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Are you kidding me !
No the idea is that presumably he can afford up to $1000. So for a while he should ignore price and just try on as many different lasted shoes as he can in store/wherever and find the one that fits the best. Once he finds that last if the price of the shoe is $1000 or below then he buys it.
Seriously this cannot be stressed enough!Also remember that a properly fitting shoe of any design is inherently nicer looking when worn than a poorly fitted uber expensive one.
Bottom suede shoe: Looks very much like an 8000. Great color as well - extremely versatile
Great example of how more can appear less. The extension is what is causing the slimmer appearance. Just like 2 men with identical waists; the taller man will appear slimmer.
Personally I really like corthay's 001 so let me try to explain what I think he meant.I don't think blobby is the correct term. It is more an absence of sharpness when looking at the lateral and medial sides forepart / toebox. For instance when you look at the side view of the shoe you will notice on the lateral side that the line conecting toe point to the 5th phalanx (distal & proximal: little toe & a bit more) that there is a pronounced bulge. The line is not straight...
Let me personally vouch for this. I have recently purchased relatively small quantities of boxcalf directly from Annonay, Weinheimer (Freudenberg) and Ilcea, asking them for their finest quality, as well as sole leather from Baker and was tremendously surprised at how reasonable the costs were. Not really much more expensive than cheaper leathers. Of course in a factory setting these would be far more expensive than bulk synthetics and composite leathers used in bottom...
The right pair, really beautiful color and all, but oh man, how can they have been lasted so off center, I mean WTF?
To know the rules signify's that at one point you cared or studied the rules, basically you "soucy" or worried/thought about the rules. That's not cool. Cool doesn't worry ever, it just does it.
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