothes can absolutely hide many flaws to an extent. Olive oil: most of the stuff on the market is over processed low grade stuff that has been heated and corroded. No where near the health benefits claimed. Also the safest fat to cook is by far butter, yes it's saturated but that saturation protects it from corrosion under heat. Olive oil has a very low flash point and is one of the worst PUFAs to heat as all sorts of unhealthy chemical...
And the Roman Empire fell to the hands of barbarians and Arabs. See what wearing socks with sandals will bring you!!!! During the Third Reich wearing socks with sandals was cause for immediate execution. Seriously though, besides the beach or pool side (exception only) why do men wear sandals? Isn't it obvious men's feet should not be seen!!!!!!! (this applys to women who have feet that look like men's)
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