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Tell me about it! Lobb Chapel in Plum museum = one of my all time favourite RTW, even more beautiful in person. I seriously think that I am starting to prefer the 8000 last over the Deco or TG73.
Nice collection. The order of one of the Phillip II and the chapel is reversed in the list
completely agree on this!Does Clifford still have some stake since his name is still there?Btw I like the brompton.
which s150 vs which s200. Mill, weave and weight are all important to determine durability. A light weight S150 may be flimsier than a heavy s200.
About Russel, I went there about 2 years ago under recommendation from a few folks and the selection of shirtings and suitings was disappointing. I had trouble getting them to show me anything in 170 for shirtings, maybe 5 or 6, and absolutely nothing finer. For suitings same deal. I guess they didn't think the finer cloths would sell but the seamed annoyed at me asking if the had acces to DJA, Alumo, LP, Zegna etc. Maybe they have changed though and have more options...
Don't get me wrong, I prefer lots of color, like a peacock, but done right, like a peacock. If you are going to get it wrong, or just to shock then definitely boring is preferrable.
Agree , the colors are a crayola trainwreck
Yes toluene, xylene, methyl ethy ketone and acetone (another type of ketone) are extremely inflamable. All these should be used outside only in a cool area. Methlyene chloride is not very flamable but is a suspected carcinogene, actually all haloginated hydrocarbons are.Toluene and xylene are aromatic (ring shaped) hydrocarbons, and not just inflamable but also potentially carcinogenic as well. Again use outside only with osha mask.
Excellent post Man of Lint. I agree with everything except for the steel wool which is abrasive to leather and will leave scratches on it. To remove caked on dirt & polish as well as any synthetic finishes use a very soft natural bristle brush dipped in methyl ethyl ketone or methylene chloride. If there is alot of really hard wax than use toluene or xylene instead.
thanks bengal-stripe
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