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It's fine as a business suit. I prefer pick and pick to birdseye but that's just me.
I either keep my jacket on, or exchange it for a lab coat. All my suits are cut for suspenders, and my co-workers think I'm overdressed as it is without waving suspenders in their faces.
Voxsartoria posted about doing this a while back.
This Vanda tie is pretty sweet:
I was going to ask the same thing. The fabric is great.
Most cufflinks I see are a bit flashy for me. I guess that's the point of novelty cufflinks but I wouldn't wear those personally. My one pair of cufflinks (aside from the set for my tuxedo) is a sedate pair from Turnbull & Asser. It's really the only pair I need or want.
At this price point, I am partial to the Nomos Orion:
You can do this but there are so many other better options. -The jacket will look like an orphaned suit jacket. -A brown or cream sportscoat will look better with navy trousers. -This look will look much better inverted (navy sportscoat, light grey trousers.)
I would get a second pair of black captoe oxfords if you are wearing suits regularly.
These were posted by AAS (An Acute Style) in the WAYWT thread. I really liked his use of the cardigans, I hope he doesn't mind me reposting them. Does anyone think they would be improved if he used a light blue shirt instead of a white shirt? I don't, but am curious what others think.
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