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...And then it sold out immediately after you clicked on "Add to Bag"
Could be possible since TB is highly hyped by the young kids with cash at the moment.
J Crew system ytd was a nightmare. Took me half an hour just for check out...
Anyone have experience with Parisini leather goods? Looking for one as I've just started working and those seem to be good deals regarding the original MRSP. Also, it seems like all Drakes scarves are sold out...
A bit off the current discussion. But does anyone have experience with Hermes? How's the fit? What's their silhouette? I found a jacket on eBay that is made in Italy and the owner said it was from MTM program. Since it is a French brand, I suppose it should have somewhat French silhouette? Please correct me if I am wrong.
Did not know who was that person until I realized the DB suit is very similar to the one Hugo Jacomet always wear.
I didn't expect it will be around US$1000 for the SL and US$500 for the Lanvin. You did get them cheaper than in the US. At that price point, just ignore my bespoke suggestion and go with the SL. I though the SL would be something close to US$3000, then the bespoke will be an option.
Since you are in Hongkong, how about getting a bespoke coat? With the price of the SL's peacoat I believe you could get something that fits you better, and save some money to do something more useful.
What would you wear with this Chelsea boots? http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/john_lobb/misty-leather-chelsea-boots/447383
Unless your body is very fit, I think a longer jacket would be better for the whole silhouette. And isn't warmer is what you want when wearing a piece of outerwear? But the price difference is so fucking insane...
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