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I have no pictures but I have i few small pieces of it and it is top of the line straight veg tanned leather. It is very smooth soft and burnishes very well.
Seriously! Spot on,I suspect alot of this has got to be the rarity and beauty factor. At a certain point you rarely see such nice croc that the consumer assume it is supremely expensive and almost impossible to get, just like the croc kelly bag. There is tremendous marketing impact here.Of course the reality is different, but this holds for any uber high end luxury labeled manufactured goods.
Any shoe or leather is extremely dye-able. Fiebings and other companys make dyes just for this very purpose. The pink would also be extremely easy to dye and very appropriate as a base for any browns or blues or blacks. Just go to any cobbler and this will be any easy task. If the leather is very corrected with a heavy coating than this can be easily removed with paint stripper or lacquer thinner-very doable with good results possible. So you see the color is not any...
Yes sir!!! Thank you Nutcracker.
The shoe on center fore front in lilac with purple tip, what a sublime patination. Simply outstanding.It's amazing how much talent these japanese makers have in all aspects.
Actually they are starting to be fairly popular with the more well known mills. Loro Piana and Zegna have these as well. I am actually lookingat the zegna one and its called silk linen (51% silk 49% linen). Fairly nice fabric actually. Nice sheen and slubby.I think you don,t see alot of silk blends mentioned on SF because folks here don't like even the smallest amount of sheen what-so-ever.
The pattern and colors are typical of Duchamp as is the matching pocket square. But a quick look through this seasons offerings doesn`t bring that one up. http://www.duchamplondon.com/accessories/ties?limit=all Perhaps check ebay and various UK based online shops. Actually you might try Penrose ties as well though i think this less likely.
Ok here goes The reality is that resoling any shoes in 2013 is hit or miss. However a good cobler can easily resole goodyear and blake-rapid (the rapid part is important here) shoes properly. The key word being good. An average or poor cobler can also resole goodyear and blake rapid shoes but will either do damage and/or a messy glue job only. Far from ideal. It seems a common misconception now that Blake shoes can be resoled easily. This is simply not true. Resoling...
Get yourself a bunch of paper thin long sleeved cotton or linen/cotton shirts. Absolutely wear only once before you wash and iron. Get yourself a bunch of very light weight linen, cotton or wool trouser in the typical light grays, taupe, tan, ivory etc. These should be unlined. Very light weight wool socks and soft calf or suede shoes. Absolutely no waistcoat. And a suit, jacket, or sports coat should be forbidden in 35-40 C weather. If any clients complain that you are...
I've always been curious as to making and lasting a whole cut. You see in the link above that the upper leather is stretched over the last whole. There is no lining and even if there was, the top line is cut last (after being lasted) so how would you sew the top line exterior leather to the lining?Is the first step to last the exterior leather, remove last (a week later maybe) through bottom while trying to cause as little distortion as possible. Last lining separately...
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