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Shoes: Alden 905 Socks: Polo Ralph Lauren Pants: Mabitex Just one of those kinda days. Plain white dress shirt, reserved captoes, first taste of Spring... bring on the colorful socks
There is nothing wrong with your watch; you must be used to owning Quartz watches with a battery. Your Seiko has an Automatic watch movement (rather than a Quartz) which is powered by kinetic movement. If you turn your watch over, (assuming the case back is clear), you will see a rotor that rotates inside the watch movement. This rotor charges your watch through kinetic motion. Once powered/charged, your watch can typically hold a charge in its reserve for 1-2 days. I'm...
Wearing my Marine Automatic today. The thing I like about it is that it crosses the line between casual and dress very easily. It's very versatile
Screw em! I ordered a pair of double monks in my size during their online sale, placed my order. They email me to tell me that they will require a Bank transaction for new customers outside of EU (they couldn't run my Mastercard, which has never had any problems with international purchases before). I say fine, here is my information, then they tell me the size that I BOUGHT isn't available any longer. They we're completely unwilling to budge or offer any consolation /...
VERY Excited about ordering a pair or two of these in the near future! Can't wait for the online shop!! Approximately what total cost am I looking at to import a "classic line" aka Double Monks minus VAT w/ shipping to the USA???
Stowa Marine Automatic = 40mmStowa Marine Original (Mechanical/Handwound) = 41mm
Nope. In my opinion it looks great
Looking to buy a pair of Tom Ford Jack sunglasses in black. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks.
Mabitex Cotton Trousers/Chinos (Good luck finding them anymore. Try Daffy's if they have any stock left). Incotex J Crew Chinos in 484 Slim Fit or Urban Slim Fit
Don't do it yourself if you're really concerned. Bring them to a competent cobbler. They will fix them up.
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