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smoke or dark MOP
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull They don't know how to cheat customs yet? Beginners! The Hong Kong bespoke tailors send you the suit balled-up to hell in a tiny package that they probably paid a buck or two at most to send through. Obviously MMV, but asides from the shipping cost (which would be more like a dozen or more bucks) this has been exactly my experience with hong kong tailors. The will explicitly mark the declarations form with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Have you noticed the major flaw on the left shoe ? The eyelets are everything but aligned....... Adrian Hadn't noticed, but good point!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger Wow, they look interesting... The leather looks great - did you choose the standard or bespoke quality? Will they be antiqued in any way, or is this the final colour? I had originally requested bespoke quality but that was a while ago so not completely. Cliff mentioned not to rely on the picture to guage color exactly but this should be relatively close to final color - so no antiquing.
Cliff just sent me these pics of my ankle boots. They are not finished but should be so in 2 or so weeks! They are just as I had envisioned. The wait is going to kill me!
Listen to your wife! get her the one she wants regardless what might happen in the future, the watch is for the NOW! It is not for you or us or anyone else--- just her! If down the road she wants white instead, cartier will replace (at substantial cost) the dial.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDandy «The result will be far better than any montreal made suit by a long shot.» This post is insulting enough for me to join and reply! Dear Xenon, unless you are on the payroll of, I can't explain why someone would have that much of a strong opinion on Montreal's tailors. Let assume you are not...Is the reason behind the fact that you have never actually tried yourself a bespoke suit is all related...
recent purchase
I am from montreal as well and have to say that there really isn't alot of value here. In fact there as not much a mtm (or bespoke? - yeah right and the cheque is in the mail, honest) can do here that an asian online service can't do better for half price. For sure though, forget tony the tailor (the one on stanley?) and Russel. I tried tony for an almost mtm shirt and the result was barely OK. Highest grade shirting was 140 - that's it. Didn't try Russels but had a...
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