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I agree, D is the best one. I would using this for a suit, likely double breasted.
I'm looking into the taped aircraft jacket, lined and unlined. I understand the unlined runs quite big, is this also true of the lined version? I'm a 52S in a sports coat. I've never worn anything by NC. http://independence-chicago.com/nigel-cabourn-taped-ventile-aircraft-jacket-navy/ http://www.endclothing.com/brands/nigel-cabourn/nigel-cabourn-taped-lined-aircraft-jacket.html
While I'm a pretty conservative dresser, the scarf is one of the few areas where I cut loose. If you're wearing a solid color suit, white dress shirt, and solid or simply patterned tie, a solid navy scarf is going to seem too dull. I like paisley scarves, plaid scarves, one solid ribbed one (but it sees the least use)... it's not like I have a huge collection of scarves though.
I also vote for C. I'm in for 4 meters.
Yes, thanks for the suggestions, but I'm looking specifically for a tweed. I agree the worsted in the Lesser 13 oz. book is very nice. EDIT: GC, the Lovat samples look very promising, thanks. I'm ordering some swatches.
I'm looking for a navy or lighter shade of blue herringbone tweed for a suit. Any recommendations for books to check out?
There's a fabric like this in the 11 oz. Lesser Golden bale. I have a SB suit made up in it (wore it today, actually.) It looks greyer in dimmer light, or if I wear a white shirt; it looks browner in brighter light or if I wear a light blue shirt. I like it a lot.
That looks great. A richer brown than the browns in the Minnis flannel book. I'm looking forward to this - I'm a big fan of brown suits.
I really like that fabric... Similar to the Minnis flannel blue spot effect (0326), but a bit darker in shade, it seems.
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