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Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Literally, any tie in the universe would look good with that combination. He is right. i honestly think it is impossible to choose wrong here.
Drops. Accutron Watch is now at 90% off original MSRP
Is this in-store only? Or can I get some shirts online or over the phone?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Laser Teeth whitening in Mumbai about 6 years ago when I was absolutely shit-faced. how'd this turn out
Quote: Originally Posted by smmea better sexually haresst office chiks than ignore them, otherwise you gonna face furious rage that shall blow out you of the job. Notice them, make comments how good they look etc. Upper management written all over you
Odds are J Crew will be better quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by mdp0430 Just received the catalog in the mail from BB. Sale begins on the 26th, like always. However, the savings don't appear to be as steep as they once were... For example, Madison/Regent/Fitzgerald suits are only 30%at $698.60. When I purchased them en masse a couple years back I think they were around $500-600. Disappointing. The fused made in Thailand sportcoats are going for $278.60 though. Oh joy... Shirts 3...
Swap the vest for a charcoal heavy/thick button-front shawl cardigan. I picked one up from Lands End Canvas for about $60 on sale. Keep the tie. Hopefully its solid or VERY simple repp/striped or other pattern Also, lose the black pants with red. Bad look. Stick to dark grey or charcoals and you will look sharp.
Quote: Originally Posted by smmea No way, if you wanna get long in the office you got show intrest on the surrounding chiks. Thos holes need to be filled. I learned the lesson, i got fired in the previous ofice playing "dont tuch me boy". Ill be crispy and take a camera with me. You got fired playing "don't touch me boy?" you mean you sexually harassed chicks at your old job? Maybe you sit this holiday party out..
I spent $370 on a Brooks Brothers wool duffle coat recenty during their 40% off sale but I'm pretty sure I wouldve done it sober anyway, I've been eyeing it for months waiting for a sale. I just happened to be drunk. It actually wasn't available online during the sale and I was in Italy so I had to drunk Skype stores around manhattan to get it shipped. Who does that? Thank you SF for ruining me On a lighter note, it f@&king rules
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