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NOMOS was my introduction to watches. I don't know if they are special but while I have picked up some "superior" pieces, I will never get rid of my Orion 35mm and wear it regularly. Its look just speaks to me. A simple, classically small three-hander but the gold markers and blue hands make it stand out just enough to make it unique. I would take it over most watches that are considered classics. I have a couple of other NOMOS pieces: the Zurich Blaugold, which I like...
Awesome, thanks.
In need of some advice. I'm thinking of commissioning my first (and only) bespoke overcoat for next winter, either from NSM or Ercole, and am looking for input on swatch books to look out for. I'm thinking navy or midnight blue, plain or subtle and small herringbone. For suiting, I've been pretty happy with Lesser and Minnis, so sonething from either would be great.
I think I've found my One Watch. I have no desire to wear any of my others anymore (not that I really have an extensive collection), and can't really think of finding another one in the future to supplant it.
Very nice. If I wasn't set for mid-grey winter suits, I'd be in for a suit's length.
Nothing wrong with a cotton suit, especially in blue, but the fit is bad, as noted.
I looked through a Cacciopoli book at my recent NSM visit, and it was very tasty. In particular, a navy cotton and a tobacco brown linen.
Thanks for the input. I am pretty sure I saw a Caccioppoli book at my last NSM visit. As for a bespoke cotton suit, I haven't found anything that fits off the rack, I'm BSAS (broad-shouldered and short.) And I like the worn-in look a cotton suit gets over time. This wouldn't be for business, or daily wear.
Can anyone recommend a good source of fabric for a cotton suit? Preferably one carried by NSM. Looking for brown cotton suiting material.
It's fine as a business suit. I prefer pick and pick to birdseye but that's just me.
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