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You can grab a new std model Antea direct from Stowa for just about $700 USD. Sometimes they'll pop up used for a bit less used on Watchuseek. Not much cheaper as a big selling point that drives the resale price up is not having to wait 3+ months. (I had to wait 4 months for my Stowa Marine Automatic due to an ETA movement shortage, it was rough!!)
Not all are Japanese:Orient BambinoKent Wang BauhausStowa Marine - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + approx. 3 month wait-list + GermanStowa Antea - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + approx. 3 month wait-list + GermanRodina (Chinese Nomos Glashutte homage) - Go back one page on this threadSea-gull M185S/M186S/M187S - ChineseDaniel Wellington - Japanese Quartz / Swedish Brand. Simple, clean, cheapSeiko 5Junkers Bauhaus - GermanArchimede DeckWatch - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + German
Gorgeous watch. Really like the styling, but I've never even heard of Stanton in passing. Is there history to this brand? quality? I see its automatic but what movement? Assume it must be an ETA?
Strap width at the lug seems oddly narrow for such a large-face watch. Is it expensive? Automatic/Mechanical?
I own the 1963 Chronograph. Love it. A bit on the smaller side (by today's oversized standards), but thats nice sometimes. Its completely mechanical/hand-wound and seems to have held up well. People compliment it often
Seiko Diver (SKX007, etc.) Seiko 5 Sea-Gull M186S, M185S, M187S (That Seagull on the gator band posted earlier is mine ) Orient ..... insert watch here Or save up a little bit and pick up a Stowa, Archimede Pilot, or Hamilton
Suede or Calfskin Clarks Desert Boots Calfskin or Cordovan Plain-toe Bluchers (Dark brown) Suede, Calfskin or Cordovan Wingtips / Long-wing Bluchers (Dark Brown or Walnut) Sleek Brown Suede, Calfskin, or Cordovan Penny Loafers High quality Calfskin Boat Shoes (Oak Street Bootmakers, Quoddy, etc.) Nice pair of mid-range boots (Alden, Redwing, Wolverine, etc.)
Nope. No-name brand. Calf-skin leather with a fake alligator grain/pattern applied to it.
Great watch too. My girlfriend has this with the tan dial. Looks awesome on a colorful NATO band!
That's a 36? Wow. Don't get the wrong idea, it doesn't look horrible, I'm just surprised that it's cut so full and boxy as a size 36. Do you mind telling us where you got it from? If you want a slimmer suit, have you tried looking at Zara/Uniqlo/H&M/J Crew ? I would imagine a size 38 from any of those stores would fit you better than this one does.
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