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There is no such thing as professional sandals or shorts. You will find no love here on SF about this. Just wear lightweight pants, I could never imagine wearing shorts to work let alone sandals
Solid navy Wool/Cashmere blend MTM Sportcoat for ~$120 I picked up in Bangkok Wool Peacoat from this season Uniqlo 2 Button Charcoal Suit from Sarar (Not well loved on the forum) w/ Ermenegildo Zegna fabric. After some tailoring, this thing looks fantastic.
Stowa over the Archimede. I have a Stowa Marine Automatic and plan to pick up a Type B Flieger from Stowa at some point in the future. Briefly owned a pre-owned Archimede 42mm Pilot that I had to send back to the seller due to some issues/loose-play with the date window and stem/crown. While I can't truly fault Archimede as a company for this, it still left a bad taste in my mouth. My Marine Automatic is my most worn watch for 1 1/2 years now and it's been fantastic with...
This is correct. They make antiperspirant/deoderants with different chemical composition to specifically fix this issue. Look for them.
The traditionalists will say never wear a NATO band with a suit, but I say why not. I would maybe find a solid color NATO band if you really want to go that route. Otherwise maybe look for a leather band for it. That would stand out much less with a suit. Nice watch though
I don't like them but it IS the style of that shirt. I think its fine.
Those St. Crispin's are incredible
Wearing my pair I purchased from the OP today. Fit is great. Very similar to J Crew Urban Slim Fit. Slim in the thigh with a tapered ankle (but not too tapered or awkward). I think they are definitely TTS I would not size up.
I own a Sea-Gull M186S that is Automatic with a hand-winding function and I also own a Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph that is strictly Mechanical/Hand-wound. So yes, you are correct.
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