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Does anyone have any experience or own these shoes? They are described as "Bright Calf" but is this another name for Polished Binder or corrected grain? Thanks in advance for any replies.
Fabulous unworn and boxed Church's Burwood Brogues in Burgundy Polished Binder. UK Size 11G. Among the best shoes in the world. Cost £355. Bargain at £175. Shipping at cost.
Generally, an automatic watch should be serviced every 5 years. It would be best serviced by Tag Heuer themselves although I don't know how good they are.
All I can tell you is the E is their Standard width fitting with F being a Wide fit and G Extra Wide. Robin Guinness of Crockett & Jones told me that their G is wider than Church's H.
I would not waste a salespersons time if I had no intention of buying from them. It's devious and is theft of their time and time is money.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII No disrespect intended, but if you're not prepared to take responsibility for your own buying shoes without knowing what goes into them...or your own ignorance, by asking the manufacturer, or even just reading posts on this forum that have stated unequivocally how (and which) shoes are made, then nothing I say to you will make a difference. Again, no offense but simply stated, you're not ready for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer sell them on here, accept the loss as a lesson learned. This is what I'm going to do with my unworn UK size 10.5F Church Westburys and 11G Burwoods as well as size 11 Borgioli Suede Monks and Wholecuts. I've discovered they are too small for me.
If DWF11 isn't prepared to give the whole story then he shouldn't give half stories. Stating which manufacturers use leatherboard is only stating the facts and not dissing them. All the facts should be given by a proper reviewer otherwise the review is not proper. As I've said before, we'd like to know so we can make informed buying decisions. I am not doubting his great shoe knowledge or expertise, which is obvious, but his refusal to name the manufacturers or shoe models...
The shoes don't fit so take them back if the shop are happy to exchange them for ones that do fit. It's very good of them to do that otherwise $488 down the drain.
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