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I supplied it.
Wow just found this thread. Congrats, NYI, Yellow Hook is clearly a labor of love, hope it's a great success.
I got my first fitting of a DB suit in the LL mocha linen, and put in an order for a navy pinstripe DB from the Lesser 8/9 oz. (31360). I was initially going to go with a similar fabric from the Minnis Fresco book (0558) but have heard so many good things about the Lesser that I wanted to give it a shot, and besides wanted to make this suit from a slightly more formal cloth. Both are pretty standard in terms of details - 6x2 button stance, peak lapels, trousers with one...
I agree, it depends on a lot of factors like fabric, formaility out trousers, etc. In general I like to cuff my suit trousers and leave jeans/chinos/odd trousers uncuffed unless the odd trousers are the kind that would always look better with a sports coat/blazer, like grey worsted wool trousers.. That probably is the opposite of conventional wisdom.
I agree, length looks fine.
Suede bluchers or suede chukkas. I think calf leather is too formal, even in an informal style like a chukka.
I like that one as well. I was trying to decide between that and the navy birdseye for a DB suit. (Though I think the number may be 31178.)
As far as colors go, you have a lot of freedom here among the standards. Shoes can be black, brown, or oxblood. You may favor obe over the other based on your environment but none of them are inherently "wrong." Shirt can be light blue or white. Tie can be brown, black, navy, charcoal... No need to reinvent the wheel here, this is a classic suit. I would be thinking about pattern more. Since the suit has a pattern you want to avoid a similar pattern on your...
No decent pics on me but I like DAC: dark-ass charcoal. So dark you can only tell it isn't black when it's side by side with black oxfords.
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