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How can I get it? Any Proxy?
Just wondering if anyone would know the maker of Junya Watanabe Made in Japan shoes?
Houbigant Cologne Intense. Anyone feel like it smell very similar to TF Italian Cypress?
SOTD Xerjoff 40 Knots
I would try Sacred Wood by Kilian, Rose d' Arabie by Armani, NY Oud by Bond no 9, Velvet Mood by MFK from your preference.
Today I am wearing Serge Lutens Five O'clock, a combination of black tea and ginger. Upon the first spray, I was surrounded by a dark, gloomy atmosphere. It put myself into a scenario where I am an old man sitting in a rusty wooden cabin in the European countryside, sipping my first cup of ginger tea of the day and outside it was raining.
It was a sunny day at 25 Celcius with a little chilly wind. Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal was a perfect choice. Only wish it could stay longer on my skin (I got 2 hours only)
Vintage Amouage Interlude. Weather is not cold enough for this monster, still.
SOTD is Atelier Cologne Silver Iris. Except the minimal silage, it is perfectly suitable for the cold weather like today.
Is it a vintage non-magnet cap bottle?Opus III is such a wonderfull scent, it doesn't have the usual Amouage vibe. Sadly, on me, it got too powdery and feminine on the base. How were the two Acqua Di Parma?
New Posts  All Forums: