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Vintage Amouage Interlude. Weather is not cold enough for this monster, still.
SOTD is Atelier Cologne Silver Iris. Except the minimal silage, it is perfectly suitable for the cold weather like today.
Is it a vintage non-magnet cap bottle?Opus III is such a wonderfull scent, it doesn't have the usual Amouage vibe. Sadly, on me, it got too powdery and feminine on the base. How were the two Acqua Di Parma?
TF Italian Cypress. Was a blind buy, didn't like it after the first couple tries but it is growing in me.
Jo Malone Blue Avaga & Cacao, enjoy the cacao and floral top note but the sweet base note really killed it for me. Luckily it was just sampling.
Thanks for all the input guys! City Phillip Chapel Becketts William Vale Luffied I will keep my eyes on these models! And beside Misty Calf (successor of Museum Calf) and exotic options is there other leather from JL that is interesting and worth the price?
Hi guys, what do you think are the best models from John Lobb that a newbie should look into? I am new to this shoes maker and my shoes have been AE so far so this will be major step up for me. P/S: I've just looked into the end of line sale from Bespoke-England and found these models are available in my size: City II, Darby II, Darby III, Cavendish, Saunton, St. Crepin 2008, Illford, Truro, Fencote. Any of these are you guys favorite?
A very nice jacket, just not sure what is the reserve price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAISON-MARTIN-MARGIELA-CALF-HAIR-FUR-SUEDE-LEATHER-COAT-HOOD-BEIGE-TAN-4870-/311477058101?
Thanks for the info. Could you elaborate more on the change if fit in the Made in Italy shirts?
I was just wondering how is the quality of recent Ovadia & Sons Made in Italy shirts comparing to Band of Outsiders or Thom Browne? Just stumbled up some pieces in good price so I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, if I am 3 in BoO and TB, which size in O&S should I get?
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