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On your last point, I have to disagree with you. I don't think too many people who would view ALS as pretenders compared to Patek and Rolex. They offer a very high-end product on par with any other manufacturer, and one superior to most. Then again, I don't really know any collectors in real life, and rumor has it that the resale value of Lange is not nearly as strong as Patek or Rolex, so you may have a point. That being said, they do have their quirks. What is that...
I believe the issue is that in a modern wrist watch, a 3/4 plate is unnecessary. It is an innovation developed for pocket watches and serves no real purpose in the modern Lange movements, other than to give a nod to Lange's past (if one believes there is a connection between the current Lange and the one of years ago) and to needlessly thicken the movement.
Excellent. The Saxonia Thin's major flaw was that it was just too large. I never understood why they made it 40mm in the first place. Well, I do understand, modern trends towards larger sizes etc. but I don't think it worked out with the Thin.The price drop compared to the 40 mm version is nice as well.
The entirety of my (small) watch collection is dress watches, aside from a Casio G-Shock for the beach and the gym. No sports/dive watches at all. But I really like the looks of the new-ish Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial. I know it's an homage, and it has "distressed" lume, but I don't care. It's one of the nicest looking dive watches I've ever seen, and I usually hate dive watches.
Congrats! Excellent choice.
The Orion is a fantastic dress watch. Not just in terms of bang for buck, just fantastic overall. It's more attractive than many watches that are far more expensive. It is a great first step into the world of nice watches and it may be the only step you'll need to take.
Langematik Big Date, black dial, rose gold case.
I don't own one, I am admiring it from afar. But if I were to get a Reverso, that would be the one I would want.It would be very hard to justify owning two rectangular rose gold watches with a white dial and moon phase complication without admitting to myself that I have a problem.
Clearly, the numerals were hand-applied by Heaven's most skilled artisanal angels.
I've sworn to limit my watch collection to a small number, and I already have a watch that is similar in shape and spirit to the sun moon, but by God it is testing me. It is like an animated historiated initial at the beginning of the greatest story ever written. Maybe the black dial version is different enough to justify it... I usually prefer white dials for dress watches but the font on the black dial is incredible.
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