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Cartier "Watch Back" Cufflinks 925 Sterling Silver Made in France LNIB with COA. $420 plus tax in Cartier Stores. Priced to sell. Sure to hold its value. $10 shipping to USA. $15 worldwide.
Picked up the small deerfield leather duffel bag and the Benfield lambskin jacket in both black and brown and saved 50%.
RRL polos have no logo.
Blue pants suck.
My solid gold watch matches my solid gold toilet.
I go sockless in leather driving mocs. Use cedar shoe trees and do not wear two days in a row. Never use foot powder.
Love my 18k Submariner..................
My Chinaman once took me in the back and dry cleaned my $400 slacks right in front of me. I was sold then and there.
Don't forget your flashlight, Mr. Security Guard. Tan slacks look worlds better, but maybe the OP needs to look different. It's amazing what some people will do to avoid some stereotyped "old man" look, when they best just blend in with the rest of society.
I like silk camp shirts and leather driving moccasins/no socks with linen pants.
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