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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Also, I work hard at this. I don't just get up in the morning and put something on, shoot pics and go to work (I do sometimes, yes...with known combos). I often spend hours trying on clothes and finding combinations that work. I shop constantly, both online and in stores. As I said, this is a HOBBY for me and I treat it as such.....I want to have fun with clothes. I shoot 20-30 pics a morning and spend a good 30...
My vote is for 3.25 to 3.5. The 3.75 looks too wide, and the others look too narrow - for my taste, as least. The exception would be for knit ties.
In my defense, other threads on black suits tend to run like this: "Is a black suit appropriate for [insert situation here]?" Followed by a chorus of "no!" So I was curious as to the opposite, whether there were any non-funeral situations that posters used black suits for.
OK, I know black suits (I'm not including tuxedos) are frowned upon outside of funerals, and especially during the day. But are funerals the ONLY occasion to wear them? Do any of you ever busy one out for happier occasions?
I would go for black, though they're both good ideas. Black tends to not get much love when used outside of formal events, so it would be nice to see examples of people pulling it off.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels I love your name Mr. Horton... I am wondering when it became that one had to be advanced in age to wear suspenders? Wasn't pretty much every guy between the ages of 21 and 40 wearing them in the 80s? You have to remember, doctors can be some of the worst-dressed guys in the world - that's why I'm trying to pick up some knowledge here. I guess my point is that in my limited experience, it would...
Those look sweet. Too small for me, unfortunately. They're not on the C&J website, are they only available in Paris?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels I cannot believe there is any further discussion or controversy over this. The fact that myself and another person posted the exact same thing in tandem at the start of this thread "who cares, they won't see them anyway" speaks volumes. Like a previous poster said, "We are not talking about red cowboy boots." And would anyone want to work for a dickweed of a boss who would take points off of your interview...
As the title says: I like the color, but I'm afraid it looks like a three-button jacket (which doesn't look that good on me, IMO) and also looks a bit like an orphaned suit jacket.
One shoe of each in black, brown, burgundy and suede. The black has to be a cap toe, the rest up to personal preference (I happen to prefer cap toes to other types of shoes.) I'm trying to work my way up to a double monk for the fifth, but right now it's an RM Williams boot.)
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