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Checked out the Daffys at Herald Square around 6 after work today. Absolutely nothing worthwhile whatsoever. Nothing
Spend a little more ($100-$200) and get a Stowa Marine, Stowa Antea, or Stowa Flieger. Possibly a slightly used Hamilton Look at some Seikos like the 5 or Divers (SKX007, etc.). Perhaps some automatic Sea-Gulls ($100-$300) and spend the saved money and buy a nice alligator band for $100-$200
Sorry these have sold.
Wow! Details? Model?
Yes, my M186S does this
The prices for what seems to be very nice quality and styling are outstanding. My next pair of shoes will most certainly be Meermin!
There is no such thing as professional sandals or shorts. You will find no love here on SF about this. Just wear lightweight pants, I could never imagine wearing shorts to work let alone sandals
Solid navy Wool/Cashmere blend MTM Sportcoat for ~$120 I picked up in Bangkok Wool Peacoat from this season Uniqlo 2 Button Charcoal Suit from Sarar (Not well loved on the forum) w/ Ermenegildo Zegna fabric. After some tailoring, this thing looks fantastic.
Stowa over the Archimede. I have a Stowa Marine Automatic and plan to pick up a Type B Flieger from Stowa at some point in the future. Briefly owned a pre-owned Archimede 42mm Pilot that I had to send back to the seller due to some issues/loose-play with the date window and stem/crown. While I can't truly fault Archimede as a company for this, it still left a bad taste in my mouth. My Marine Automatic is my most worn watch for 1 1/2 years now and it's been fantastic with...
This is correct. They make antiperspirant/deoderants with different chemical composition to specifically fix this issue. Look for them.
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