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VERY Excited about ordering a pair or two of these in the near future! Can't wait for the online shop!! Approximately what total cost am I looking at to import a "classic line" aka Double Monks minus VAT w/ shipping to the USA???
Stowa Marine Automatic = 40mmStowa Marine Original (Mechanical/Handwound) = 41mm
Nope. In my opinion it looks great
Looking to buy a pair of Tom Ford Jack sunglasses in black. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks.
Mabitex Cotton Trousers/Chinos (Good luck finding them anymore. Try Daffy's if they have any stock left). Incotex J Crew Chinos in 484 Slim Fit or Urban Slim Fit
Don't do it yourself if you're really concerned. Bring them to a competent cobbler. They will fix them up.
I think the watches look great but I cant get past the name. Is it pronounced "Junkers"? or differently?
Selling a like-new pair of Tom Ford FT0132 Pablo sunglasses. Size 56-17-135. MSRP $530 new, almost impossible to find online anymore. Color is Tortoise & Gold / 53F. Just trying to clear them out as I own way too many pairs. No scratches can be found. Sold with everything listed below. Don't have the case, but will ship in a Ferragamo sunglasses case & box w/ cloth. Note: Comes with the set of lenses shown below in this ad. *Tom Ford Pablo frames ******One set of lenses...
Definitely interested in a review of the double monks they look great! Would love to buy a pair
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