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Ah, right. Custom Fit. That's what I get, not Classic.
Facconable and Brooks Brothers are my favorites for shirts. BB doesn't have the button on the back collar. Facconable has different cuts, some of which run big to huge. Go for the "classic" and you're good. I'm not a fan of the huge collars that MR has.
They don't sell it anymore but they did a selvedge version. Not LVC quality but a good deal, especially with the on-sale price I got. I plan on getting another pair if they start making them again.
I only have the rinsed neppy and the selvedge. Fit is the same IME, but the feel is different, of course.
Christ, the OP is retarded.
More like the 514 in the thighs. Little bit higher rise and tapered below the knee. I'm not sure what's up with kushburner's pair, but I can't fit my thighs in a 511. IME, nothing like the 511's.
I haven't noticed them permanently stretching. They'll loosen up a bit over a few wears but once they're washed they get back down to size.
Wear mine with oxfords all the time.
The bottoms and the front rise don't change but the thigh measurement does. I'm really a 32 but 34's fit me better due to my hockey thighs. I ordered both 32's and 34's but while the 32's fit better in the waist, the 34's fit me better overall.
Read the rest of the thread. Measurements are there.
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