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I'm thinking of having a windowpane suit made, since I haven't found any OTR that I like. Can anyone give advice on good fabric books for this? I'm thinking something three-seasonal wool, maybe closer to the lighter end - definitely not winter weight, I'd rather add a heavy jacket than sweat. The suit is not intended for formal business occasions, though I may wear it to work from time to time. Thanks in advance.
What material is considered preferable for a trench coat?
I have one. It looks and feels fine (I hope.) Too new to comment on durability. It's damn warm though.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy My advice: It'll take time to develop your own style. Start slowly. It may end up that you change your mind about wearing some items. Get a few nice pieces at first and go from there. This should be automatically forwarded to everyone who creates a new account on SF - and I'm speaking as a guy who's not far away from where the OP is (except for his height. ) The problem when someone (like me) gets his...
I'll go with ties. I think there's some acceptance that suits and shoes can cost that much, they're much more durable. They also come in sizes, so I think it's accepted that one has to pay more for something to fit, even if it's OTR. But ties, barring custom jobs (which I had never heard about until I found this place) are one-size-fits-all, and can be had very, very cheaply. Additionally, they're on the surface more fragile than shoes or suits.
I like my Sam Hober ties. I never realized how useful it is to have a tie made to a specific length until I ordered some from him. Now all my other ties feel too long (I'm 5'6".) And while they're not cheap in an absolute sense, they're very affordable considering how high-quality they are. And there's enough selection of fabric and color to satisfy most people's needs.
I've worked in retail but have no stories to top these. I did have a job selling rollerblades one summer. A lady came in wanting to buy a pair for her niece overseas. I told her without the niece being there, it would be hard to just sell her a pair and be sure that they'd be comfortable. So the lady took out some cutout tracings of her niece's feet... That was a weird job. It was at Paragon Sporting Goods in Union Square, for all the New Yorkers. Paragon would give...
Does anyone have any experience with the Brooks Brothers Barlett trench coat? I like the slightly unusual (to my eyes) combination of belt and single-breasted coat, but more importantly I want to know if it's truly waterproof.
Quote: Originally Posted by GradSchooler your friend sounds like a real charmer If you're interested, she's single...
I have an associate from college who makes a point of never saying "Excuse me" or "Thank you" to a SA. When I asked her why, she says she does it back home in Ohio, but not here in New York City, because that's the norm here. When I protested, she said I just didn't understand New York. I was born here, not that it matters - good manners should be fairly universal... Aggravating conversation, and it's embarrassing to be with her when she barrels into an SA (or museum...
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