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I feel the complete opposite way. I have a pair of black chelsea boots, they fit great, but I feel quite self-conscious wearing them and they just sit in my closet. I don't like the way they look with suits, and they seem too dressy for casual wear.However, I'm big on chukkas. Love 'em. I have three pair in suede (snuff, dark brown and navy.) They are my go to shoe when I'm not in a suit. I'm on the hunt for a pair in black calf leather with rubber soles, to wear with...
Not sure of the rules but how I would play it, with what I currently have: - grey pants --> black leather wingtip blucher - tan pants --> dark brown suede chukka Honorable mention is a blue suede blucher, for either.
I should really get one of my pairs of black captoe oxfords (BCOs) topied... Maybe the Carminas, they are on the Forest last which would look good with it I think.
Agreed. A white shirt, black captoe oxfords and dark unicolor socks (charcoal or navy) are the usual for me when wearing a suit. So it's just picking a suit, tie and square if I'm wearing one.I admit I'm a pretty conservative dresser. Though in my work environment, just wearing a suit and tie does stand out a bit as it is.
Burgundy/oxblood for shell, brown for suede.
Great thread. I also love black captoe oxfords. I have three myself - Edward Green, Carmina and C&J. 90% of the time, this is what I wear with a suit.
My preference is also for ties with a width of 3.5 inches. In general I avoid ties that are thinner. I don't think they are rare, exactly, but they do share the market space with thinner ties. Vanda makes ties in that width.
I have a brown suit which I looooooove. I almost always wear a pair of burgundy/oxblood cordovan shoes with it (Carmina's version of Cordovan #8, I guess, a very dark oxblood.) I feel that even brown shoes in a different shade doesn't look as nice. Not sure how that flies at a wedding but that's what I would wear. I'd go with a dark navy tie. Looks good with brown.
I love pick-and-pick for this look. I guess you can also go for birdseye or nailhead, but out of the three I prefer pick-and-pick. It's not as pronounced with charcoal as it is with a mid-grey.
Suede chukkas are my favorite type of casual shoe. If I only had 2 shoe styles available to me, it would be a black captoe oxford for suits, and a brown suede chukka for everything else. I like mine unlined - they feel great and somehow add to the casual look/feel. I have the Crockett & Jones unlined chukkas in snuff and dark brown. If I had to choose between them I would pick the dark brown. They go with everything.
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