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PM sent on the Corralorosso 42S coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Was just about to say the same thing. 2.5cm would be incredibly narrow, even for a knit. Heh yeah good pickup.
Drakes are great and come in a variety of colors, but I'd check out Howard Yount as well if you like that width. They tend to be about half the price of Drakes, and if they have the color you want you could save some money. Plus Yount has a good return policy.
Depends on the width you want. J Press is quite wide - wider than 3 cm. Paul Stuart is 3 cm on the nose. Kent Wang tends to be 2.75 (it will say so on the website), Howard Yount (usually, but again check the website) and Drakes knits are 2.5 cm.
PM sent.
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Good afternoon, iGents. I really like this. What would you call this kind of pattern? Looks almost like a bird's eye but not quite. Do you have a close-up?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No, there are only three patterns, but one is done in two different directions. Gotcha. Kind of hard to type that out on a standard keyboard. So something like this: ACAC BABA ACAC BABA Thank you all for helping me understand the mystery that is glen plaid! EDIT: not the prettiest way of typing it out, but...
Going by encre soluble's example, glen plaid is a repeating pattern consisting of four types of weaves: A C A C B D B D A C A C B D B D Does that sound right?
Would this fabric be described as glen plaid? If not, what is it?
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