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The fabric is Italian and color called charcoal #9. Edit - Sale did not go through. Still available.
To give you a better idea of the silhouette, the chest pit to pit measures 20", the midsection below the 1st button measures ~18", and the bottom of the jacket measures ~19". Double the measurements to get the circumference. Hope that helps!
Hey, The lapel width is 2.75" at the widest point and the jacket is fully canvassed. TaT jackets and suits are slim fit but I cannot compare to other off-the-rack jackets/suits, as the only other suit I have is a bespoke one.
I have an excellent condition TaT suit jacket/blazer/sportcoat for sale. Only wore to one wedding then been hung up since. Color: charcoal (color slightly lighter than pictured) Buttons: 2 Vents: double Shoulders: 18" Chest: 40" Sleeve: 24" (functional buttons) Length: 30" Price: $125 shipped CONUS Best way to contact me is by email: frank.s.yu at Edit: Freshly dry cleaned - 12/31/13 Matching pants for sale here
I've got a pair of excellent condition TaT charcoal trousers for sale. Only wore it to one wedding then its been hung up since. Color: Charcoal Waist: 35" Inseam: 29" (can be let out an additional 2") Price: $100 shipped CONUS Best way to contact me is by email: frank.s.yu at Edit: Freshly dry cleaned - 12/31/13
I've got a gently used Epaulet Japanese Floral print longsleeve shirt in size Medium for sale. The fabric looks great and fits well, just like all of the other Epaulet shirts. $75 OBO shipped CONUS
Hey Mike - Just wondering if you guys are planning to make jeans again in the future (sorry if this was asked before)
I just received my Ande Whall Caribou's (similar cut to their old Cougar's) today but turns out I need to size down. Since Ande doesn't have returns, I'm listing it here. These are size 31 but the waist actually measures 32". These are brand spankin' new. You also save on shipping cost ($38 from AW). Price - $220 shipped **SOLD** Price dropped. Need to get rid of these ASAP so that I can buy the right size! Already losing money on this. New from AW is 245 + 38 = $283, so...
In my experience (with the exception of one of their chambray utility shirts), the 7 EP shirts I have measure the same for their respective tagged sizes. Not saying this is always 100% true but I know they try their best for consistent fits.Nevertheless, I did measure the Oxford and it does correctly match the size in the chart that I listed there.If you are interested in purchasing, give me a holler.
All Epaulet shirts are made to the same measurements if you have any of their other shirts. But there is their chart.
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