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I'm in. I take 9.5 on the Rain last.
Those five-eyelet boots looked weird in the photo on the Carmina website, but look GREAT here.
I have a DB suit in the Fresco I version of that fabric... It was the start of my love of DB suits.What are your go-to fabrics for summer suiting, Ed? Unless you like English gravediggers....
The Fresco II book has a handful of wool/mohair blends at the back of the book. I'm eyeing the black/gray birdseye-ish one (0578) for a summer suit for next year.
Long desired, recently acquired. I'm thinking of swapping the band for a brown one since it's too big anyway, and the brown may look nicer with the blue dial.
Report for re-education immediately.
Agree.Also agree.I rarely wear dress trousers and sports coats, it's either suits or casual wear. I wear navy pants a lot but in casual fabrics like chinos, midnight blue denim, etc. Anything that doesn't really need a crease. I like the look but it doesn't really carry over to worsted trousers.
Hard to say. He has macular degeneration, but I figure it's the thought that counts.
The fit in my last few NSM suits is better than in my first commission. I chalked this up to the normal run-in period with a new tailor, and also my getting a better realization of what I like. FWIW I'm waering an 8 oz. Fresco NSM suit today, and a friend's father told me I "looked sharp."
I remember. I was going to go SB but my last NSM was a a DB suit - my first DB - and it came out so nice I went the same way with this commission. I feel like making all future commissions DB.
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