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There's a fabric like this in the 11 oz. Lesser Golden bale. I have a SB suit made up in it (wore it today, actually.) It looks greyer in dimmer light, or if I wear a white shirt; it looks browner in brighter light or if I wear a light blue shirt. I like it a lot.
That looks great. A richer brown than the browns in the Minnis flannel book. I'm looking forward to this - I'm a big fan of brown suits.
I really like that fabric... Similar to the Minnis flannel blue spot effect (0326), but a bit darker in shade, it seems.
I have #5, I like it quite a lot.
I'd be interested as well.
My favorite navy stripe that I've found is Lesser 13 oz, ref. number 29722. It will be my next suit from Ercole, double breasted. The stripes are just the right distance apart , with just the right thickness.
Thanks for the all the advice: -The pic I posted is a bit shiny but it was shown more for the color than the shininess, otherwise I would check out Dormieul. -I'm not a huge PoW fan, I like it best in flannel, so the LL PoW Brisa also isn't ideal. -I will see if NSM carries the other books mentioned next time they're in town, though the Finmeresco is a bit too heavy for what I am looking for. Cool Breeze sounds interesting.
Ha, maybe so... Lesser 31426 may fit the bill (8 oz. book). Still not a true grey/blue though.
Sorry, should have specified - no linen (looking for something more formal) or mohair (too scratchy). Maybe something like this, though it is more grey than blue/grey : I have a SB suit in fresco 0501 - I love the color but didn't want the same fabric in different styles. Seems too... OCD.
Looking for suggestions for a true dead-of-summer fabric, in a light grey/blue mix... Maybe slate blue is the best way to describe it. Fresco 0520 comes close, but is a bit darker than what I'm looking for. It will be for a DB suit. I have had good luck with Fresco and 8 oz. Lesser in the past but while those crooks are not in front of me, I didn't see something like I was describing in there (but I may have missed it.) I know the Lesser Golden Bale has some 7-8 oz....
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