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Nothing wrong with a cotton suit, especially in blue, but the fit is bad, as noted.
I looked through a Cacciopoli book at my recent NSM visit, and it was very tasty. In particular, a navy cotton and a tobacco brown linen.
Thanks for the input. I am pretty sure I saw a Caccioppoli book at my last NSM visit. As for a bespoke cotton suit, I haven't found anything that fits off the rack, I'm BSAS (broad-shouldered and short.) And I like the worn-in look a cotton suit gets over time. This wouldn't be for business, or daily wear.
Can anyone recommend a good source of fabric for a cotton suit? Preferably one carried by NSM. Looking for brown cotton suiting material.
It's fine as a business suit. I prefer pick and pick to birdseye but that's just me.
I either keep my jacket on, or exchange it for a lab coat. All my suits are cut for suspenders, and my co-workers think I'm overdressed as it is without waving suspenders in their faces.
Voxsartoria posted about doing this a while back.
This Vanda tie is pretty sweet:
I was going to ask the same thing. The fabric is great.
Most cufflinks I see are a bit flashy for me. I guess that's the point of novelty cufflinks but I wouldn't wear those personally. My one pair of cufflinks (aside from the set for my tuxedo) is a sedate pair from Turnbull & Asser. It's really the only pair I need or want.
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