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I have a pair. Bought them off Ebay for about $250. I suspect they aren't the "Authentic" Mcqueen editions, but they are in fact real 714's with blue polarized lenses and the OEM dark brown polarized lenses as well. I wore the blue lenses for a while. The polarized blue is downright one of the coolest things to look through. Blocks sunlight really well and gives a cool tint to everything. I got a lot of compliments on the blue lenses, but after a while I feel it got to be...
I find that point collars vs. spread/cut-away collars will give you better "upright" look when unbuttoned like the pictures. I'm not a big point collar guy, but that's just what I've found. Also, as mentioned nicer quality shirts will tend to not lay flat and will have better quality collars that stand upright on their own. You can use starch if truly necessary. Lastly, make sure you are using collar stays. I have a couple metal ones that I use depending on the size that...
True, didn't think of that. I often wear them with wool trousers for my business casual office and I think they look great, though! I have a pair of beater Allen Edmond Harrison bluchers with a topy sole that I will wear in inclement weather when the opportunity for boots is not available.
Im re-reading this thread and taking a closer look here... those BHI watches are really pretty spectacular. I'm quickly falling in love with that 151. $800 USD for a proper Tourbillon is pretty unbelievable. Does anyone know if US customers can knock off VAT? Or if they charge upfront or at time of shipment (much like Stowa did with my watch after 3-4 months)?Edit: Just emailed. We shall see.
I like both Parnis's shown quite a bit. Bought my brother a 42mm Parnis for xmas that looks very similar to yours NiceGuyTom, but its stainless steel with a single crown. He absolutely loves it and gets compliments on it. I am a fan, but wish they would make some smaller-faced watches. For me 40mm is the sweet spot (I have small wrists but like a larger watch), but 42-43+ for me is just too large. Oh well, I guess thats why we have Sea-Gull on the other end of the Chinese...
That's why you need some boots! My go-to's are Alden Indys! I threw a topy on the bottom and I'm not afraid to use them anywhere now! Don't wear your good dress shoes out in slush/salt/grime
If it helps any, I'm 24. You're not too young at all to take an interest in nice suits/shoes/watches/anything
Looks nice! Enjoy them
I see that you've edited your post to change the size to 22x24, and I'm not trying to be an asshole, because I am genuinely interested depending on the size of the band. So your thread title states 20mm, but now your thread says 22x24. But 22x24 still makes no sense to me. Are you sure you don't mean 24x22? Lug width = width of strap at the watch (hence the lugs) & buckle width = width of strap at the end near the deployment clasp.
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