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This is streetwear & denim sub my friend...
Any have experience with the sizing of the Uniqlo U wool overcoat? I usually wear size L so would I take the same size in this coat?
What made the passport holder priced at $3k at first place?
For RO Ramones, which would you guys prefer: Low-top vs High-top? in Leather vs in Canvas? I like Ramones for the chunkiness but still very sleek (not over-the-top chunky like Geo).
First thing came to my mind regarding this style was Polo Ralph Lauren, but you will need to wait for sale season to get it down below £400. What do you guys think? Pretty cheap ($70 with discount code) and minimal, except the shoes form are not too sleek as CP.
Just wondering how do you guys lace your Wingtip shoes (like Alden LWB)? I have been using straight bar lacing but for such a casual shoes the lacing style seem to be off.
You could get them BNIB for that price through eBay US & UK, just be familiar with the authentic product so you won't accidentally the fake stuffs.
I do have the same question but something affordable would be great since T-shirt get worn out pretty quick.
Thanks for input. Just one more question, what is your usual suit/ jacket size and what size did you get for this 5 zip?
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