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Those St. Crispin's are incredible
Wearing my pair I purchased from the OP today. Fit is great. Very similar to J Crew Urban Slim Fit. Slim in the thigh with a tapered ankle (but not too tapered or awkward). I think they are definitely TTS I would not size up.
I own a Sea-Gull M186S that is Automatic with a hand-winding function and I also own a Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph that is strictly Mechanical/Hand-wound. So yes, you are correct.
Have you looked at Michele? Its a fashion brand (Quartz.. yeck), but girls seem to really like them and they can be found new for $1000-$2000. I think they fit the bill in terms of styling (large, but not too chunky). They may not have 20 year longevity but it could be a nice solution for now
I see the Stowa Antea is suggested, and I think that just falls outside of Poor Man's Watch IMO ($700+).However, if you are looking for inexpensive, yet quality manual wind watches look at Chinese mechanical watches from Sea-Gull, Parnis, or Alpha. Good value, and inexpensive
Where are you finding them for $200?
I think the Riley's look much much better
Gorgeous. Is that a mirror shine on the toe box or patent?! Wow. Anybody know the shoes? Vass? G&G?
Who would hate Whiskey Shell Longwings?! I must own these one day
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