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I'll bump my thread with a second question. I've read that a windowpane pattern should be avoided in short guys (I'm 5'6") because it makes them look shorter. I'm inclined to think this is BS because the same prevailing wisdom is that pant cuffs make guys look shorter and that pinstripes makes guys look taller, and I don't feel this when I look in the mirror (I also don't really like pinstripes.) Any thoughts on the matter?
While I don't think yellow pants are my style (at the moment), you pull them off well. I think the key is keeping the shirt and jacket more sedate and simple, since the pants are so adventurous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Shoes/pants from today. The pants are a nice olive/brown melange. The color of those pants is great... Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 +1 on the compliments of the tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I have a forest green corduroy jacket which I wear a lot. No suit though, I can't imagine where I would wear it. I agree, while a corduroy suit really isn't my style, I think corduroy jackets look great.
It wouldn't be the first or even third thing I'd reach for for either business or a night out on the town, but if it fits your style go for it. It may be something I'd consider down the road if I get tired of other fabrics and want to experiment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 That Isaia is gorgeous. I agree... If it was a short I'd be all over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I occasionally wear olive green trousers with a navy blazer and it looks pretty good. Yeah, olive and navy go great together... Actually, I'm looking for an olive SC to go with my navy trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Not sure of the provenance but I like this one from PG. It looks like this one was made up as a sportcoat but it actually strikes me more as suiting. That looks great. A while back I had seen a navy suit with crimson/red hued pinstripes, and while I wasn't looking for a pinstripe suit I really liked the color scheme. If I can find something like this in a not-too-heavy fabric it might be the...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger H&S Peacock is good if you want it to be bold. Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Peacock is jacketing, OP wants suiting. NYR, I should have specified in my post, I'm probably leaning towards the conservative side. I'm thinking charcoal/gray or navy background with a more subtle windowpane, though I'm kind of fishing for ideas, which is why I wanted to look through a few...
I'm thinking of having a windowpane suit made, since I haven't found any OTR that I like. Can anyone give advice on good fabric books for this? I'm thinking something three-seasonal wool, maybe closer to the lighter end - definitely not winter weight, I'd rather add a heavy jacket than sweat. The suit is not intended for formal business occasions, though I may wear it to work from time to time. Thanks in advance.
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