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Hard to tell, but the first loafers you posted... are they corrected grain or shell cordovan? Also, would they fit a US8 or US7.5? Do they fit TTS or run small/large? Thanks
Nice deal, Ill take them. PM Sent
If you are using it as a firestarter to create a nice campfire, sure!
Great coat! If I didnt just buy a Brooks Brothers Duffle, I'd pick this up. Good luck with the sale. (PS Just bought a Schott thick knit outerwear sweater, and I can attest for their quality! Awesome stuff!)
Yes! $150 is a very good deal. If you are really worried about wear, have a local cobbler put a rubber topy on the bottom of the shoe, should last much longer. Most Allen Edmonds come with a rubber heel anyway so that's even less to worry about. So yes, buy a pair and enjoy
I like the no-name Cashmere scarves. I own a Sak's brand Cashmere, and a brand I don't recognize that I bought off the B/S forums here. Both were $50 each. Great deal, and feels just like any other cashmere scarf. I suggest you scour the forums here... tons of great deals. I wouldn't buy Burberry. You are paying for the brand and everybody and their mom owns one. its too played out at this point. If you must, go with the dark grey/charcoal check Burberry pattern.
Bump once more!
Alfred Sargent Wingtips SOLD. Price drop on the Santoni Penny Loafers. Santoni for $85!
18-55 or 50-250? Big Difference. Does it come with box? Original box included?
Updates. Ferragamo Loafers SOLD. Drops on the AS Shoes ($60 for Alfred Sargent shoes!)
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