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While I'm a pretty conservative dresser, the scarf is one of the few areas where I cut loose. If you're wearing a solid color suit, white dress shirt, and solid or simply patterned tie, a solid navy scarf is going to seem too dull. I like paisley scarves, plaid scarves, one solid ribbed one (but it sees the least use)... it's not like I have a huge collection of scarves though.
I also vote for C. I'm in for 4 meters.
Yes, thanks for the suggestions, but I'm looking specifically for a tweed. I agree the worsted in the Lesser 13 oz. book is very nice. EDIT: GC, the Lovat samples look very promising, thanks. I'm ordering some swatches.
I'm looking for a navy or lighter shade of blue herringbone tweed for a suit. Any recommendations for books to check out?
There's a fabric like this in the 11 oz. Lesser Golden bale. I have a SB suit made up in it (wore it today, actually.) It looks greyer in dimmer light, or if I wear a white shirt; it looks browner in brighter light or if I wear a light blue shirt. I like it a lot.
That looks great. A richer brown than the browns in the Minnis flannel book. I'm looking forward to this - I'm a big fan of brown suits.
I really like that fabric... Similar to the Minnis flannel blue spot effect (0326), but a bit darker in shade, it seems.
I have #5, I like it quite a lot.
I'd be interested as well.
My favorite navy stripe that I've found is Lesser 13 oz, ref. number 29722. It will be my next suit from Ercole, double breasted. The stripes are just the right distance apart , with just the right thickness.
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