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Mods delete, found what I wanted.
Who is the tailor?
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky It's both stylish and safe. myke +1. It's hard to find something in my closet that doesn't go with my navy sports coat (I don't like brass buttons), and there are few situations in which I can't wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker This is a joke right. Nordstrom's > J Crew >/= BR I've never had a jacket from any of these guys so I have no idea on the quality of construction, but just from the way they look in the pics (and it's admittedly hard to tell from one pic) I liked the fit of the BR jacket the best. EDIT: Though it's also 60 bucks more than the other two, I see.
I like them in the order you posted the pics: BR > J Crew > Nordstrom's. The lapels on the J Crew one look a bit skinny (for me, amybe not for you) and both the BR and J Crew jackets look like they have a better fit than the Nordstrom's one. Hard to tell without trying it on yourself, though. I'm guessing at least BR and J Crew have good return policies.
Shoemart. Great selection, easy return/exchange policy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II *EDIT: The Thornproof I have in mind is the same as Mafoo's below: Out of the OP's choices I like this the best, but I usually avoid louder jackets so it's personal preference.
A decent overcoat. A leather suitcase to replace the messenger bag that got me through residency. One or two new suits.
Why would navy trousers be forbidden? Just don't wear them with a navy sports coat...
Panta and Howard Yount are slim without being tight, IMHO. They also both have excellent return/exchange policies (I've never had to make use of that.) Between the two you should be able to find most of the staples you're looking for.
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