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From my experience on this thread I'd say anything below $500-$600Side note, the Oris is very nice!
But seriously, OP. that's crazy. I didn't know they could even do that. WOW
I bought my M186S from here http://www.good-stuffs.com/Sea-Gull-M186S-Automatic-Designer-Watch-_p_21.htmlI suspect its the same guy that sells them on ebay for an even cheaper price. Shipped from China relatively quick and great communication from the seller.
Absolutely not. You'd be lucky to find a Parnis under 41mm
Measurements? (mainly leg opening?)
I agree. Of the sponsors/affiliates listed I happen to like Cedarville Store (look for discount codes on the forum) A Fine Pair of Shoes Leather Soul Modern Tailor Need Supply Co. Saddleback Leather ShopTheFinest Check em out! (PS you wont find much love for Gilt, Hautelook, etc. here on SF)
Thanks! Really informative & cool
Can anybody give me a quick breakdown of the meanings of A-Type / B-Type / B-Uhr / Baumuster B / etc. etc. etc.?I assume A = Archimede style (Plain face) and B = secondary middle dial?
Sea-Gull? Alpha? Parnis? Seiko 5?
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