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Anyone have any advice on where to look for brown pinstripe suiting? There's one in the P&B Universal book (15 oz.) but I want to compare it to other samples. I've looked in just about all of the Lesser and Harrison books, and the Minnis books. Stripe needs to be white. Fabric needs to be worsted (I know Minnis has a brown chalk stripe flannel.)
Agreed. For a suit that's going to be worn in the summer, I'd rather go with linen for either color - they look better in that fabric IMHO, so why not?For a fall/winter suit, brown worsted or flannel is fine.
Nice. That fabric - or its heavier cousin, the 0317 - is on my hit list for a DB suit.
See, I know my style, I know I am pretty conservative in the way I dress... But I look at that sports coat and I think
Thanks. Thornproof 62028 looks promising.
Thanks. If I took donegal out of the equation, are there any other tweed bunches you could recommend? I know tweed more from jacketing.
Looking to make up some bespoke donegal tweed trousers. Something brown, similar in color to this: Any suggestions?
I wouldn't necessarily get them on a bespoke suit - I prefer single reverse pleats - but it wouldn't stop me from wearing a RTW suit that I liked.
Half belt in back, turnback cuffs.
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