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I guess you should already made up your mind which one to get with then.
The duffle could be worn with more stuffs than the Nigel Cabourn Parka, especially with office wear. But I like the parka a lot more!
What's your thought on this sweater? What should I pair it with? I was thinking of dark colored chinos (navy, olive, burgundy) and a light blue OCBD. Many thanks,
Just wondering if anyone would have some comments about the quality of sneakers from Gustin? I am planning to order a pair of White Low Top since it is a lot more affordable than what CP charge for their White Achilles. It also save me more bucks than any other CP-Similar sneakers (KW, Epaulet, etc.)
GF accidentally throw away my SC. A month ago, I order a sport jacket online and got it sent to my gf's apartment. I asked her to store it for me since I am oversea atm. I just talked to her about the jacket today and she said she accidentally put the whole package, still sealed, in the recycle bin while she was cleaning the house few days ago. Now, the recycle bin has been cleared by the environmental company so I lost the jacket, that I didn't even have the opportunity...
For your budget, I would also recommend Corneliani, Polo Ralph Lauren, E. Zegna on sale. If you could specific what kind of silhouette are you looking for or how's your body shape, many member here could give you better suggestions. Also read this if you haven't: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/04/17/pgs-recommendations-the-2014-ready-to-wear-suits-edition/
just wondering if anyone have experience with the Clean Front Shirt in white? It is wonderful in the photo as a minimalist's piece, but how does it look like in real life? Would the shoulder fastening look weird? http://www.cosstores.com/ie/Men/Shirts/Tailored/Clean_front_shirt/10605454-29165800.1#c-24479
Talking about St. Andrew & Caruso, did you mean Ralph Lauren Purple Label instead of Blue Label?
Just checked the websites but there was no sign of +J. It supposed to be released today. Sad that Uniqlo haven't opened in Seattle yet...
Thanks for following up. It was from the Lanvin H&M collection few years ago. It wasnt appealing to me back then since I was into cropped coats. But now I've grown up and feel like knee length coat suit my frame better so I was looking for one.Would you guys consider this coat as a wadrobe staple, that could be dress up or down (with suit or with jeans & thich knitwear)? I understand it's no where near crombie quality but I can get it for pretty cheap
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