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just wondering if anyone have experience with the Clean Front Shirt in white? It is wonderful in the photo as a minimalist's piece, but how does it look like in real life? Would the shoulder fastening look weird? http://www.cosstores.com/ie/Men/Shirts/Tailored/Clean_front_shirt/10605454-29165800.1#c-24479
Talking about St. Andrew & Caruso, did you mean Ralph Lauren Purple Label instead of Blue Label?
Just checked the websites but there was no sign of +J. It supposed to be released today. Sad that Uniqlo haven't opened in Seattle yet...
Thanks for following up. It was from the Lanvin H&M collection few years ago. It wasnt appealing to me back then since I was into cropped coats. But now I've grown up and feel like knee length coat suit my frame better so I was looking for one.Would you guys consider this coat as a wadrobe staple, that could be dress up or down (with suit or with jeans & thich knitwear)? I understand it's no where near crombie quality but I can get it for pretty cheap
I was just wondering what's you guys thoughts on this coat?
There is nothing formal, orange is a very bold and casual color I'd say. You should wear it at least outside an undershirt since it will keep the sweater away from armpits stains, body odors, etc. Sweater is something that won't get washed frequently so you wouldn't want it to get dirty.
The Bremong Alt1-WT in rose gold is quite nice and made good appearance in the movie. Except it costs $24k... which is $18k more than the silver version...
Just wondering if this thread only talking about bespoke or RTW from those respectable maker could also be discussed? I'm looking at a sport jacket by Francesco Smalto Paris, made in Italy, featuring a wide, fish-mouth lapel. If my memory doesn't serve me wrong, it was made by Caruso? How's the quality of RTW Smalto? How's the silhouette? Is their RTW worth the retail price? (From what I learned, lots of SR produce RTW with mediocre quality for its price nowadays) Thanks!
Up for sale is a pristine brown windowpane Vestimenta Sport Jacket in size 52R, which translates into 40R US. As the maker of Giorgio Armani Black Label, Vestimenta is among one of the top-notch Italian RTW suit makers out there, likely to rival with Mainline Zegna or Corneliani. Fatto a Mano line is best line that Vestimenta has to offers. The jacket features - Fully canvassed - Soft shoulder with little padding - Jetted pockets - 3-roll-2 buttons closure -...
Up for sale is a brown Paul Smith London sweater with signature colorful horizontal stripes at the front. In excellent condition, no stain, no hole. Size M - which translated to 38R - 40R in suit size. Purchased around $150 couple years back. Priced to go at $49>$39>$29> $9. Let me know if you have any question!
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