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Are you confusing alligator with croc perhaps?
This thread feels like the opnenning scene to "2001, A Space Odyssey". Who knows maybe it will lead to something by accident.
Plenty of high quality round toes to be found but pointy toes are here to stay, get used to it.
Is that an issue? or does the leather shrink simultaneously together?
+1On anyone else such sloping shoulders would look tragic, but he manges to make it all look great and easy.I am not convinced that narrowing / bringing up the shoulders would be any improvement at all and as suggested would require a complete re-engineering of the suit and look
Why even bother with shoddy components. Just continue making them to full label specs and make a fortune with no risk of being detected as a fake because it isn't. It's not like most labels are using extreme, or noble rare materials. The only labels using top end components/skins do so in their own shops or ateliers like Hermes etc. If you are subcontracting to China the specs are certainly run of the mill and readily available IN CHINA
Very nice shoe but I particularly like the near perfect birdseye shots you provided as it really displays the shape that a wearer would see.
I wish Andrew Lock/AnGeLiCbOrIs lots of succes. It's always nice and inspriational to see shoe and clothing startups. Hopefully the business Gods will look down favourably from the heavens and you will make it big!
TBH I'm liking this jacket the more I look at it.
No it isn't. It might make it succesful but constant doesn't equal growth. In fact in this brave world of attrition & expansion, it will sooner or later spell doom.
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