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A seam allows you to take a flat piece of leather and stitch it into a shape the somewhat resembles the shoe, a little bit of stretching and shaping is still required to get proper fit on the last but it should be within the leathers natural stretch limits.A seemless wholecut has no seems so you have to stretch the leather tremendously especially around the heel and ankle area, so much so that sometimes it is past the leathers tensile limits or always very close to it.
Seriously this is the best image posted on the entire www this year. Now all we need is "Fries gonna fry" image:D
There is no minimum that I am aware of. For anyone that has complaints on the fabric, please know that Joe has access to pretty much anything. He can get the finest shirtings and suitings you may want: DJA, Alumo, Monti, Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal etc... And Joe's prices on the super premium cloths are excellent. I haven't bought a shirt anywhere else in over 3 years.
What is the purpose of this? Is it to control overpronation?
I think you need to move beyond this as you are sure to miss out on all those chicks that like chicks. Focus on universal appeal. In your case maybe lots of lipstick and super high heels to balance things out:DIn any case I am interested in going! I'll have to see about how to get to the proper side of the continent and also come up with an excuse for my wife. Really I want to go because it sounds like there may be a lot of tall skinny pretty girls with small breasts.
It most certainly IS DOABLE. BUT full of pitfalls as well. Make sure what's underneath the finsish (patent) is a reasonable leather or at least real leather, which nowadays is far from a certainty. It could be composite/bonded leather (shredded leather with glue) or vinyl or some other nasty stuff. If it is real and OK quality leather than I would proceed first with paint stripper (methylene chloride) followed by lacquer thinner (Methyl Ethyl Ketone =MEK). Acetone is a...
Very well done! Quite elegant . I liked your previous shoes but you keep on improving I really like the heels as well-not too dainty for me. Sole pictures if you may please. How is the last for a loafer different from a laced shoe?
OK probably unrelated to my shoes then. I guess Alexander is a common enough name anyways.
I've heard this a few time here but it seems wrong for normal males. If you develop the deltiods you will only get trouble fitting sleeve heads, it will not substantially increase height/reduce slope. If you develop the traps things get even worse as you will get the champagne bootle look for someone with his starting point. Good shoulder definition is bone related.
Interesting. I have pair of Alexander shoes - norvegese chisel toes. They don't say made in italy though. How and where is Alexander written on your shoes? Is it cursive lettering? If you check out the meermin thread in the first few pages there is a photo of an Alexander shoe with insinuation that they are a chinese made shoe. For the high quality delivered as well as low price combined with true hand welting, it strikes me very likely that they are chinese made and not...
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