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If you're going to order by mail without trying on, absolutely go Meermin (www.meermin.es). Best bang for your buck IMO. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Loakes and those wouldn't make a bad first shoe either
The shoulders are a bit big but nothing you can't get away with. Problem with the suit is that it's a very boxy cut with little shape and very large armholes. Not much you can do about that as a whole. However, if you brought it to a tailor and had him take in the jacket, shorten the sleeve length, and do a lot of work on the pants (ie: bring in the seat, crotch, thighs, taper the leg-opening, and shorten the length) it could be passable. However, looking at the suit I...
Picked this up and never used it. Selling a NWOT NATO band in Black PVD Ballistic Nylon. It is the 3-ring model. Fits a 20mm lug width watch. Panerai not included $15>$4 Shipped CONUS Thanks!
Selling Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette 75mL / 2.5 oz. Pour Homme / For Men. 80% full, bought retail December 2011. $40>$35 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking
PM sent for the Prada
Thought I'd see what was up at the Herald Square store considering the closing. No signs or notice of a liquidation sale. Same old garbage as of late. Absolutely no good pants, shirts, suits, ties, etc. All no name junk. I did see some decent pairs of Bass bucks and J&M Desert Boots but nothing that would make me need to buy. That looks like the end of it for me. Bye Daffys, thanks for the two successful Mabitex runs!
Agree to disagree but tons of Seikos can be had for $100 or under online, as well as Sea-Gulls. Orient not far behind. I'm just not a fan of Invicta
Yes. Seiko, Sea-Gull, Alpha, Orient
Stowa: If you want one, it must be through their website. Once you place your order, your watch is produced and it takes roughly 3 months. Mine took 4 months due to a back order or the ETA movement for my watch. They are certainly worth the wait. You can find slightly used ones on the www.watchuseek.com sales corner forum and skip the wait.Hamilton: The watch repairman I go to in Manhattan at 280 Madison Ave (40th & Madison) had a bunch of Hamiltons (new and used) for good...
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