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Measurements? (mainly leg opening?)
I agree. Of the sponsors/affiliates listed I happen to like Cedarville Store (look for discount codes on the forum) A Fine Pair of Shoes Leather Soul Modern Tailor Need Supply Co. Saddleback Leather ShopTheFinest Check em out! (PS you wont find much love for Gilt, Hautelook, etc. here on SF)
Thanks! Really informative & cool
Can anybody give me a quick breakdown of the meanings of A-Type / B-Type / B-Uhr / Baumuster B / etc. etc. etc.?I assume A = Archimede style (Plain face) and B = secondary middle dial?
Sea-Gull? Alpha? Parnis? Seiko 5?
J Crew has a Mougin & Piquard B-type Flieger (I think this is a B-type, I googled what that meant) for $425 that you could probably get on sale or with a discount (student, teacher, etc.) or with gift cards:http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/accessories/watchesandwatchstraps/PRDOVR~73044/73044.jspAlthough it is Quartz....
One could argue they are "wayfarer-styled". But in my opinion, when one refers to Wayfarers, they are generally referring to the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer model. Could be wrong, but that is how I see it.
My new Sea-Gull M186S w/ Sirtoli short-grain alligator band All for under $300
I have the McQueen edition 714s with the blue lenses
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