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I like squares 1,2, and 6, and to a lesser extent 5. 7 looks like a tie pattern to me, just an opinion. Stick with the original tie, it's a classic.
Heh, I suppose I could do that - it would go with the casual nature of the jacket. But I think it would a bit odd what with the thickness of the material.It's too bad the buttons are working, it's a fantastic looking jacket and I was looking for a brown overcoat.
Hmm, that's what I was afraid of.I think I could find someone in NYC to do it but I'm worried it will look a bit off if I have to shorten it too much. I wouldn't want them any longer than 24 inches, and really 22 inches would be better.
To anyone who has one of the Casentino coats (I'm eyeing the brown DB for what it's worth), do the sleeves look like they can be shortened, and/or is rolling up an option? I'm on the short side and i know they will be too long. Similarly, if anyone has a size 52 and knows the sleeve measurement it would be appreciated.
I came in to SF disliking red ties. It was how I knew I belonged here.
I agree, D is the best one. I would using this for a suit, likely double breasted.
I'm looking into the taped aircraft jacket, lined and unlined. I understand the unlined runs quite big, is this also true of the lined version? I'm a 52S in a sports coat. I've never worn anything by NC. http://independence-chicago.com/nigel-cabourn-taped-ventile-aircraft-jacket-navy/ http://www.endclothing.com/brands/nigel-cabourn/nigel-cabourn-taped-lined-aircraft-jacket.html
While I'm a pretty conservative dresser, the scarf is one of the few areas where I cut loose. If you're wearing a solid color suit, white dress shirt, and solid or simply patterned tie, a solid navy scarf is going to seem too dull. I like paisley scarves, plaid scarves, one solid ribbed one (but it sees the least use)... it's not like I have a huge collection of scarves though.
I also vote for C. I'm in for 4 meters.
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