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I don't really know. It just looks like the shape where the lining ends. Maybe the lining was folded when pressed. Just tossing out ideas, but this happenned to me with a drycleaner (that I no longer use now).
Is your dry cleaner pressing your pants too hard? It looks like there is an imprint of the lining near the cuffs.
Wait a minute, what's wrong with Canadian pharmacies????
If you are real pretty already maybe you could go for gender reassignment therapy and then wear 6 inch stilletos.
Actually anyone who loves shoes should get it. A nice easy read..That book combined with MarcelHun (sp?) youtube videos are perfect primers for seeding the desire to own hand welted shoes.
Well that explains why they need to move to goodyear. You can't grow a business on these numbers.
Who is G, and please someone tell me this is a false rumor.Anyone have any idea/estimate what Vass's output capacity is in a week for hand welted shoes? For instance how long would it take to fill a 100 pair order in a single style/model?
Is there such a thing. Why easier to fix? If you are referring to resoling then (as said before) having the last is not necessary if upper is properly secured to inner sole along the whole perimeter. If on the other hand any part along the perimeter of the insole the upper is not secure ( such as where the gemming canvas tore or glue joint failed) than you will need the EXACT last model and size used to make the shoe, and NOT just any standard last. The last is simply...
Just terminologyMeermin call the "Linea Maestro" hand welted goodyear which is very misleading as the goodyear machine is probably not used to attach the welt since such a machine would have difficulty catching the very shallow carved holdfast. My understanding is that the goodyear machine is designed for a taller rib hence the modern canvass gemming(or previously the much deeper cut lateral leather flap). Perhaps DWFII or someone with hands on knowledge can chime in. Is...
Yes and no as it seems the point still isn't getting across.1)If cements/adhesives are so good now why aren't the bespke models of these manufacturers gemmed. Nostalgia maybe?2)If cements/adhesives are so good now why even bother with goodyear stitching and all, just cement the whole sole, less fuss, like the vast majority of shoes sold everywhere. In fact most cobblers now are far more adept with cements than stitching so resoling would be no different.
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