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Not all are Japanese:Orient BambinoKent Wang BauhausStowa Marine - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + approx. 3 month wait-list + GermanStowa Antea - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + approx. 3 month wait-list + GermanRodina (Chinese Nomos Glashutte homage) - Go back one page on this threadSea-gull M185S/M186S/M187S - ChineseDaniel Wellington - Japanese Quartz / Swedish Brand. Simple, clean, cheapSeiko 5Junkers Bauhaus - GermanArchimede DeckWatch - SLIGHTLY higher pricerange + German
Gorgeous watch. Really like the styling, but I've never even heard of Stanton in passing. Is there history to this brand? quality? I see its automatic but what movement? Assume it must be an ETA?
Strap width at the lug seems oddly narrow for such a large-face watch. Is it expensive? Automatic/Mechanical?
I own the 1963 Chronograph. Love it. A bit on the smaller side (by today's oversized standards), but thats nice sometimes. Its completely mechanical/hand-wound and seems to have held up well. People compliment it often
Seiko Diver (SKX007, etc.) Seiko 5 Sea-Gull M186S, M185S, M187S (That Seagull on the gator band posted earlier is mine ) Orient ..... insert watch here Or save up a little bit and pick up a Stowa, Archimede Pilot, or Hamilton
Suede or Calfskin Clarks Desert Boots Calfskin or Cordovan Plain-toe Bluchers (Dark brown) Suede, Calfskin or Cordovan Wingtips / Long-wing Bluchers (Dark Brown or Walnut) Sleek Brown Suede, Calfskin, or Cordovan Penny Loafers High quality Calfskin Boat Shoes (Oak Street Bootmakers, Quoddy, etc.) Nice pair of mid-range boots (Alden, Redwing, Wolverine, etc.)
Nope. No-name brand. Calf-skin leather with a fake alligator grain/pattern applied to it.
Great watch too. My girlfriend has this with the tan dial. Looks awesome on a colorful NATO band!
That's a 36? Wow. Don't get the wrong idea, it doesn't look horrible, I'm just surprised that it's cut so full and boxy as a size 36. Do you mind telling us where you got it from? If you want a slimmer suit, have you tried looking at Zara/Uniqlo/H&M/J Crew ? I would imagine a size 38 from any of those stores would fit you better than this one does.
If you're going to order by mail without trying on, absolutely go Meermin (www.meermin.es). Best bang for your buck IMO. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Loakes and those wouldn't make a bad first shoe either
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