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I've never seen that book. I'll ask his opinion on it. I want to like mohair because of Michael Caine's awesome suit from Get Carter. My own mohair suit failed for a few reasons, the major one of which was fit but another was the fabric wasn't that comfortable. This was a Dormeuil fabric though which had a very high ratio of mohair to wool. And I know Lesser is not as exciting but it's never disappointed.
Thanks. You're right, the bolded part is key. As much fun as I used to have sourcing fabrics, I've accepted that I will never know as much as a tailor.
Ok cloth heads. I'm going to get a summer suit made up. Navy, double breasted, flap pockets. I am a fan of the Lesser 13 oz. book and will probably go with Lesser this time again. The two options are their tropical 8/9 oz. book, and the 7.5 oz. range from the Golden Bale book. Any appreciable differences in how they make up/wear? (I had considered a wool/mohair blend, but my last mohair experiment didn't turn out so well.)
I also own a jacket's length of the LL gun club fabric, and the blue stripe stands out very strongly. I like bold jackets but something about it is off to me... Maybe it's the fact that the blue stripe stands out from an otherwise sedate gun club, or maybe because there's no corresponding vertical stripe. Every time I think of having it made up, I change my mind.
Looks stunning but I have heard a fair amount of chatter about the reliability of Journe watches (and the extremely high service costs...)
It is 33 mm. My smallest watch is a Nomos Orion which comes in at 35mm, and I've never thought it was too small (maybe because it was my first watch.) I have tried on a Calatrava 5022 which is also 33m, and it seemed delicate but not too small for a dress watch.
If I were in the market for a Patek Philippe, I think I'd go for the 5096. Very traditional Calatrava dial and hands, manual wind, no distracting date window or central seconds hand, and there's no quibbling about what case material to get as it only comes in yellow gold. (not my pics) An added advantage is that it comes from an era before Patek's quality went the dogs...
Please speak for yourself. I don't personally know mafoofan from Adam, but he knows watches, and his input in this thread is very welcome.
Thanks for confirming my suspicions. It's a shame that JLC went automatic for their new time-only Reversos.
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