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Nice. That fabric - or its heavier cousin, the 0317 - is on my hit list for a DB suit.
See, I know my style, I know I am pretty conservative in the way I dress... But I look at that sports coat and I think
Thanks. Thornproof 62028 looks promising.
Thanks. If I took donegal out of the equation, are there any other tweed bunches you could recommend? I know tweed more from jacketing.
Looking to make up some bespoke donegal tweed trousers. Something brown, similar in color to this: Any suggestions?
I wouldn't necessarily get them on a bespoke suit - I prefer single reverse pleats - but it wouldn't stop me from wearing a RTW suit that I liked.
Half belt in back, turnback cuffs.
My next NSM suit will be in the single breasted peak lapel (SBPL?) cut. I'll be using a dark, dark, almost-charcoal, brown chalkstripe worsted, 16 oz., from the P&B Universal book. Two buttons, no vest.
At least they're not offered in navy.
I tried on some Ring Jacket stuff at the Armoury in NYC. For reference, I'm a 42 S in most suits and sportcoats; 5'6"; broad in the shoulders, chest and back. -I was a 42 in the AMJ model sports coat. The length of the jacket is short; I'm 5'6" and it was perfect for me. -I was an XXL in the "pea coat" (really a bridge coat) and even then over a sweater it's a tad on the snug side, but still comfortable.
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