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Yes and if you look past the current flamboyant combinations, each individual piece actually uses very versatile colors that will still look good years from now when combined with more conservative dark or light colors if necessary.Obviously if you're an accountant or actuary with limited personality this will not work at all.
How were you able to capture the picture?
I like the suits and jackets alot. Lapels are perfect and appear to be only slightly wider than half the shoulder width which is exactly what I have been bespeaking for the last couple years. Most of the colors are stunning and the cloths seem to have a nice sheen to them. In fact the suits bear a striking resemblance to my latest except for my hacking pockets.
#3 and 6 are dreadful. Actually #3 is beyond nasty. The color/pattern remind me of wallpaper found in a 50s/60s american split level home just before it gets bulldozed.
Tell you're tailor to have a look at either the DJA, Monti, or Alumo books. I remember seeing this in one of those 3 but can't remember which. TBH I highly suspect its the Alumo, probably 120s. Certainly not 200s or more or I would have gotten it.
we are taking trench coat here not over coat.I found a beautiful Aquascutum 100% coton trench coat in a gold bronze color that was simply spectacular. Unfortunately it was an ample 46 and I am a thin waisted 36. But it was almost 2/3 off, basically a steal. So I took to my favorite tailor and asked if he could reduce it by 10 sizes. He said he could and proceeded to mark it. A month later I tried it on and it was perfect. The tailor basically recut almost everything and...
Not bad. The pants are wee bit little long = too much pudling. I suggest shortening so there is only a slight break. Perhaps hem at an angle. The back could use a little cleaning and the waist taken in a bit. You also have one shoulder lower than the other but that can't be hidden easily or at all by in store tailor.
What do you mean by this? Are you talking about where the toe tip is centered?
All of the rubber soled shoes I disassembled (about a dozen) had metal shanks. Shank type have absolutely nothing to do with sole type.
You're kidding right? TSA workers can barely talk properly let alone read or write. When someone can't get a job at Walmarts or pumping gas they usually end up as a TSA agent.
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