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12/20 Holiday Drops
They are all terribly ugly and dated please don't wear any of them
Price Drops. Cant get that much cheaper than this folks!
Is the Perry a re-named Clifton? I have a pair of AE Cliftons in walnut that look identical
Anyone ever try Brooks Brothers Black Fleece cologne? Can you describe the scent?
Quote: Originally Posted by strangerface I am in love with the tie that Barney Stinson wore in episode 7 of season 3 of How I Met Your Mother. It is solid black with a single diagonal stripe of silver dots near the top of the tie. Check out the picture. I have searched for hours on the Internet trying to track it down. I know that the wardrobe department for the show only buys expensive clothing for him. He is known to wear a lot of Prada, Dolce &...
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters another drop! levi's are 16USD. I want it gone! Too bad those 511's aren't 33x30 or I would've snagged em. Nice price, GL
Old thread couldn't be edited anymore. Starting at already low prices, and adding a pair of Alfred Sargent Wingtips as well. Take the Dooney & Burke belt free with any purchase. Brooks Brothers Boat Shoe Size US9D SOLD --------------------------------------------------------------- Shirts J Crew Grey / Dark Blue-Purple Microstripes Washed Casual Tailored Fit. Size Small. Worn once. $25 Shipped CONUS (Sorry for the wrinkled picture, just needs a...
Only $45 now
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